Time of Isolation, Chapter 8 Part 5

And with the links I’ve provided in the last few weeks, this is probably the most critical and important. Take heed to what is said, and understand there has been enough time since this testimony to completely modify and improve what is revealed. We need to understand what this means and how it allows individuals or the government to place whomever they desire into office. And for the voting public, understand that after the election, it appears that the results of the election are the true results, when in truth, the results of those elections are “fixed” and the outcome is already known before any votes have been actually cast:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky-YXvxYbck

And the problems continue to build as the knowledge of their meager supplies hit home. Saige, standing by the entrance, is running over their situation in his mind and believes his sister is approaching, so he begins to make a statement, only to realize it isn’t her. He turns and finds Seirra standing there and she is obviously  concerned. Unconsciously he reaches out and hugs her, and finds that this seems right.

Surprised by a second physical reaction he can see that she is aware also and she clings tighter to him. Before either can comment or separate they hear a heated argument between some of the women which has become quite loud. He breaks his contact with Seirra and begins to head in the direction where the argument appears to be taking place. And it is here where we close out part 4. (The Survival trilogy: Time of Isolation, Desperate to Survive, A Taste of History Past, are all available from your favorite EBook retailer.) And with this introduction this week we close out chapter 8:

It appeared that their emotions were always on the raw edge, and anything would set one or another off on some tirade. While the cave system they were living in was not necessarily small, this constant chaffing from these imagined slights made it seem much too small. He arrived at about the same time as Shellian and they saw two of the women, Storme and Sabryn, ganging up on Sorrel. At the point where they had arrived, the argument or fight, had become quite loud, and anger had flared between the three of them.

It was obvious from the vindictiveness that was being thrown at Sorrel that they did not like her lifestyle and were letting her have it. He suspected that because Sorrel was free with her body that maybe she had coupled with their men. With no proof other than the fact that the two men in question had probably looked at Sorrel, it was still enough to make these women suspicious. He was pretty sure that nothing had gone on, and Shellian had been monitoring the situation closely. But Sorrel had one of those bodies that men just naturally looked at. And of course she knew that, and had taken full advantage of it. And because she liked an open free relationship she had not settled on any one man – making her the target of the three women who had. Plus it appeared that as the women got deeper in their pregnancies and their bodies changed to accommodate the growing fetuses so did their emotions, doubts, and it never took much to bring these doubts out. So looking over the scene he finally had to raise his voice to be heard. “Storme! Sabryn! Sorrel! Enough! Let’s end this here and now. Listening to the two of you, Storme and Sabryn, I think that you are making accusations where you have no proof, and we, Shellian and I have been watching things.”

Storme interrupted and said. “Right, and if you have watched things as well as you say you have then who is the father of her child? For all I know it could be my man Schylar or hers”, as she pointed at Sabryn. The way she throws her body around I wouldn’t be surprised if she has coupled even with you Saige.”

Before he could say anything Seirra said with much emotion. “No he has not coupled with Sorrel!”

Storme turned and faced Seirra and asked. “Why is that Seirra? Have you been warming his bed at night?” And with those questions asked Seirra’s face flushed red. Then in triumph Storme said. “So that’s the way it is.”

“No Storme that is not the way it is.” Saige answered. Although he knew that they would not believe him. But from Seirra’s reaction he now knew that she had wanted to share his bed, and that Shellian had once again been correct. “In fact, it seems that you are accusing any man including yours, of sleeping with any of the women, so is it you who is cheating on Schylar? Since I have found that the ones who usually make such accusations are usually doing it themselves, and because they are, they suspect that all are guilty of doing the same thing. Is that what it is Storme?” After asking he could almost see the truth in what he had asked. But he suspected that while it may be something she may have contemplated, he felt that it was something that she probably could not be successful at doing. Since she had a tendency to want to do what Sorrel had done so successfully she then felt that all would be that way, and because she couldn’t or wouldn’t, it frustrated her more that some other woman could, and then to have such a physical draw on her chosen man. “This ends now. We are not going to be throwing unproven accusations around just to heal our hurt pride. You two have no proof of anything you are accusing Sorrel of doing.” Seeing the rebellion in both of their eyes, he continued. “No, it ends here and now. We have to live together and while I cannot keep you from disliking each other, these confrontations are to end now.”

“So what are you going to do if we don’t want them to stop?” Storme asked defiantly.

Smiling at her he said, “Very simple Storme. It really is. You see we have no choice here. So if one decides that they don’t want to live with the rest then we simply will put you out. In this case it would include Schylar since the two of you have decided to couple. And with the discovery of these other caves there would be a place to send you. Does that answer your question Storme?”

Looking at his face and then at the faces of the rest that were now present she could see that he was quite serious but wanting to get the last word she said. “That may be so, but this isn’t over, and there may come a time when you and Shellian are no longer the leaders. I think then Schylar will be, and we will see who is put out.” And with that statement she turned and left, leaving Sabryn standing there by herself, with Sorrel still standing defiantly across from her. Saige had to admit even with her late in her second third she still was a beautiful woman, and would still turn the head of any man. Then gently he asked, “Sabryn, do you understand what was said here? Do you understand that with the way we have to live right now that it must be this way?”

With her shoulder slumping in defeat she just shook her head, sighed and said. “Yes, Saige . . .” Then looking across at Sorrel she said with strong emotion. “But She!” Pointing her finger at Sorrel. “She had better stay away from my man!” Then a little more softly she asked. “You two aren’t coupling are you?”, as she pointed to Seirra, and he.

“No . . . no Sabryn, we are not coupling. Although from Seirra’s reaction here I suspect that it is something that she would like to see happen eventually.” Once again Seirra’s face reddened. He took a deep breath and continued “I have not coupled with any as I have felt that it would look like I was using my position as one of the leaders, and to be truthful I have been just too busy to even consider a relationship at this time – so even the accusation of me coupling with Sorrel is really a joke. If any member of this group is under scrutiny it is Shellian and I. Since we are the leaders we are constantly in contact and observation by everyone. Don’t you think that if something was going on that all would be aware of it in a short time? And as far as Seirra goes, at the present we have barely had a conversation, let alone discussed anything about coupling or becoming a couple, so put that out of your mind also.”

At this point Sabryn just shook her head, and then like Storme turned and left the area where the confrontation had begun. Shellian looking around at the rest still standing there, with most looking down at the ground, she could tell that the rest were uncomfortable, she then said gently. “Okay, I think this is over for now. So let’s get back to whatever we all were doing before this outburst.” Then seeing little movement from the gathered group she said. “Let’s move, unless one of you wants to discuss something here and now?” Then looking around and making brief eye contact each shook their heads and then slowly drifted off. Shellian looking at her brother said. “I was afraid that something like this was eventually going to happen. Something about ‘we’ women who are emotional anyway, it becomes much worse during pregnancy. So I would be surprised if this did not happen again in some form or another. So dear brother be prepared. I suspect it will be very tough a number of times between now and when we will have new lives joining us. And then it probably will get worse.”

“Worse? I thought this was bad enough. How could it get worse?”

Smiling she said. “I can see you haven’t been around too many babies. The ones who will have these new lives will have their lives run completely by them. There will be too little sleep, distraction when they are away from their children, tempers, arguments as they come to terms with their offspring.”

Laughing he said. “You make it sound like it’s the worst thing that one can do.”

“Yeah I guess it does sound that way. But from what I have seen, well I know you have never been allowed around at birthing time. But all of us women share it. At that time there is much work, after all it isn’t called labor just for fun, much pain, and they say it is like trying to eliminate a large rock, and actually some tearing of the tissues, so don’t be surprised to hear screaming when it comes to that time. But after it is all over and the child is born then you can see that almost immediately that what the woman has just gone through is forgotten and all she can see is that child and the love for it just pours out of her very soul. I don’t know if I can explain it better than that, and I haven’t gone through this yet so I can only tell you from what I have observed.”

Silent for a moment as he took in everything she had just told him, Saige said, “Ouch! I guess we men are just on the sidelines and, well how can you women want to go through such a thing? I mean I understand why coupling. It is the way of life. After all if it hadn’t happened in the past we wouldn’t be here now. But knowing that you are taking a great chance to be on the road that will lead to being uncomfortable for the time that you are carrying the child inside of you and then knowing that sometime in the future you cannot avoid all that pain and suffering . . .” Shaking his head he continued, “Well I just don’t know if I could do it.”

“It’s all there, but there is also wonder . . . and I guess I really can’t quite come up with the words for it. But from the beginning, when you have sickness in the mornings letting you know that you are pregnant, which fortunately goes away in the first third, then in wonder you watch your body begin to change. Of course we are not necessarily happy about that, but it is part of life. Then comes the time when you first feel the baby move inside of you. It is an unbelievable and happy time. You know that your baby is alive and now you actually can feel and see it move. But as you reach the end of your third-third, you are tired, you feel like a large fish, you cannot keep cool, and because the baby is taking so much of the inside of you, you find that nature calls are very frequent. At this time you are very ready for this to be over, but still fear that time. So I guess that’s just about it. Well, then the labor starts, and you are scared, because you know it is time, and you cannot stop this until it’s over, and you have your new child in your arms.”

“Well for not finding the words I think you did a pretty good job. And you are looking forward to this sis? In a way it sounds like something that should be avoided.”

Laughing at him she said, “I think when it finally happens to me, and of course to whomever you eventually couple with, that you will have a different view.”

