Big Brother is Alive and Well

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Personal thoughts and opinions:

First, let me state that this is my “between chapters” post before moving on to chapter ten from the novel Time of Isolation. This term “Big Brother”, became known and popular from the novel “1984” by George Orwell. It projected a future where the government controlled all including everything in one’s personal life. And any of the news organizations, and such were also controlled by the same – sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it. In a sense this Orwellian society exists today in many of the communist nations. It began to rear its ugly head here in the  USA as the government placed the Constitution in the “unimportant and useless” category and decided that they knew better. Thusly burying their citizens in an unimaginable quagmire of new laws and regulations, to include the monitoring of the internet, phones, and any other electronic device to further control and restrict what the average citizen could do.

Now this sounds like I’m heading into this direction and will continue to talk about the government, but this isn’t true. This is about what Big Brother is and how it applies to today. And in reality to make such work it must be sold to the citizens as something positive – something they can’t live without. And here I saw this very thing happening as corporations pushed a product in such a way that I’m sure they sold millions of them. To the ones who purchased these coveted products I’m sure they never realized the can of worms or Pandora’s box, that they just opened.

Okay, what does Big Brother do? In the book he exists in every home, in every apartment, in other words everywhere,  and can never be shut down, or can one ever escape his watchful eye, making the secret police, the KGB, or any other state police system seem like a child’s game. In the book it meant there was no way to escape his watchful eyes or ears. And one never knew if they were under some investigation, or being watched. In many ways the movie Minority Report, shows the same dystopian society where every part of your life is tracked and recorded. And with the technology of today this is something that is easy to do. So this leads to the question: Have you helped make it easier to keep track of you and your family? If you have a smart phone, and most do now days, then the answer is yes. All smart phones have GPS which means the phone must know where it is otherwise it is useless – other than as a phone. And if this is the case, your location is known at any time.

Then this holiday season I began to see items advertised that moved all of this one step closer to “Big Brother”. So how many of you purchased these devices? You know, the ones that sit unobtrusively on a table and simply listens, then answers your questions?  Just an idle question you ask? Think about it. You’ve just let large corporations into your private home. And as the little device sits there innocently taking up space, it listens to everything that is said in your household. And for most of us it’s something we wouldn’t even consider. So in a positive light and with your eyes wide open you purchased “Big Brother”, and enthusiastically brought him into your home.

It is already known that without our knowledge that webcams can be remotely operated giving no sign that they are even on or being used. And because so much now goes through the internet, our computers, phones, and devices are always connected. Meaning that at any time any of these large corporations, and the government to be truthful, want to spy on you and what you are doing, our modern world makes it easy.

While much of what is available helps us in our daily busy lives, it’s the unintended consequences of all of this “help” or assistance that we need to be aware of. Like those viruses, and spyware that we have software to protect us from, we need to be more aware of the consequences of all of these convenient devices and the negative effects they can produce. Think, Enemy of the State, where technology is used against a citizen, (Yes it’s a little over the top).

Remember that we don’t lose our freedoms or privacy in large chunks. It’s always small bits and pieces until we look back and realize that it’s all gone, and there’s no way of going back. Because, in this world, what we lose is never returned. While this is just one person’s opinion, I hope that if nothing else, it makes you think. God Bless, and have a great week! (


Blog Extra – July 4th, Looking Back

Personal Opinion and Thoughts:

It is July 4th, or what is known as the Fourth of July in the USA. The official date where the colonies declared independence from England 240 years in the past. First off I’m providing a link back to last year’s post, and stating that if anything it has gotten worse and not better. This is also an election year on a national level, and in many ways a critical one. In my  opinion we as a nation are fighting to remain a free country, and one who is governed by the laws of the land or what is called the Constitution of the United States of America. At this very moment it appears that the biggest law-breaker to these basic rights and laws is the government itself. Still let’s look back through the link to my thoughts last year:

If you are one who followed the link back, there really is little that I can add. It is the fervent hope from the common citizen that what we had can be found once again. And while the celebration of our independence is important, as we continue down the road we’re presently traveling it is a hollow celebration as the government continues to break the very laws of the land, and push us so ever closer to becoming the new USSR.

