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And at this time, wherever you may be, it is difficult not to be distracted. In fact at times, distraction is exactly what one needs because of the mess that is out there. Many times we go out on the web – definitely a wasteland of distractions – to take a break from reality for a moment or two. And whatever your mood, your tastes, your mental state, there is something out there for you to visit. Blogs seem to occupy much of that direction for many. And, of course, this is just one of the too many that exist in cyber space.

Yet, here, at this site, there are no distractions. Many blogs out there are busy, leading your eyes in many directions, distracting one from whatever the subject may be that has attracted one there in the first place. In a sense there are many themes I could have chosen for this blog, but settled on something simple. Rarely will you find pictures, and when they are included they are directly (not that other blog pictures do not reflect the post) related to the post and usually only consist of a single image. Here it is about the word, about the subject, and few run less than 1000 words.

I find, to cover a subject well, that for me, it takes close to that 1000 words. I know that when I submitted a couple of my novels to a contest that one of the comments I received is, “wordy”, and that may be why I require this many words to cover a particular subject. Yet, one of my gifts is teaching. It is something about myself that I learned in my youth. And I feel that it is one of the reasons that I became, as that person stated – “wordy”. I want to be sure that what is out there can be understood by whoever reads it, whether they agree with the subject and conclusions or not. Even this post, talking about this site, and how I write will be pushing that 1000 words.

This blog consists strictly of the post, posts listed in the sidebar by months and by subject, and that is all that you will find. This means that when you come here that the posts will be here, unadorned, without any dressing, standing on what they say. After all, I am a novelist, a writer of short stories, a writer that will deal with any number of subjects, as the title of this blog suggests. Some may wonder, when they look at the URL, why windmills, or the title, Words in the Wind? For me, again, as the URL suggests; windmills metaphor for writing, reflect writing as it is in the purest form. Because like writing, windmills change direction with the wind to catch the best of what is offered and thusly the title Words in the Wind to reflect and tie in with windmills. After all a windmill shifts all the time with the wind and we can reflect on the idea that each blade represents a subject, each independent, yet all working together to allow the windmill to perform its function.

All of us have our abilities that are gifted to us. If you think back to your time in school and those essays that were required, some of us could spend days, hours, of serious work and end up with a very low grade. While others seem to only spend minutes and produce what seemed to be masterpieces. Always frustrating, if you were one of the ones who honestly tried but failed, verses the ones that seemed to put forth no effort at all. In my family my two sons are quite different. Well, no surprise there, right? Yet the youngest has the ability to write, and write so well that he is well above me. While I do okay, I am willing to admit when someone is better, and he is. While my oldest son couldn’t write a sentence, let alone a paragraph and not struggle. Yet his natural abilities are in imitation. What I mean here is that he can hear an accent, an actor, a friend, a cartoon character, or character in a movie, and instantly pick it up and state it right back to you – his gift. Although with both of these sons, neither has the confidence in themselves to take advantage of their gifts.

Life is like that, and unfortunately, many times it is well beyond the time where one can take advantage of their personal gifts when the realization and understanding hits. We, each one of us, also face reality. And this can impinge upon our gifts, requiring us to place them on the back-burner, so to speak, until such time arrives to allow us to use them – if ever. We can call reality distractions also, since reality can pull us away from what we consider the better direction, but without means to make it happen, to make that change, it is all for naught.

So when you come here, caught by something that might interest you, know that the only distraction you will face is yourself. After all, as stated above, there is only the word, thoughts, and ideas. Maybe this site will inform, maybe entertain, give you another thought or view on something that you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it may be, whether you consider this a brief distraction out of your busy workday, schedule, or life, many times it is a welcome break and one that we must take to keep our sanity.  Or maybe the information is important. That is for you to decide, and if entertainment is your goal, I hope to have fulfilled that role. Come here, read, enjoy, and know that what you read – the word – is all that can be found here.

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In a world where fair play is a joke I was still raised with the ideals that I should try, as much as I can, to be fair in what I do, how I interact with others, and live my life. And even if it is a naive view, I expect the same from my representatives and especially from my leaders. Below are my thoughts and opinions, and if what I say here touches someone, makes them think, and whether we ever learn the true facts is for the future, then all may not be lost. Remember we all have need to participate and to protect what we have, or it will be gone forever.

If one would look back at the elections, the times leading up to the elections, and even months before, it becomes obvious that the president pointedly stated and acted as if the outcome was already known. And that outcome would make him the winner.  And this seemed to be reinforced by the way he and the vice president played at the campaign, the debates, and even the disasters that preceded the elections, preferring to smooze it with the hollywood celebrities and spend time in Vegas. And why not, since he was virtually guaranteed the win no matter how anybody really voted. I believe the winning percentage was 2%. Add to this that many of the precincts in the swing states shows over 100% voter turn out, which should be impossible, it makes one want to look further and find the truth. Well good luck on that one.

With this post I’ll be providing links that will demonstrate exactly how this voter fraud was perpetuated, making sure that the one who won, won. As the testimony in the linked video states, this fraud through the software is completely undetectable and the only way it can be found is by tearing the program apart at the source code and to find the code that flips the count to the person they want to win. And funny thing, what is stated shows that this software flips it exactly to the percentages that is the outcome of this election, which immediately makes one suspicious, and should lead one to think. In any place where ID’s were required for voting the challenger won. Any place where none were required, the incumbant won, and in these places the vote tallies were well beyond the registered base.

If you expect main stream media to ask these hard questions, again, good luck. They have been in the pocket of this administration since the very beginning, and it hasn’t changed now. Again this is only conjecture, but there seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence to make one want to dig further and check it out. After all with software running the totals it is the very weak link in this process, and from the testimony before congress this is something, to flip the vote, that is simple to do. So as you watch this video, make up your own mind. Do the research, check it out. It is important that the one who we elected actually takes office and not someone who used deceit to take over or keep an office. If the incumbant honestly won the office, then whether I like it or not, that is what was decided and the office is his. But if it comes out that he used fraud and  modified software to ensure his position, then he needs to be removed, and the person who actually won be placed into office, it really is that simple.

The next link deals with Obama voter fraud and the many links to confirm these facts. Again, search them out, confirm the information and make up your own minds. But it is important that we get this right or we will be facing much the same problems in the future. And if you really think about it, our very future rides on what can be proved or  disproved. So do not take this lightly, or that this is the ravings of a sore loser. This is more important than any one of us, more than it being a personal vendetta. By turning our backs, it says that anything can be made to happen, anything, and it can be the difference between this nation surviving or failing.

It’s important to all of us that no political organization, be it democrat, republican, green party, or any of the many others out there, they work honestly, and within the system that has been set up. None has the right to use outright fraud to control the results of the elections, and the ones who rightfully won these elections should be given the office for the chosen term. If we allow fraud to rule, then we bring anarchy upon ourselves, and again in the end, we can only blame ourselves. If we are not willing to protect our freedoms, then we will certainly lose them, just as the sun rises and sets every day. Let’s get this right.

Again, I have tried to keep away from politics and keep it out of this blog, but this is too important, too critical, leaving me no choice but to make my opinions known.

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