* * *

It is an interesting question that Saige puts forth. Being male myself I’ve assisted in two deliveries of our sons who are grown and on their own. I married into an AMF (Already Made Family), and she had two daughters from that previous relationship, so she had been through labor before. And it’s called labor for a reason. It’s tough and once it starts there’s no end until the child is born.

And when Shellian explains the process to Saige he wonders how a woman would want to  do such a thing. Why put oneself through such pain and agony? She attempts to explain it as best as she can, saying that it is something that has always been. And with the argument over, his sister’s explanation, and Saige seeing the reaction of Seirra, we close out chapter 8. Have a great week and come back for the “between chapters” post where I present a special post and announcement. God Bless! (www.fdbrant.com)


Time of Isolation, Chapter 8 Part 4

Again as the election draws near I’m adding a link to a cartoon created in 1948, and addresses issues that are as relevant today as when it was created and released. Please take the few minutes (around 9 minutes) it will take and watch, and take what it states seriously: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El7qgQXd-xs

Last week members of the team head out and are introduced to the first manmade cave that once again was discovered by Shellian. Once they arrive, it becomes obvious that there are new mysteries that must be solved, and during a conversation between the members who are here, Saige kind of drifts away looking at what do about a possible relationship with Seirra, and has no ready answers to the situation. Eventually he hears his sister call his name bringing him out of his introspection. And then, as a team, they head back.

Once they return the team learns how close they are to being out of food. While the original goal had been to divide the food into caches, and place one of the caches in the newly discovered cave, it is now apparent there isn’t enough. In fact there’s a good chance there isn’t enough to last until the end of winter. This changes the focus and direction, and with the smell of cooking food it is announced the dinner is ready and all head to the communal fire to eat. (The Survival Trilogy, Time of Isolation, Desperate to Survive, and A Taste of History Past, are available from your favorite EBook retailer.) And now on to part 4:

While eating one of the men mentioned that as they had explored that they had heard a sound that kind of sounded like a whoosh, and had lasted for a little while before growing quiet again. But where the sound had been coming from appeared to be through a narrow deep ravine that dropped out of sight, allowing no view into the area where the sound had originated. He stated that they had stood there for a short while before continuing and had heard other sounds in that area there was similar, but seemed to be more distant. Stone then brought up that since this had been an active volcano sometime in the past that most likely what they were hearing were geysers, and there probably were a number of hot springs in the area also. According to the size of the canyon, it could have a number of protected meadows, which could be snow free due to the heat. Of course by not seeing what had been described he could not be really sure.

“So Staven, do you think you could find it again?” Stone asked.

Shaking his head Staven said, “I’m not really sure. You see that was back at the beginning of winter, one of the first ones I went out on.” Turning to Seve he asked. “I think you were with me that time; do you remember where it was, at all?”

Thinking before answering he knew that he had always been one that could easily get lost. Directions such as north, south, east, west, meant nothing and he could get turned around easily. He found that he normally had to depend on the other member of the team to locate a specific direction. “Come on Staven you know I could get lost just heading outside of this cave. There is no way I could take anybody to where that location is. I probably wouldn’t even recognize it if I was standing in the very spot where we first heard that sound.”

Sighing Staven said, “Okay, I’ll have to think about it. But it may take a little time for me to remember. We’ve been all over these mountains; well at least all over them close to camp. And I have been out a number of times since then and haven’t been back close to that area, so I will just have to work on recalling where we were. And before you say it’s important, believe me I know. But I didn’t consider it so at the time so I did not lock the location in my mind. So right now it could be any number of places. So let me think about it.”

Shellian looking over the group asked. “Have any of you heard or found a similar thing such as these possible hot springs while you were out exploring?” Again no one answered. Shaking her head she said, “I guess I can take that as a no then.”

Later that night before they retired to their separate sleeping areas, Shellian said, “Saige I really do hope that Staven remembers. You know what may be a good idea is to send Stone out with him. Geology is one of Stone’s specialties and maybe between the two of them they can find those, what did he call them, oh yes, geysers. I’ve never seen one – I bet they are spectacular.”

“What”, Saige asked, “a bunch of hot water shooting out of a hole in the ground? You think something like that would be spectacular?”

“Oh come on Saige. Can’t you see that something like that has to have beauty tied with it? I know that if one was to be foolish enough to be too close when it let loose that it could kill or at least severely injure you, but I really bet that they have their own beauty.”

“Could be, but right now that’s the last thing on my mind. I can only hope that Staven remembers and that it is as Stone hopes. But with no idea as to where, we’ll keep our rotation, and without a location we may, once again be in serious trouble.” Breathing out deeply he continued, “Anyway, I’m tired, and once again we have much too much going on even for winter time to find any real time to relax. See you in the morning Shell’.” He then turned and went into his area and prepared to sleep. She watched him go shrugged and then retired herself. She thought as he left that he really seemed a bit down. Not surprising really, since it wasn’t that long ago that indeed they were still just a brother and sister continuing their training just outside their city, with no thoughts beyond what the next day would bring. Now all of that appeared to be no more than a dream, and the reality they were stuck in now was, at times, crushing. It appeared that when one problem was solved, so many more appeared to take its place. “Oh well”, she said to no one in particular since she was alone. She then sighed and laid down to go to sleep. While she had been with them when they went back to newly discovered cave, there had been much going on here also, and the day just flew for everyone, and once again she found herself almost asleep instantly.

* * *

Another storm had struck in the night, but this one appeared to lack the strength of the others that they had faced so far. And by late afternoon was gone. They hoped that it was a sign saying that winter could be close to an end. But when they stepped out after the storm left it was bitterly cold. It had to be well below freezing, and the breeze that was with it just cut right through whatever they were wearing. Exposed skin felt like it was freezing almost immediately, so after an initial foray out of the cave everyone stayed inside. How was it that it looked so inviting and warm outside but was just the opposite? Standing at the entrance and looking out through a small opening Saige wondered if they were going to make it. There had been so many friends lost during their flight to here, and while presently they were okay. there was no proof that it would continue that way. He could feel the pressure building inside of him, as decisions that needed to be made were not coming to him. Shaking his head he thought, once again that he really had no desire to be put in charge of anybody, let alone this group, but he knew that he could not forsake the trust that Shayne had put in him and Shellian. Shaking his head once again, he thought, Four women pregnant and one at least halfway through her term. Don’t these people realize what a complication this adds? Or do they not care and are looking for whatever comfort they can find? Well he knew that it was cold here and it seemed that at night that the women were cold and to have a warm body next to them was a comfort. Unfortunately it never remained just a warm body next to them and now without the protection that was available in the cities they were paying the price for these indiscretions. Not that he could blame them. Even Shellian had mentioned that she was cold at night and the thought of having Saar next to her to help keep her warm was a temptation, which so far she had avoided . . . but for how long? He knew that both of them were right for each other, and again only because of the circumstances they remained separate.

That brought him full circle to his own situation and the fact that Seirra was still trying to get his attention. He really did not know what to do about it. So far he had kept his distance by using his position as leverage and what conversations they had were quite impersonal. But he knew that shortly he was going to have to make some kind of decision about her, and truth be told he really had no idea. Up until Shellian had pointed it out to him he had really never paid that close attention to Seirra. But since that time he had observed her, when he felt that he would not be intruding, or because he was one of the leaders that it would appear that he was marking out his territory, he could see her interest. So far he felt that he had been successful. Taking a deep breath he then thought about her. He had to admit that she definitely was attractive, and yet . . . and yet there was this subtle feeling that she did not see it herself – her natural beauty. Just a little shorter than Shellian, she had a lithe athletic build, and seemed to be able to move with a natural grace that most of the other women that had survived lacked. In fact the only other woman that moved that way was Shellian. It spoke of strength, intelligence, and an awareness of the physical world around them. When he thought about it, in many ways, the two of them were quite similar. He was surprised that he hadn’t noticed it before. Yet when she was around him she seemed shy, almost withdrawn. It was something he really did not understand.

He realized suddenly that someone was just behind him. Thinking it was his sister he said without turning around. “Shell’, what are we going to do?” Then realizing that it wasn’t Shellian he turned and saw that the person standing behind and close to him was Seirra. He smiled even though it was a sad smile and said. “Sorry Seirra, I thought you were Shellian.”

She was looking up into his eyes and he saw doubt and maybe a little lack of confidence there. “Saige, I saw you standing over here by the entrance and you just looked lonely and somewhat forlorn, and I thought I would come over and see if there was anything I could do to help.”

Again with a sad smile he said, “Seirra, are you trying to mother me? I know it’s a natural thing for women to want to do. But I do thank you for the offer.” Then before he realized he put his arms around her and hugged her. For some reason it just felt natural and right. She had put her head on his chest and sighed softly as she clung to him. He then realized that he was beginning to have another physical reaction that was completely unexpected. And he knew that she could feel it also and at that point she clung tighter to him. At this point he knew that she knew, but before anything could be said they heard a heated argument between two of the women, he released her and left to see what was going on and if he or Shellian would have to intervene. Having four pregnant women around was not the easiest of situations to deal with.