May America return to her roots and become what she once was. God Bless! (

The Dark Ages

Personal Opinion: I try to stay away from politics and what’s happening in this nation. It might seem like I’m ignoring the problems and conditions of this nation and the world, but I don’t see it that way. I’d rather sit back and look at the overall situation, avoiding the flash news that tries to influence the way I think, and the way I will decide some issue. Yet, when it becomes as it has, I finally must speak out, as I become more and more alarmed at the trends which I see are arising. I see this nation dying right out from under me and that scares me to death. If we go down where in this world can we go to find the freedoms that we had, (purposely past tense) here? I know of no other nation on this earth where I can go. After all, we are stuck here on this little planet with no escape at this time in our history. So as we begin the new year I present to you my personal thoughts, opinions, and views. And as the reader you have the right to agree, disagree, reject the writings as hogwash, or see what I see. For me, it is all I can do. Next week we will be back to the short story, The Hunt:

It appears that in this country we are entering the dark ages. In the recent past my wife pointed out to me that in the state of California they have recently passed a law stating that it is no longer required that anyone in high school pass an exit exam or anything similar. It basically stated, if you, as a student, show up, then you get a diploma. It doesn’t matter whether you sat on your behind and did nothing,  failed every class, and generally wasted everybody’s time, you were there so here’s your diploma.

What this stated to me was how much in control of this country the Socialists are. It has been stated that knowledge is power, so the axiom to this has to be, illiteracy allows one to be manipulated, and under control. This method was used throughout the dark ages of Europe where the supposed elite were educated while the common everyday citizen was illiterate. This allowed the Church, the aristocracies of the time, and the monarchies to dictate, and control all aspects of people’s lives. And when you look at the situation here in this country, at this time, it is easy to see similarities to those times.

Socialism and Communism is all about control, and we can see that plainly when we look at this present government. We have a president who has been more of a dictator, or king. If he doesn’t like the way a law is written that came to his desk, even though he had no power under the Constitution to change it, other than vetoing it, he will rewrite it and sign it into law. If laws have certain dates they are to go into effect, he changes it. Then he’s written laws and pushed them on the unsuspecting public, all well beyond the power of his office. And Congress does nothing.

And while I’m on the subject of Congress, did you know that they recently voted on a law that would allow a foreign power to come into this country, occupy it, and take all the weapons that the Second Amendment protects? It seems to me when we look at history that a nation was normally occupied by a foreign power when they lost a war. Yet, we have seen Congressmen willing to do just that, to turn over our sovereignty and freedoms, to circumvent our very laws so they can get their way. And what truly sucks was how close the vote really was. In the past such acts would be considered treason. But it seems, for now, that it’s business as usual. (U.N. resolution #2117) 46 of our senators voted to pass it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Both major political parties have been infiltrated heavily with the Socialist Doctrine, and like two sides of the same coin it doesn’t matter which side you see, it still is the same coin. So whether you elect a Democrat, or elect a Republican, you get the same. What they say during their campaigns to get elected means nothing, and when they are elected into office, nothing changes except a furthering of distance from the laws of this land leaving them behind to do as they please – in other words, the Constitution of this United States of America.

We’ve seen unbelievable budgets being passed that puts this country further behind in its debt obligations, and no desire from any to stop this insanity. We see the government support illegal immigration into this country by giving them everything they need to live here. It’s no wonder Social Security is broke when the government gives freely, to these illegals, our hard-earned money. If you add the benefits together that they receive and translate it to an hourly wage it would equal to a wage of over $30 an hour. Free schooling, free medical, free meals at the schools for their children, welfare and housing, SSI,  and yes your social security benefits – none of which they deserve. By our very laws, which our government are required to enforce yet ignore, these illegals are to be deported and returned to their countries of origin. Instead they are given all these freebies including such things as driver licenses, voting rights, (really?), WIC, food stamps, and so much more that we hard-working Americans cannot get.

With these trends it is only a matter of time when the whole mess implodes, and the darkness that we are beginning to see will spread and cover this whole nation leaving it as dark as a starless, moonless night. Making this once powerful country no more than a third world welfare state having to depend on the rest of the world for support – at least the parts of this nation that will survive this quagmire. And if you think that any of this will not happen, then you haven’t studied your history or know that history has a tendency to repeat.