* * *

With the pressures of leadership pressing down upon him, Saige is standing by the entrance looking out on a frozen world that is bitterly cold even though with the sunshine it appears not to be. It is during this time, as his thoughts look back and then to the present, he hears someone approaching. Thinking it is his sister he begins to make a statement only to realize that the one who has approached is Seirra. It is during this moment that they hug and he finds he’s having an unexpected physical reaction to the contact and knows that she knows by her reaction. And while this is taking place we end with an argument between some of the other women that breaks up this brief encounter leaving us with his thoughts about the situation with these women. Have a great week, and God Bless! (www.fdbrant.com)


Time of Isolation, Chapter 8 Part 3

With elections only weeks away I came across this, for which I happen to agree, and thought before getting into this week’s post I’d post a link:  http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/socialism.html

With the storm finally breaking Saige heads outside to view the conditions and realizes that there is no way any more explorations will be happening in the near future. During this time Shellian joins him,  and begins to discuss the situation, and the fact that their food supply is low. And with four of the females carrying their first child she fears that the nutritional needs for the unborn will be lacking, which could lead to complications further down the road.

Once she makes these points she moves on to Seirra who seems to have eyes only for Saige. He has to admit to his sister that he is quite unaware of this, and Shellian wonders how he can be so dense. During this conversation she brings up many of the differences and insecurities that women seem to have, and that he, by ignoring Seirra, might actually be undermining her personal confidence in herself. Saige protests, stating by being one of the leaders he cannot rightfully ask any of the females into his  life, for which Shellian puts him in his place. This week we pick up the story a short time later. (The Survival Trilogy: Time of Isolation, Desperate to Survive, and A Taste of History Past, are available from your favorite EBook retailers.) And with this we are ready to move into part 3:

The respite was short and another storm closed down on them and lasted another seven days burying everything deeper in a blanket of white. When any would venture out they would have to clear the entrance. But finally it did break and the suns shown brightly, almost blinding any who ventured from the gloom of the cave. During the time of the storm Saige finally put forth the effort to at least talk with Seirra, finding that she was somewhat shy and insecure around him. He found that at least for the moment these attributes were drawing him towards her. But at least for the time being he kept her at a distance. He really needed to think this through. He still worried about how beginning this relationship could be seen by the others in their group, but shrugged when he realized that his sister had been right. In truth it was none of their business. As long as he was not using his power as a leader to force someone into coupling with him there was nothing any could say. And he was trying very hard to make sure that he avoided doing that.

With the storm over he organized a team to go with him to the first cave that they had located. It was now the plan to move some of their supplies to this location so that if something disastrous was to fall on them here at their primary location that they would have at least something to fall back on. After discussing what they had discovered some speculation had gone on about the possibility that there could be more of these caves closer to their present location. But with all the searching and exploring that had previously been accomplished in the area, and with none found, there was no ready answer. Other questions had come naturally to mind, such as who had built them, why half to a full day apart and why did they seem to either begin or end where they did? Again with so little known there were no ready answers yet. Of course they could be close by, but were hidden well enough that they had yet to be discovered. This first trip would have the purpose of pinning the location for the ones who had not been there. Then when he and Shellian headed out to continue their search Stone and Saar would organize the shifting of some of their supplies.

Saar remained at the cave while Stone was one of the party members with Seve, and Staven to round the group out to five, leaving ten back at camp to assist in the division of supplies. Eventually the group reached the meadow area where Shellian and he had taken their mid-day meal. Like before it was windy and quite cold. So they pushed through and then around to the lee side and immediately felt warmer once out of the harsh wind. Here he let Shellian lead the group to the cave. Like the one they presently were living in, this cave was almost invisible to any who did not know where it was. Stone shaking his head asked, “Shellian, how do you do it? I mean both caves, this one, and the one we live in, is almost impossible to locate, and see, unless you happen to be in the right place, you can’t see it. And even when it is pointed out it takes one a little while to find it. Yet, you seem to just do it.”

Smiling and shaking her head she said. “Stone I don’t have an answer for you. All I know is that when I look at a hillside like this there is something about it that is wrong. I can’t even tell you what that wrong is, but once I sense its wrongness then I start searching for the why. And so far it has revealed these caves. So when I figure it out I will definitely pass it on, and that’s really the best I can do for now. But now you understand why I have to be on the team that is locating these things. I just seem to be able to find them while none of the rest of you can. And since my brother and I are a trained team, this is why we are the ones who will continue the exploration. We just work very well together. So while we are gone on this next leg of our search, both you and Saar will be in charge. Not that we haven’t already explained that, but now that you and the rest of this team has seen this cave I believe it now is clear as to why it is us that must continue on.”

Then Saige spoke. “I know that since Shayne made us the leaders that it may not seem smart for both of us to go out and do this and be away from the group for as long as this takes, but Shellian has stated it much better than I ever could. We, she and I, are a team, and as such know how each thinks and reacts which gives us an edge. But I do believe that you Stone, and Saar back at camp, are good seconds. So if the unthinkable did happen and we were lost then the two of you could carry on. I don’t know how else to say it.”

“Saige, I wasn’t complaining about what the two of you are about to do. I just wish one of the other of us were going also. But I understand why. Our group is so small that losing you two would be a burden on our survival, but three could be enough loss especially with as many of our women who are with child now, that we could perish. It’s a tough decision however one goes about it.”

“True, Stone. And I know that you weren’t complaining, it’s just by you being on site where the first of these were found, you can now understand why we decided as we did. Believe me we do not like the idea of both of us out for the time we figure to be gone and leave the rest of you alone like that, but as you have stated there really is little choice. Shall we go up to the cave?” Seeing no objections he signaled Shellian to lead on.

She led them up to the entrance and then inside with the rest discovering what they had when it was first located. Soft powdery dirt floor, a soft glow coming from the walls, and warmth that was not overpowering but comfortable. A perfect place for any of the small wild beasts in the area, and yet there was no sign that any had ever been inside. “It sure would be nice to know what the builders of this cave used to keep the animals out.” Seve said.

“Yeah, wouldn’t it.” Staven answered. “It sure would make it nice to have back in the cave where we are. We seem to be continually fighting those small creatures. Always into something and we can never find where they are coming from or where they go once we chase them away.”

“Well all of you, you now know where this thing is. Shall we eat before we head back?” Shellian asked. There were no arguments, so they sat in the cave and ate their travel rations before preparing for the return trip. “You know Shellian I surely would like to know how you do it. I know you’ve said that you don’t know yourself . . . but what a talent. If it hadn’t been for you and your talent how much longer would it have been before we would have found shelter, and then would we have had enough time to prepare for this winter? Although right now I am beginning to worry a little, since we have no idea how long it lasts up here in the mountains, are we going to have enough food to get us through the rest of the time?” Pausing a moment and organizing his thoughts, Seve continued, “If we were below where we came from I would say that winter was almost over, but up here I just don’t have a clue.” The rest had to agree. None of them had a clue. They had lived in the lower lands all their lives, and had never even ventured into these mountains. After all the cities were their sanctuaries and up until the primitives found a way into them, the same cities had been their protection.

Thinking back while the others discussed general issues, Saige let his mind drift to a future meeting with Seirra. He had to admit that he found her quite attractive. And again if he thought about it he probably would have been interested in her back when they still were in the city. But at that time their work and training had never brought them into contact with each other. So until this disaster struck the city she was an unknown. He realized that with so few women that it limited one’s choices. He laughed inwardly as this sounded to him like he was out choosing some beast of burden, or maybe some type of material or other item he had planned on making his own. Not a real live person, who had their own ideas, rights, feelings, and views on things. Shaking his head he came back to it and realized that in some ways when one of the opposite sex did join with another they both gave up some things, compromised on many, and yet remained who they were essentially. So while there had been very little really said at this point – he really felt that he was walking on sharp stones here – he could see that she was attracted to him. It was something that he had not noticed until Shellian very pointedly stated that he had been blind and that by completely ignoring the situation was really making things worse.

So he began to watch her now and then and found that indeed just as Shellian had stated, Seirra continued to be in places that would keep him in her sight and to be in places where they would “accidentally be in contact”. Yet as busy as he had been, and he had to admit to it, blind, he really never saw it. He guessed that part of the reason lay in the fact that they had more men than women and because of his position he considered himself outside of the right to couple with any of women. After all that would be an abuse of the power he had been entrusted. And presently while his contact with her had only been brief with conversations never getting past the polite stage such as “Have a nice day”, and such he found that his thoughts continued to return to her. Again shaking his head he did not understand it at all. There just had not been enough of anything between them for him to begin to think about her this often. Then he worried that if they started getting serious how would the rest treat her. Since he could not be there all the time to protect her if things became ugly, well it just added another burden and complication to the “what ifs”. Again going back to the conversation with Shellian, he knew that she was correct. But human nature being what it was, this would not change the possibility that she would become a target, and someone to use against him or as a tool to get he and Shellian to allow someone to get away with something. Shrugging inwardly, he found that he could come up with all sorts of problems that could happen because of this possible relationship with Seirra. He was then brought back to reality when Shellian asked. “So Saige are you ready to return with the rest of us to camp? Or are you just planning on staying here as a hermit?” That brought a laugh from the rest as he realized that everyone else was packed and ready to head back but he had done nothing.

Embarrassed a little he said, “Sorry. I was deep in thought there and hadn’t realized that you all were ready to head back . . . just a sec here and I’ll be ready.”

Then Shellian hit the mark with the comment. “I am sure we all know where your thoughts were Saige, and I don’t really think it was on what we were discussing here.”

He smiled and said nothing, not wanting to dig a hole any deeper than it obviously already was. He grabbed his pack and then joined the other four and they headed back to the main camp. Shellian then came up beside him and whispered. “I haven’t been your sister and partner all these years not to know how to read your sign.” She then continued on ahead like nothing was said. He looked down briefly and smiled. If ever there was a truer statement he hadn’t heard of it. He knew that he could do the same with her, so it was only right to know that she could do it also.

It was late in the day with the suns setting that the five made their way back into the camp. When they entered the cave Shellian and Saige found that the rest had been busy working on sorting, and separating their supplies. When the two of them looked at the supplies that were left it seemed like so little. Now alarmed Saige wondered, would there be enough to make this division, and worse, was there enough to get them through this winter. Fifteen people go through a lot of materials, and now with four carrying it increased the need. Looking over at Shellian he could see the concern in her eyes also. But what could they do? Was there someplace that they could find some of the grazers to increase their meat? Or because like them food was scarce during winter, would there even been enough meat on them to be able to provide meat for them? Great! He thought. Now we will have to wait to continue our exploration, and now go and see if we can find additional food. When will this winter end? He then said. “Saar I see you have been busy while we were gone. I guess the next question I have is, is this all that we have left?”

Shaking his head Saar said. “I’m afraid so. It’s a lot less than I thought we had. As one pile it doesn’t look too bad. But once you separate it down like this it becomes obvious how little we have left. It is a worrisome thing. I mean we have no idea how much longer until spring arrives. Looking at this I have calculated that if we kept everything here, and I suspect that is what we must do by the way, that we have about thirty to thirty five days worth of food. And if we ration it a little, maybe extend it by ten to fifteen days, but that’s all. And the women who are now with child we cannot reduce what they need or their unborn children and they themselves will suffer because of it – and that is the reality of it Saige. I’m sorry but there it is.”

“Okay then, there it is and none of us can change it. So any additional exploring or discovering will have to wait. Does anyone here have some suggestions as to where we could find foods to supplement our dwindling supplies?” Saige thought that since each member had been out and had searched and opened other areas that were unknown to them that there was a possibility they had either seen something or remembered something that could help. But at this moment all he was met with was silence. Looking at each member before continuing he then stated. “We have no choice left to us. If the weather holds, and I cannot guarantee that one, then we are going out as teams of three as hunting parties or teams of two for searching. So that if something is found such as a grazer, then two can dress it out while the other returns to get others so that we can then haul the meat back. I only want two teams out at a time that way if something is located then there will be enough bodies to get the carcass. Any team that goes out must, and I emphasize must, be back by dark whether successful or not. And on that happy note let’s just get to the evening. Tomorrow this all begins in earnest. Oh Saar, since you are our only medical help here you are stuck. So I guess I am going to keep you assigned to rationing the food. With the women who are pregnant we need you here just in case something happens with any one of them. Pick a second among our group to assist you. And if I smell things right it smells like food is ready to eat so shall we?”

* * *

Nothing appears to be easy, and part of the team make the trek to the first newly discovered manmade cave. With these five members it is thought that any can now make the trek here if need be. During this time at the cave Saige’s mind wonders as he looks at the possible relationship between him and Seirra or how it will be seen. He honestly doesn’t know what to do and how it will go, or what the consequences will be for her if something works out between them. They, the team members, then head back to their winter camp and learn, once arriving that their food supply is critically low. So with a shift of plans it is now critical they locate additional food supplies or suffer the consequences. And with this we close out part three. Have a great week, and God Bless! (www.fdbrant.com)

Coming Down the Pipeline – Plus a Little History

Before I begin this week’s post I’d like to present this statement made a long time in the past. Since this is a year where we are facing major issues, and election campaigns are in full swing, maybe we should read and understand what is stated here. If we take what is stated to heart then maybe we will be much more careful as to whom we put into office:

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

And now onto this week’s post:

You know it’s been said that anybody can write but only writers can edit and revise. Whether this is true or not I can say, from personal experience, that there is probably more time spent in this part of the process than there is in the writing of the story. In fact, by the time I’ve gone through each and every one of these things, a minimum of three times, and it has been as high as twelve or possibly more, (and this is cover to cover), I really am sick of the tale and probably have it mostly memorized. Of course, there is a problem with this; it means I’ve seen the manuscript too many times and this makes it easy to miss things that probably should be addressed.

I suspect this is why the importance of editors – ones who have never read your adventure, and can put fresh eyes on the subject and catch-all the strengths, weaknesses, errors, and such that lies within. We, as writers, being too close to the story, can see where it goes, but in truth, the written word sitting there before us may not reflect that very thing. Unfortunately with the price of editors I cannot afford them. So until one of my works sells well enough to bring in enough income to cover this cost I must do without. (No excuses, just fact.)

Writing is always something I wanted to try my hand at, but being a responsible individual, and during my working years, there was never the time, (or energy if I want to be honest). Add to this raising a family and the inherent costs meant I couldn’t take a chance, quit my job, and pursue a career in writing. So when I finally retired I set a goal of writing eight books. It had been years since I had even touched or dealt with the publishing industry and as a result it appeared that the whole thing had changed to the point where it was unrecognizable. So I had to relearn much, well, to be honest, it was like seeing the process for the first time. As far as that original goal I wondered, “Is it realistic?” After all, up to this time I had only tried writing articles or short stories for publication for which I was unsuccessful.

If any of you, who may be reading this, follow this blog you know the answer to that above stated question is yes. And because of my success in reaching that goal and actually surpassing it, I’ve reset the goal to ten, and maybe I’ll push it to twelve. The one thing I’ve learned in life is nothing, absolutely nothing is guaranteed, including reaching the next day. So far I’ve self-published four of my stories, and what this post is about is looking ahead to the other five coming out in the near future. (I also have to mention that these four published works have recently been edited and revised. I have plans on re-releasing all of them.) So for these posts “between chapters” I plan on looking at those five, with this week covering an unpublished trilogy titled Discovery.

One of my favorite authors from the past is Louis L’Amour who is no longer with us. One of the things that always impressed me about his writing lay in the fact that the lands he describes in his stories exist. So I thought that when I wrote my first book that I’d try to emulate this and that’s exactly what I did. The lands described in this trilogy are there and with care and the descriptions one could retrace the paths these fictional characters traveled. Of course, since the trilogy takes place a few thousand years after an apocalyptic event, what exists, as far as structures, and civilization has changed, as well as some of the lands, (Nothing remains the same.).

Also I consciously decided, since we face conflict on a daily basis, that this story would have as little as possible. In truth it was only later that I learned that it is conflict that drives any story, (and yes it is in this trilogy). Yet, what is this conflict I’m talking about here? This really is a great question to ask since we face it everyday of our lives. From a general perspective I would have thought, (back before I really understood) it applied to those situations that can make us nervous, scare us, or make us uncomfortable. It could be something major like wars, severe weather, or a TC (Traffic Collision). It can be those awful confrontations our bosses throw our way now and then when we’ve drawn their wrath. And any and all of these are the way, when I began writing this trilogy, of how I viewed conflict. Yet, as I learned, it is so much more subtle than that. It’s those mental arguments we have with ourselves, or those decisions that must be made, or a simple difference of opinion. In other words almost everything we do in life, from the simple to the complicated and unexpected, is full of conflict. And when you realize this you can see it everywhere, and in anything and everything we do.

When I began this first manuscript to say I was out of practice and quite rusty would be an understatement. In truth it took writing a number of novels to settle into a method or style that works for me, as far as chapter breaks, story  flow, and what appears to be a normal word count length, (which happens to be around 115,000 words). Again, at the beginning, I didn’t know what was considered a proper word count, (or why word count truthfully) for the genre I generally  write. So these first two in this trilogy run long – 140,000 and 165,000 words. Whereas the counts generally desired by publishers is somewhere in the range of 100,000 to 120,000 words, (And if this is your first or debut novel then the word count must be less, being no more than 100,000, and no less than 80,000 words for the genre I generally write.). Now for those who would like to know how this translates, it kind of goes this way: According to the book page the word count per page will run somewhere between 300 to 350 words. From here it is easy  to determine the number of pages a book or novel will run.

In fact when I began the first book, I decided to write it in first person. It didn’t work, and as a result I had to go back and rewrite it in third person, for which all my novels are written. (In the short stories I write, I find that most are first person, making them more intimate.) Still it wasn’t an easy thing to change from one POV (Point of View) to another. And that consumed a lot of time. Plus I just wrote, not placing chapters or breaks into the storyline, which again required going back and figuring out where they belonged. I also thought that once it was written nothing else had to be done – naïve, yes quite. In this first novel I figured that I’d be able to tell the whole story, but found that I still had a lot of story to tell when I reached the end, (at those 140,000 words). This led to book two, which caused its own problems for the first book. So after changing the POV, locating those natural breaks between chapters, followed by writing novel number two, it forced me to go back to the first novel, flip chapters one and two and then rewrite the timeline as the two clashed, and, “my, we couldn’t have that could we?”

The images in my mind that led to the story are eventually realized and finished in book two. And in this story I deal with six protagonists, each playing their part in tying together the overall story. (I consider my writing style to be, “Meanwhile back at the ranch”.) While the antagonists of the story are more the conditions, nature, and the distances covered. This is because the story is really more about discovery, (And thusly why this title for the trilogy.) of what their true past is. The books are titled: The Ones Before, Discovery, and An Ancient Fire. And while I’ve been discussing the first two and the obvious conclusion of the main storyline by the end of book two it leads to the natural question of what is book three about? To answer that one will have to continue reading, as I will now talk briefly about each book:

Book One, The Ones Before: A mystery that lays before the existing generation is a myth that has always existed, and refused to die. The story of an ancient people known as The Ones Before. Before what, you might ask. Before the known written history would be the answer. The frustrating thing for the Head Keeper of the Past is the fact that throughout written history, throughout the generations nothing has ever been found to show or prove that these ancient people exist or had existed. The lands where they live presently are sparsely populated and there is much that is unknown. Perhaps the answers lie in those unexplored lands. And with recent events maybe this present Head Keeper of the Past might have a chance to either prove, or disprove the existence of these ancient people and their culture once and for all.