Solutions? Personally I have none. With a lawless government in control, (And I mean this because of the failure of our government to follow the laws of the Constitution.) who can stand against them? Is this so different from the USSR at its height, or Germany during the Hitler era? I’d say overall that the answer is a simple no. And not only has the government become Socialist, but the same has infiltrated our schools and are bringing up our next generation to be this way and expect to be governed this way.

One of the goals of such organizations is to eliminate religion, and you can see the attacks made presently against the predominant religion of this country, Christianity. Again the Socialists and Communists know that atheism and making the government the predominant religion brings the people further under their control. The Catholic Church, during the dark ages, knew this well, and used its considerable power to maintain control, not only over the people, but the monarchies of the time. The overall goal here is to make the government the only place any can turn to for anything, making those in control the elite. Total Power Corrupts Totally.

Can any of this be stopped at this late date? Again, I don’t know, but one thing for sure we cannot depend on the two major parties to bring about the required change. Maybe this is why the one person who is outside of the political machines has been doing so well in the polls. Still we see the goal of the parties is to place their chosen in the coveted position. We do not need two families, (no different from the old monarchies in reality) controlling the office of the president.

We are coming closer and closer to the time when there will be only one candidate presented for office. If you do no believe this look to the Democratic party and see who they are presenting. A known Socialist, and a second, and that’s all. How long will it be until even two will be considered too many?

Then we have this, (I’ll be providing a link): Here is an attack on the First Amendment and the rights it grants the citizens of this country. Losing this right would mean that if you disagreed with what the government was doing and spoke out you could be arrested and put into jail as a political prisoner with no recourse, and probably no speedy trial. And while it wasn’t a serious attempt, it shows the ignorance of the American People and especially college students. Again it would be pushing this nation closer to the old USSR.

This was followed by the announcement that the DHA was looking at several states with the possibility of invalidating their government issued ID’s, (Driver licenses, State issued IDs,  and such) as invalid for travel requiring passports to move between states. Passports? Really? Are we Europe where there are many countries and each autonomous to the other, or are we the United States of America where traveling between states without papers is one of the freedoms we enjoy? Yet, if this comes about we are looking at a further loss of freedoms, and coming oh so much closer to further control by the government, since this, once again, is coming from the Federal Government, and is pushing us further away from the vision of the founding fathers, and definitely would be outside of the Constitution.  And while they push, “It’s for the safety of our air travelers”, we become more under the control of this government.

Again, as I have stated throughout this post, I have no answers, or ideas as to how to turn this around back to the way this nation is supposed to be governed. The last really strong leader who believed in the Constitution and the people was Ronald Regan. An actor who became governor of California, (and we won’t even discuss what’s happened to California) and who then served two terms as President of this United States of America. All I can do, through what I see, and of course, present this as personal opinion, since it is, and let you, the reader, decide. Let you, the reader, check out the facts and see if what I’m stating is accurate. Because in the end one cannot bring change. One still can bring forth ideas, show facts, and begin the processes of returning this nation to its roots, back to sanity, and away from the lawlessness this Federal Government has shown. But in the end is takes all of us.


What is Absolute Shall Remain

Personal thoughts and Opinions:

I’ve thought about this for a while, and what the title states is true. What I mean is this; if indeed there is a God, and I believe personally there is, the laws, the rules that were laid down are unchangeable period. No matter how mankind tries to change them, influence them, or ignore them they are there and will remain long after mankind is gone. It doesn’t necessarily apply only to the infinite, but also to governments and the laws that those governments are supposed to honor, and everything in-between.

If we were to look at the Constitution of this country (USA), those to the left want to change it so that it reflects more of the way they think, the way they act, the way they want to rule. And right now since the left is controlling the government it is obvious the direction of the country. And they are completely ignoring the laws of the land (the Constitution). And they state it is this way; “Because the constitution is an obsolete document it doesn’t apply to us. If it were only a living document then we might actually follow it. Since it’s not why should we be bound by or to it?”

Of course they want it to become a living document since doing so allows them to interpret it in any fashion and any direction they want. To translate it and change it to more reflect how they see it. In other words make it over in their image because it is their right to make these changes, and who cares how it will affect the citizens, the laws, and what this nation should be, and why should I care what any other might think. Because, bottom line, it’s my way or the highway.