Book Two, Discovery: Much has transpired, and with a dig in the desert on hold, the Head Keeper of the Past and his team plan to move towards the coast. It is here where rumors of artifacts that may have been discovered that might actually be from The Ones Before. Yet, before this can happen The Head Keeper of the Past must return to the township, and bring the council up to date. And while gone the nomads return, (You learn about the nomads in book one.) to their oasis, raising tensions between the team since they are working close to this protected site, (Some of that conflict I talked about.). With the return of the Head Keeper of the Past the team moves over the mountains and with the new knowledge provided by their scout have hopes for answers to questions long unanswered.

Book Three, An Ancient Fire: With the story told in the previous two books it is time to move deep into the past and follow a whole new group of people as they try to live and survive in a time of chaos where the world has come apart and a new day isn’t guaranteed to anyone. Much of what you learn of the society in the first two books get their beginnings or origins during this time period. And for me I realized before writing this third novel that there could be a whole number of novels written dealing with different time periods before returning to the “existing present”  that’s in the first two novels.

Now, I have to say, when I began this particular project, I thought I’d only end up with one book or novel instead of this trilogy. I can say the same for the novel I’m presenting presently. In this unpublished trilogy when certain characters were introduced they were originally there to move the plot along. Meaning I had no plans for them to become major players in the story. But they disagreed and demanded more time and a stronger role in the overall scheme of things. And they won in the end. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a minute here. These characters are fictional they don’t exist. Never have, never will. So how can they have a say in what happens to them?” At a conference one writer, who was one of the speakers, stated it this way: “We are writers and as such we listen to those voices in our heads.” Another way to consider writers of fiction is the fact all of us are liars. What we write doesn’t exist and is all made up – no truth there at all. Still by bringing the four characters from a minor role to major players in the novel the overall story flows really well, and has more depth. And it gives you, the reader, different perspectives of this fictional world the charters live in, (Plus by seeing and experiencing the lives of these different individuals it allows you to see their world, their society, and where they are technology wise.). It feels more real, and more alive, and has a kind of depth that could have you looking for them, the characters in this story, in your own neighborhood, just so you can talk to them, and maybe ask them about their lives.

And presently I’m in the edit and revision stage once again for these three books. Last time through I thought I had it, but reread the beginning of book one and realized two of the characters were out of character. As I stated above I’ve worked the first two heavily a number of times but I’ve never been satisfied with the results. (And to be honest, these are the first I ever wrote and do require this level of dedication and work.) And again, as stated in an earlier blog, this is a year of editing and revision as I work all my novels including all that remain unpublished. In the next post, between the next chapters, I will cover the remaining two books which are stand alone. And maybe in a future post I will discuss the one I’m presently writing, and is on hold until this editing process is finished with the existing unpublished novels. God Bless! (www.fdbrant.com)


A Time of Change

Personal opinion:

At least that’s what is supposed to happen every four years in the USA. A time when a new president is voted into office and one-third of the senate rolls over. It is also a time where many local issues find their way onto the ballots, including such things as tax increases that must be put before the people before such can be implemented. Unfortunately the political machine in this country has become so huge, and has been on “the take” for so long that what we see is cronyism in the Nth degree. So whoever ends up in the presidency or has ended their time there it is “no change and business as usual”. And with corruption running rampant in Washington D. C. it is of no surprise that the laws of the land are ignored – namely the U S Constitution.

I doubt that one could find too many politicians anywhere, (here and in the world) who could be considered honest, and aren’t “on the take”, lining their own pockets at the cost of their citizens. We see nonexistent borders, (here in the USA) that are more porous than a sieve. And a government that makes sure these illegal immigrants have all the rights of citizens including the right to vote. They support them with welfare, SSI, Social Security, and cater to their wants and needs over the rights of their citizens. In fact it has been shown that if you add up all the freebies these illegals receive they’d have a salary of over $30 an hour, while most Americans struggle to pay their monthly bills.

We see laws passed that are completely against the Constitution. Such things as Obama Care – A Ponzi scheme so huge that it is killing this country. A President, who is more of a dictator, who has far exceeded the limitations of his office, changing laws and bills when they come to his desk, because they weren’t the way he wanted them to be. Where, and by the Constitution, he must either sign the bill into law or reject and send it back. We have seen the office of the presidency used to illegally sell weapons to the Mexican cartels, with this attempt to undermine the second amendment, and so many other illegal activities and dealings that are far too numerous to list here. Enough that if the congress did what they were supposed to do, in other words their job, then he would be impeached and in jail for his crimes. This president’s actions make Watergate look like a walk in the park on a quiet Sunday afternoon in comparison. And with the Watergate scandal the president resigned! If we were to compare what we are seeing to any of the communist countries existing now or in the past we would truly see very little difference, as regulations and restrictions continue to rise.

Of course I cannot leave the media out of this since they have more power to influence the outcome of any of these elections, and they take special care to ensure their chosen candidate is the one who is elected. Since most major news services are owned by large corporations or international conglomerates, they have a desire to have candidates and elected officials who are favorable to their way of thinking in office. It only makes sense, to them, to be sure that what is presented to the public favors their choice, and defames the challenger, so they can keep the status quo. What ever happened to reporting the news and facts honestly? Whatever happened to answering the basic questions to get to those facts? You know “who, what, where, when, why”, things like that. Now it’s, “Let’s see how we can spin this so that we can get the maximum benefit out of this and to hell with the truth.” Pravda is probably more honest.

You know, I wonder what the different governments, (city, county, state, and federal) do with those taxes they ask for every time there’s an election? There’s always a demand for the educational system, for some special project, or because they need to cover this or that special program or debt. All of us must live within our means, within the monies we have available, or face bankruptcy. Yet our government, whether it is local, county, state or federal, cannot seem to do this. It is time we, as citizens, reject any and all tax increases. I truthfully haven’t seen a raise in my personal income, and must live on what I bring home even though prices continue to rise, causing the “belt” to be tightened. Our numerous governments must do the same and quit asking or demanding more. Soon it will simply be this: “How much do you earn? Send it!”

The two candidates, this time around, have widened the gulf and division among the citizens, (Not that the existing president hasn’t done the same, because he has) as we look at a non-politician on one side, and a die-hard politician on the other. And while I could give my opinion and the reasons why, I’m not here to start a wildfire, which would be the result. I can only  say this: If the election goes one way we, as a people, as a nation, will have lost, and this nation will be on its way to obscurity, suppression, and the unavailability of goods and services. Our individual freedoms will become no more than tendrils of smoke vanishing into thin air of a cold December morning. Suppression will be on the rise, and that Constitution will be no more than pieces of paper with some words on them with no meaning.   We will lose everything our forefathers fought and died for. I believe that we are down to our final opportunity or chance of saving this republic and the U S Constitution. If it goes one way all our chances will have been used up and the existing corruption will rise to unprecedented levels and what this country was will be a distant and past memory where the ones living in this country will be saying, “Oh yeah, I remember when . . . when we had a chance, but we ignored it, and now there’s never going be a way of going back – ever.”

The sad thing is that this country, this nation, is the last one to embrace the principles of citizen rights, and at this time we are on a slippery slope that has predators at the bottom just waiting for the moment to take us down. I’ve heard, in the past, a statement that said that one can equate or compare life, and the world, to the game of football. In the game the object simply is to get the ball across the goal line, and because of this whoever has the ball becomes the target. And so it is in life. If you have that ball, everyone is after you. And this applies to nations also. And when you look at recent history it has been this country carrying the ball, and the way things have gone is the result of the rest wanting to bring us down, and become the ball carriers. And there are many within this nation whose only interest is to destroy what we have, and many of them are our elected officials. And while history may show that nations have been destroyed by forces outside, many times, before this happened, it was what preceded this destruction, a weakening within that led to the nation becoming vulnerable, and as a result became an easy target for invasion and being conquered. We are so very close to this time here.

So all of us in this country – this nation be careful. Be so very careful. Because it will be this time when future generations will look back and either say, “What were they thinking? They had a chance to save and keep their country, keep their nation great, but gave it away.” Or will they say. “Look it really was a close thing. It could have gone either way, but they stepped up to the challenge and saved their nation.” So which will it be? Will we lose it all, or will we wake up in time to save our nation from the fall that is closer than you think. And hold the vote counters accountable for it has been shown that corruption is high here. Let alone software that has been available for a long time that can go in and change the votes that have been cast to whatever the politicians want. (And if you think this last point is fictitious I can provide a link of  testimony before congress giving these facts before a congressional committee.) All of this is in yours and my hands. Do we go status quo and lose this nation, or do we find the courage to bring this nation back to its roots? God Bless! (www.fdbrant.com)


The Dark Ages

Personal Opinion: I try to stay away from politics and what’s happening in this nation. It might seem like I’m ignoring the problems and conditions of this nation and the world, but I don’t see it that way. I’d rather sit back and look at the overall situation, avoiding the flash news that tries to influence the way I think, and the way I will decide some issue. Yet, when it becomes as it has, I finally must speak out, as I become more and more alarmed at the trends which I see are arising. I see this nation dying right out from under me and that scares me to death. If we go down where in this world can we go to find the freedoms that we had, (purposely past tense) here? I know of no other nation on this earth where I can go. After all, we are stuck here on this little planet with no escape at this time in our history. So as we begin the new year I present to you my personal thoughts, opinions, and views. And as the reader you have the right to agree, disagree, reject the writings as hogwash, or see what I see. For me, it is all I can do. Next week we will be back to the short story, The Hunt:

It appears that in this country we are entering the dark ages. In the recent past my wife pointed out to me that in the state of California they have recently passed a law stating that it is no longer required that anyone in high school pass an exit exam or anything similar. It basically stated, if you, as a student, show up, then you get a diploma. It doesn’t matter whether you sat on your behind and did nothing,  failed every class, and generally wasted everybody’s time, you were there so here’s your diploma.

What this stated to me was how much in control of this country the Socialists are. It has been stated that knowledge is power, so the axiom to this has to be, illiteracy allows one to be manipulated, and under control. This method was used throughout the dark ages of Europe where the supposed elite were educated while the common everyday citizen was illiterate. This allowed the Church, the aristocracies of the time, and the monarchies to dictate, and control all aspects of people’s lives. And when you look at the situation here in this country, at this time, it is easy to see similarities to those times.

Socialism and Communism is all about control, and we can see that plainly when we look at this present government. We have a president who has been more of a dictator, or king. If he doesn’t like the way a law is written that came to his desk, even though he had no power under the Constitution to change it, other than vetoing it, he will rewrite it and sign it into law. If laws have certain dates they are to go into effect, he changes it. Then he’s written laws and pushed them on the unsuspecting public, all well beyond the power of his office. And Congress does nothing.

And while I’m on the subject of Congress, did you know that they recently voted on a law that would allow a foreign power to come into this country, occupy it, and take all the weapons that the Second Amendment protects? It seems to me when we look at history that a nation was normally occupied by a foreign power when they lost a war. Yet, we have seen Congressmen willing to do just that, to turn over our sovereignty and freedoms, to circumvent our very laws so they can get their way. And what truly sucks was how close the vote really was. In the past such acts would be considered treason. But it seems, for now, that it’s business as usual. (U.N. resolution #2117) 46 of our senators voted to pass it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Both major political parties have been infiltrated heavily with the Socialist Doctrine, and like two sides of the same coin it doesn’t matter which side you see, it still is the same coin. So whether you elect a Democrat, or elect a Republican, you get the same. What they say during their campaigns to get elected means nothing, and when they are elected into office, nothing changes except a furthering of distance from the laws of this land leaving them behind to do as they please – in other words, the Constitution of this United States of America.

We’ve seen unbelievable budgets being passed that puts this country further behind in its debt obligations, and no desire from any to stop this insanity. We see the government support illegal immigration into this country by giving them everything they need to live here. It’s no wonder Social Security is broke when the government gives freely, to these illegals, our hard-earned money. If you add the benefits together that they receive and translate it to an hourly wage it would equal to a wage of over $30 an hour. Free schooling, free medical, free meals at the schools for their children, welfare and housing, SSI,  and yes your social security benefits – none of which they deserve. By our very laws, which our government are required to enforce yet ignore, these illegals are to be deported and returned to their countries of origin. Instead they are given all these freebies including such things as driver licenses, voting rights, (really?), WIC, food stamps, and so much more that we hard-working Americans cannot get.

With these trends it is only a matter of time when the whole mess implodes, and the darkness that we are beginning to see will spread and cover this whole nation leaving it as dark as a starless, moonless night. Making this once powerful country no more than a third world welfare state having to depend on the rest of the world for support – at least the parts of this nation that will survive this quagmire. And if you think that any of this will not happen, then you haven’t studied your history or know that history has a tendency to repeat.

Solutions? Personally I have none. With a lawless government in control, (And I mean this because of the failure of our government to follow the laws of the Constitution.) who can stand against them? Is this so different from the USSR at its height, or Germany during the Hitler era? I’d say overall that the answer is a simple no. And not only has the government become Socialist, but the same has infiltrated our schools and are bringing up our next generation to be this way and expect to be governed this way.

One of the goals of such organizations is to eliminate religion, and you can see the attacks made presently against the predominant religion of this country, Christianity. Again the Socialists and Communists know that atheism and making the government the predominant religion brings the people further under their control. The Catholic Church, during the dark ages, knew this well, and used its considerable power to maintain control, not only over the people, but the monarchies of the time. The overall goal here is to make the government the only place any can turn to for anything, making those in control the elite. Total Power Corrupts Totally.

Can any of this be stopped at this late date? Again, I don’t know, but one thing for sure we cannot depend on the two major parties to bring about the required change. Maybe this is why the one person who is outside of the political machines has been doing so well in the polls. Still we see the goal of the parties is to place their chosen in the coveted position. We do not need two families, (no different from the old monarchies in reality) controlling the office of the president.

We are coming closer and closer to the time when there will be only one candidate presented for office. If you do no believe this look to the Democratic party and see who they are presenting. A known Socialist, and a second, and that’s all. How long will it be until even two will be considered too many?

Then we have this, (I’ll be providing a link): Here is an attack on the First Amendment and the rights it grants the citizens of this country. Losing this right would mean that if you disagreed with what the government was doing and spoke out you could be arrested and put into jail as a political prisoner with no recourse, and probably no speedy trial. And while it wasn’t a serious attempt, it shows the ignorance of the American People and especially college students. Again it would be pushing this nation closer to the old USSR. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/12/16/yale-fail-ivy-leaguers-caught-on-video-clamoring-to-kill-first-amendment.html

This was followed by the announcement that the DHA was looking at several states with the possibility of invalidating their government issued ID’s, (Driver licenses, State issued IDs,  and such) as invalid for travel requiring passports to move between states. Passports? Really? Are we Europe where there are many countries and each autonomous to the other, or are we the United States of America where traveling between states without papers is one of the freedoms we enjoy? Yet, if this comes about we are looking at a further loss of freedoms, and coming oh so much closer to further control by the government, since this, once again, is coming from the Federal Government, and is pushing us further away from the vision of the founding fathers, and definitely would be outside of the Constitution.  And while they push, “It’s for the safety of our air travelers”, we become more under the control of this government. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/12/29/terminal-confusion-dhs-push-could-make-some-ids-invalid-for-flying.html?intcmp=hpbt1

Again, as I have stated throughout this post, I have no answers, or ideas as to how to turn this around back to the way this nation is supposed to be governed. The last really strong leader who believed in the Constitution and the people was Ronald Regan. An actor who became governor of California, (and we won’t even discuss what’s happened to California) and who then served two terms as President of this United States of America. All I can do, through what I see, and of course, present this as personal opinion, since it is, and let you, the reader, decide. Let you, the reader, check out the facts and see if what I’m stating is accurate. Because in the end one cannot bring change. One still can bring forth ideas, show facts, and begin the processes of returning this nation to its roots, back to sanity, and away from the lawlessness this Federal Government has shown. But in the end is takes all of us.


Pete and Repeat and Do it all Again

Personal Opinion and Thoughts:

It’s that time of year once again when we face important issues, and the making of critical decisions as to who will represent us in the government, and the laws that we will live under. And because of this both our mailboxes, and our entertainment sources, are filled with political ads touting why it is important (or not) to either pass some measure or elect a certain individual. The rhetoric gets so heavy we have a tendency to tune it out. And if one really listens closely, it becomes obvious that it is the same lies from past elections, stating; “if you elect me then I will accomplish this or that” or “oh you don’t want them because” – leaving us wondering what’s really going on, and who will truly represent us instead of themselves. Leaving us as voters to try to find that one individual who will make a difference instead of maintaining the status quo.

Let’s, for a moment, look at these candidates as if they were working for us, and we were their bosses. Now if you want to be honest this really is the truth. Supposedly they are working for us and we approve of what they are doing by allowing them to continue to represent us. Yet, when we compare what the previously elected, and the ones up for election are saying, it sounds no different from when they were up for election before. Same problems, same issues that they said they would solve in the last election. Strange. Because  if it had been any of us, in our jobs, performing at the level of incompetence that we are seeing from our supposed representatives, then we would have been fired a very long time ago. So why are they still in office, why haven’t we fired them? With that in mind here is a link to a website that should help one determine if what they (the politicians) are saying is actually what they are doing (the old adage: actions speak louder than words). https://www.govtrack.us/

If we, as citizens, are not doing our part of this very important job, then, in the end, we can only blame ourselves. Let’s look at history overall and see what we can see. It’s important to reflect on this since history does have a tendency to repeat itself with nations and empires springing up only to disappear. While not always true, still in the vast majority of cases, it can be shown that it is a rot from the inside that is the real reason for the failure and collapse of that empire. Oh it may have been conquered by another, but that is only because of the growing failures within that empire. (Does this seem to apply to us?)

It begins with one weak government after another. A government who seems more interested in personal gain than gain for their empire or nation. They continue to find ways to manipulate the masses to their way of thinking (sound familiar) so that they can continue to reap the benefits and have things continue to go their way. We are definitely in that situation in this country, this nation, at this very moment in time. And because our government is supposed to be a representative government, who, in the end, are the ones responsible for this mess that we are in? Why the simple answer is we are. If we had done our jobs, as citizens of this land, then what we are seeing, what we are facing, our uncertain future, wouldn’t exist.

We supposedly elect these representatives to keep order, keep our borders safe, to protect us against enemies, both domestic and foreign, and to work for us. Yet, if we want to be honest, absolutely none of this is happening. So if those elected officials who are up for reelection are spouting the very same arguments that they did before, it is obvious that they are not doing their job that they were basically hired to do. So what happens when we don’t do our job, we get fired. And there is no doubt that it should happen to them also. But that isn’t what is happening. We, as citizens are definitely failing to hold up our end and because of this are paying a heavy price for that lack of involvement.

Buzz words, words to grab our attention and our emotions. It’s for the children! Protect our elderly! We need to raise taxes to fix our schools! And so many more. Well, here’s a question: Why hasn’t any of this been solved by now? Why is it the same problems over and over again? What happened to all that money they were given in the last election for those very issues and problems? Funny thing, nobody seems to want to give an honest answer, or tackle these and other hard questions. And we continue to blindly give them what they want – why?

Tell me, have you ever found a government when they get new revenue from some additional tax that doesn’t immediately spend it and then ask for more? How does that work? We are not seeing increases in our personal income and must live within our personal means, so why should our government be any different? Yet, every election, every time ballots come out there are requests to increase the flow of our limited money to the government. I haven’t seen any increases to my own pockets and must live within those means, so shouldn’t the government be required to do the same?

Half truths, which are no more than lies. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth. Tell a partial truth said in such a way that it changes the facts and understanding, and the actual truth, now hidden, where the ones who spoke that half truth can say they are not lying, since there is some truth to their statements, need to be held accountable. Still by having knowledge of that half truth and spreading it, changes nothing – it is still a lie. And on that subject you do know that many years ago Congress passed a law dealing with Truth in Advertising, providing penalties for lying to consumers. Of course they exempted themselves knowing full well that in all of their Political Advertising that they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And probably putting most of them behind bars. Just recently I saw a prime example of this falsehood. Taking a statement, deleting what wouldn’t say what they wanted it to say, using the 3 periods to show a break, recombining the information and completely changing the original statement to become what they wanted it to say. I hate to say it but it is common practice among our politicians. And we put these liars in office and expect the truth from them? Really?

Do you realize how little our representatives in Congress actually work? How about less than half a year for every year they are on capital hill. And to have a salary such as they do, besides the perks that go along with such a job – amazing. And many have the audacity to not even show up.  So where do I sign up?

As a member of such an elite group I really only have to make an appearance every once in a while. I have unelected people who I hire figuring out how to write those bills, doing all the research, and anything else that I might need. I have a dedicated staff that is well paid ( tax dollars of course) to keep me isolated, and when I retire, I retire with the same salary as when I was (well I can’t call it working) employed, no matter how long I served. What’s not to like? Free vacations, free protection, a motor pool from which to take and use a vehicle anytime I like, free trips around the world, free propaganda back to the people I represent, a government credit card to cover all my needs and wants (again our tax dollars at work), exemption from the very laws and regulations that I pass. And since I can vote for my own pay raise it means I can earn any salary and damn the economy and the working people. Yeah, sign me up.

I know in today’s world that time is a fleeting thing and the one thing that there never seems to be enough of. Yet, if we do not make the right decisions, the right choices during the times of these elections, then we deserve exactly what we get. We have had a weak, very expensive, out of control government, for quite a while now, and if things do not change, and change now, we will go the way of other nations that no long exists. We will become a footnote in history, no more than memory, a distant memory that will be taught in the educational systems of the potential that was there, the potential for greatness, but in the end there was only failure. Because in the end, the people failed in their duty and responsibility to place the right ones in their government to keep them safe.

* * *

And the speed of that fleeting thing called time is making itself known – this is the last post for October marking an end of another month. Halloween is fast approaching and will arrive next Friday. When you are out and about on that special day that children love, be overly careful. This is followed by November, and here in the USA the celebration of Thanksgiving. A time to look back and reflect on the past year. Have a great week, enjoy Halloween, and come back on Saturday for the next post – God Bless. (fdbrant.com)

A History Lesson

Many years ago (and I do mean many), I read a short story with this title. It was written by Author C Clark in 1949 the year of my birth, not that this is important to others, just to my family and myself (Not the story, but being born). I had the short story in my personal library, which was destroyed in those wildfires of 2003. Here is a link to the wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_Lesson_(short_story)

As in this short story absolutely none of us know what will survive the ravages of time. There have been many attempts to create time vaults, some successful and others not so, to allow a future generation to look back to that time when the vault had been created. In many ways this is both a nostalgic attempt, and an attempt to say, “look I am here, and I really did exist”. A way maybe to extend one’s presence well past the time of living, to become closer to immortal, if not in life, but in memory.  Yet what is often viewed in that future time is only a name, and holds no true meaning for anybody. In fact once a time vault is opened, the curiosity wanes and is generally forgotten as life presses in on all of us. Again here we face too many issues because of what time does to a society, let alone what a society does to itself. And there’s no guarantee that this society will even exist at that future time.

In a sense when we read the Foundation series by Asimov, in the first book we see a time capsule that opens periodically during a crisis to allow the citizens to know if they are on track to eliminate the time of chaos – that entropy of the vast galactic empire that over time destroyed itself. And Seldon, a social mathematician, had developed the system that led to the creation of the Foundation. Yet, when the ones who would be present to see what would be stated, the answers were never as expected. The society had changed as well as the expectations.

An example of the changes that society dumps upon itself became clear as I watched a commercial dealing with that first period in a young girl’s life. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NEcZmT0fiNM)  While they made fun of it, keeping it light, the commercial made its point and presented their product. Now, if we were to go back a few years, such a thing was never mentioned, whispered between girls – yes, but out in the public – no way man! And now this is so out in the open that there can be such commercials for public viewing. It leads to the fact that what was once taboo is now in the open, so the understanding, and the culture, when it was taboo would not be understood. With this present openness the past views would make no sense at all. And, of course, even language and specific words change.

The attitudes, the cultural pressures, the atmosphere would have been so different (from those earlier times) that it would be beyond understanding, let alone seeing and feeling the emotions that would have existed. This makes it almost impossible for anyone to be able to look back to an earlier time, to understand it, and to be able to actually come up with the written word, saying that they are the expert on this time period in history and then presenting it. Because we are so wrapped up in our own time, our culture, and the views and attitudes of the world at the time that we live, it is almost impossible to look back and attempt the see the world as it existed from that past time.

Oh we try. But I would say that most of the time we are unsuccessful. And there are many reasons for this lack of success. First off it is because it is difficult in removing one’s self from the environment that one is immersed, and secondly the ones who then read what has been written will always project their own views into what is written. We cannot get away from it. So no matter how accurate the writings, it will immediately become inaccurate the instant someone else reads it. Does this mean we shouldn’t attempt any of this? No, we must. To understand where we are we need to know where we came from.

With this knowledge we now go back to the question of what is it that survives time? Not much really. And if we were to disappear tomorrow, and the earth continued, eventually, thanks to plate tectonics, everything that man had ever created would be destroyed and recycled and returned to the earth leaving absolutely nothing to show that we ever existed at all. Can time vaults survive? At least that’s the hope and some from the past do and some don’t. And like in the story, A History Lesson, what survives, many times, is the most unlikely of objects. And because so little does survive it leads to a misrepresentation of the times when the object was created.

It means that we build a fictitious world supposedly based on fact, and what has been discovered. If you were to look around the room that you are presently in, what do you see? Think about all the everyday objects that surround you and how you use them. Then consider the fact that with the passing of time most if not all would be lost and destroyed, leaving no hint of what they were or what they were used for. If, for example that monitor that you are using to read this survived, without a computer, or power what would it appear to be to a future culture who doesn’t have the ability to operate or understand what they are seeing. What would they think it would be? One thing for sure, it wouldn’t become what it really is, but probably some type of decoration with no value at all. While they were poking fun in the Disney animated movie, Little Mermaid, the object, which was a fork, was identified incorrectly, until later under the proper circumstances its true use became known. And this is very true of many recovered artifacts from the deep past.

And remember, in many cases, politics play an ever-increasing role in what an artifact could be. And the ones on top, the ones in power, use their influence to identify things, and whether the identification is accurate or not does not matter. It is as the ones in power want it to be. And while we may make the extra effort to be sure something survives for a future generation, most of the time these aren’t the particular items that survive, but some of the common everyday items, things that one would suspect wouldn’t. And many times, as in the story, A History Lesson, what is seen, what is interpreted, what becomes another society’s view of the past, is tainted. Tainted because without the understanding behind such an object, the interpretation will always be wrong.

And yet because of this lack of understanding it becomes the truth, until something comes along to modify that truth, changing it once again until something else is found. In a way it is almost laughable because each new find changes the understanding and direction, and yet each past find is now from the past, making it doubly difficult to understand. Since we are looking at the earlier interpretation of a far greater past, adding a new interpretation, all claiming to be accurate only to be proven to not be. While we as individuals as well as a species have memory, and thankfully because also we learned to write, thusly giving us a chance to see that past time through words written at that time, still, the results from these discoveries are and always will be inaccurate, and tainted.

So I leave you with this question: With the many cultures that exist at this time we cannot get it right or really understand in the present, so how can we expect to get it right with the past? And maybe this is the lesson we should take from all of this, a lesson in history, or A History Lesson.

* * *

And, of course, the moment you read this it is the past. Woe is me, when I look at time as an immediate thing, the past comes about too quick, and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Maybe this is why the idea of Time Travel draws us in. We do only get one chance at anything including these posts. And next week the post is titled, Computing in the 21st Century. This isn’t going in the direction that seems obvious with the title, and I’m not giving away anything here. So if you are interested you’ll just have to come back next Saturday. All of you out there have a great week, and I hope to see you here next Saturday – making this present post, by the way, history.

Blog Extra- Power Grab

Opinion. First off if any have been paying attention the proof is now before us – the ACA also known as Obama Care is a scheme to redistribute wealth. Millions are having their health insurance canceled and are being forced  to Obama Care – with the average rates, under the ACA, increasing by up to 4 times from what they were paying on a health plan they were quite happy with. With this comes the loss of your personal doctor, many prescription medicines no longer covered, higher out-of-pocket, higher co-pays, and it doesn’t end here. Along with this we have the Democrats in the Senate grabbing power, as they, as the majority party, are blocking any action by the minority party from questioning or blocking anything the Dems bring forth. This includes filling possible federal judge vacancies, allowing the left to place whoever they so desire with no recourse from the minority party. Now instead of the 60 votes required to pass a resolution or bill, it now only requires 51. Another circumvention of the Constitution.

Another now known result of this (ACA) is; by the end of 2014 there is a great possibility that the 5 million figure now given for those who lost their insurance coverage because of Obama Care, will rise to close to 100 million policies cancelled (which means easily 200 million people could be without insurance), and within 3 years the government and their Ponzi  scheme will force all Americans into a single payer system costing them untold hardship financially, trying to pay for the high increases with lower coverage,  having to pay more out-of-pocket, and carry health care they do not want or need, and if one can’t pay, it won’t matter, since the government will take it anyway, as a penalty. To be honest, most Americans have been against this from the beginning. Yet the President, and his minions turn a blind eye to the ones who placed him and them in office continuing to push their far left agenda, which appears to be the complete dismantling of America. If they succeed in making Obama Care stand then this nation is finished. This man seems to know no truth, and here is a link showing the President stating the very lie that is now unraveling as the truth has been finally revealed – “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpa-5JdCnmo

To complete this take over they are now back filling positions within the government with people who are to the far left. This includes lawyers – all are career positions by the way, which means that they cannot be removed no matter who is President – and Federal Judges. After all if they cannot get the changes through the legal system (i. e. Congress), set up to prevent such things from happening, then they’ll do it through the hiring system – i. e. the filling of career positions within the government – by seeding this system with ones who have the same agendas and beliefs.

The one thing that is obvious about liberals is their propensity towards lying, and throwing tantrums when caught in those lies. They are very good at the blame game, but never accepting responsibility for their own actions – it is always someone else’s fault, never their own. We can see that plainly with this President because we have on record, he and the Democrats pushing this law (ACA), lying about it, and now that they have been caught in that lie, stating it’s the Republicans’ fault. No it was never theirs, after all the Republicans refused to vote for the law, and have been trying to block it ever since. They are the reason for it’s failure. Not the fact that they, the Democrats lied to the American people, or that they all voted for it knowing full well what it would do to individuals, families, and the country since 2010. And the biggest liar in all of this has been our esteemed President. No surprise there, I haven’t personally trusted this man or his administration from the very beginning. And as you really research what has gone on during his watch, it is obvious he doesn’t care for America or the American people, and that the only truth he has ever spoken was the statement that he would fundamentally change this country. If the ACA or Obama Care succeeds then this will become a hard and dangerous reality as it destroys the economy, our healthcare system – while not perfect by any means, was considered one of the best in the world – and our nation.

Oh, lets talk about the website for a moment and what is now been discovered. Of course, this site isn’t alone in this, as many state sites are letting personal private information go public for any to see and to take advantage of. Here is a you tube link showing source code and what is hidden within the federal health care web site.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOk0vOup4yA Let’s be honest here, this law must go down. It has been dishonest from the beginning, and as more is revealed, the worse it becomes.

Have you noticed that once the liberals get control of this country that it is weakened? That once they are in control that the Constitution no longer matters? That it must be their way no matter how destructive, or who it hurts? This has been their goal for at least 100 years (to remake America in their image) when for the first time they finally got one of their own into the White House. And each time that they have, we as a nation lose. Do you know that when our forefathers put this document together (The Constitution) that the Senate was to be populated by members chosen by the state governments, to represent them on a federal level?  Look up the 17th Amendment established under a liberal government. This weakened the ability of the States to protect themselves from an overreaching Federal Government since the senate, before the 17th Amendment, answered directly to them, the State Governments. The 17th Amendment took this power away and we are seeing the results every day.  http://www.usconstitution.net/xconst_Am17.html

With the hardship that is coming down the pipeline, this President, against the people’s’ wishes, has threatened Congress with vetoes to anything that would weaken or repeal the ACA or Obama Care. Does this sound like a President who cares, or does it sound like someone bent on remaining aboard a runaway train bound for destruction? We have one very small and last opportunity to change this destructive course, and that is the mid-term elections in 2014. Eliminate the ones in office that are refusing to do as you have asked and get someone in office that can get this train off the tracks before it becomes the train wreck that it certainly will be if we remain on this present course. Until then keep the pressure on your representatives by phone calls, emails, and letters – we as a people and as a nation are running out of time.

Finally, we, as citizens, need to read Charley Reese’s Final Column. No matter your political stand it points out the obvious. And while it may be so, many times, we have a tendency to overlook the obvious. This columnist died this year and this column was written a few years in the past. Yet from its content it could have been written yesterday.  http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021210150

Blog Exta – Accountability and Lies

Opinion. As more is revealed about the anything but, Affordable Care Act, it is obvious that it will destroy this country. Yet, the ones who promote it continue to lie, claiming it is the best thing since sliced bread, and that it will save the citizens money when compared to their present plans, and that they will be able to keep their personal doctors, and on and on. Yet as more is revealed, it becomes obvious that the opposite is the truth. If you really think about it and the impact that it is having and will continue to have, there is a great chance that this could destroy this country. The ramifications of this act are unbelievable.

The ones who promote this and the ones who voted for this act should be brought up on charges of criminal negligence, and deliberate lying to the American People. Claims that they have made, such as “you can keep your own doctor”, is false and they know it is false. In fact the negative impact that this is beginning to show, and will only get worse, has been known by these same politicians who keep pushing this down our throats, for at least 3 years. Three years, and they continue to push the same rhetoric, smiling, promising all will be fine and this will save you tons of money over what you are paying presently.

These statements are so full of bull, that even hip waders wouldn’t protect you from what they are throwing around. And they stay behind their protected walls legislating themselves out the necessity that they be required to abide by this act. In my own case, as a retiree, I have seen rates for my health plan climb by $70 a month and the co-pay go from $10 per visit to $40 – all attributed to the Affordable Health Care Act – ALL OF IT. These figures do not include other increases to medicines, and services that were once affordable and now are not, or the services that have to be curtailed because it is now illegal for the health services to perform. All will lose because of this act, well, except for those exempt, who get it free, and the politicians who enacted this in the first place. Oh have you noticed that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions trying to blame it away on someone else?

Small businesses are the hardest hit as they cannot either afford the insurance costs or the penalties. One such company, for example, once the costs were figured, determined that it would cost them $400,000 a year, more than what their bottom line is. And if you look at this in a different light, it is forcing many young people, who have no desire for health care, to go to the exchanges and pick it up or else pay a penalty for not having coverage. Where is your right to choose, where is your freedom of choice?

What does this do to the bottom line for every American? Economics. It comes down to how it will affect you on every level. As stated earlier, the ones who continue to push this have known for at least 3 years that you will be forced, eventually to the government plan, and that the high costs of this Act were not even close to what they have stated, and that whatever you have now, will be gone because the act will force you to leave your plan, the one that you are quite happy with, and force you to theirs. This means that you will have less money to cover your costs, to be able to keep that shelter over your head, to keep food on your table. And if it is that way for you, how will it affect businesses? To survive they must take into account every penny and how the costs affect their bottom line. There must be enough monies coming in to cover expenses, plus a little more so that they can continue to survive. But with the overwhelming increase in medical costs this ACA is bringing to the table their prices will have to go up. Meaning that you, as the consumer, may now be priced out of something you desperately need.

So companies are trying to survive by reducing the costs where they can or die. And one of those places is labor. Move labor to part-time, which means that you, as the worker, now do not have a full-time job and must look elsewhere for a second job just to keep your own family afloat, and yet now spend more money on health care that once was covered by your employer because the government demands it. And if you don’t, they will take it anyway. So any way you look at it – you lose. What needs to be asked is this; who gains from all of this? Who are the ones who will benefit? And when you find the answers it is not surprising that it comes right back to the ones who backed this law in the first place. Elections are today – let’s begin the change now.

Personally I am so tired of this liberalism that is running rampant in this country right now. I am seeing laws passed by state governments that any sane person would never allow. It’s like the ones who are in the insane asylum have taken control, and all of the crazy ideas have become the reality. It’s like the kindergarteners are now running the school. This must end or this country will. It seems that stupidity is running supreme and unfortunately they are the ones who are running things. We are seeing the results of this, so let’s end this insanity, and get them out of office. Elections are here and in the future, and if your representative has not represented you, vote him or her out, and get someone in there who will bring us more to center. Do this or this country is doomed to die, with you watching helplessly from the sidelines.

Finally Obama Care or the ACA must die a fitful death and be repealed. If not then We the People are finished as well as this nation.

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