We see similar things in many of the religions of this world. The learned ones or leaders who supposedly speak from the knowledge, education, and understanding, apply the laws within their particular religion as they see fit. If it doesn’t happen to fit the situation – their situation, then the inconvenient truth is they change it so that it will fit their personal beliefs. Yet, if what God states and what is written is Absolute, how are they able to change what is written, and change it in such a way that the results lead to their personal interpretation, making it convenient for them to accomplish whatever is their agenda? In other words, by taking anything out of context they can make it say anything they want it and we see this happening much too much.

We are seeing people killed for supposedly doing things against what these sacred scripts state, while others who violate the very same laws or scripts are getting a free pass because what these others are doing happens to support those in charge and their agendas. Again if what is written is absolute, how can it apply to one and not another, allowing  man to change it anytime he pleases? In truth he can’t, but does that change the facts or the inconvenient truth that they are saying they have such a right, are more knowledgable, and are better than the One who created all of this? Of course nobody has this right, but this is what we are seeing throughout this world.

In the end it probably comes down to these two words – power and control.  The ones who are pursuing these two words are doing whatever they feel they must to gain what these two words represent. The inconvenient truth lies in the fact that too many will do whatever is necessary to be part of those two words. It doesn’t matter where they are in the hierarchy, it only matters that they find a way, including the compromise of all that is written, and/or what they personally believe to get to the point where it is their word, their demands, their views that all must bow down to.

Yet one of the axioms, which has been around for much longer than I’ve existed is, Total power, corrupts totally. No matter how it comes about, whether for good, or for personal gain the results are always the same. There are more examples of this in history, than there are examples of this type of rule, this type of leadership, producing benevolent results. You name it, kings, sultans, socialism, communism, and even to some extent democracy, because there are many within this system that find a way to manipulate it to their wants and needs, and all have been corrupted by the lure of power, the lure of control.

We find it existing in all religions of the world. Where the ones on top of the hierarchy find ways to influence the governments, or in many cases become the government, bringing total control over the people who are under them. Study any of the history about any of the major players and you will find greed, deceit, corruption, the grab for power, religious wars, and so much more. Of course all of this applies to all the governments in this world. After all we are corruptible, and given the chance – any chance at all and we will be corrupted.

In a sense you see this with the pecking order throughout the natural world, and even where much is shared, inside families. And if one really thinks about it, when the leadership is shared there is less chance of the law or axiom of total power doing its worst. We see it in the world of birds, in the wilds with animals where the fight to be the alpha male and female is a constant day-to-day struggle. So is it a surprise we see the same thing with us in the world of mankind? When the alpha position is being used properly all benefit. The real problem lies in the fact that the siren’s call, her lure of power and control is so strong that the ones who reach the pinnacle of leadership eventually believe they are better, know more, and overall, what is needed for all the people who lie beneath them to remain beneath them. Pride and ego go before the fall.

There is a reason for the wisdom of the world to have been written and to be followed. Most of these writings strive to balance us, to keep the corruption out. The problem lies in the fact that even at the beginning, whether the goals were as they should be, and the ones who have reached this point of leadership, have been reading and following this wisdom, eventually they reach a point where they feel that all of this history, all of what is written, all of the admonishments, are no longer valid, and as such none of this rubbish applies to them.

It is at this point that the restrictions in the texts, or the Constitution become problems. After all, it means they cannot accomplish what they’ve set out to do, and so it is time for a change, time to make these documents living, “So any or all of them can reflect my point of view, my agenda. Because, I can see so much more, so much better than all, and because of this I will conveniently ignore what I want, and apply it the way I feel is in the best interest of, well, me.”

And when these leaders reach this point it is the world that suffers, with death and destruction, pain, torture, loss of life, and so many other unspeakable acts. Yet, when all is said and done, and in the end, it is still true, no matter what has been done, or the attempts to place such documents as being unimportant, a waste of time, an irritant, a restriction, they will always be Absolute and shall remain long after the time of the corrupted leaders who will be forgotten at some point in time, and be long buried in their graves.

* * *

January has bit the dust, and the first month of the new year is ending. It is the time of the gathering of documents, a time leading to what is known here in this country as tax season. It forces us to look back on 2014 and in a sense financially shows us whether it’s been a good year or not so good. I can only hope that is was a good one, and this year will be a better one. Have a great week and see you back here on Saturday. God Bless! (



I am a Conservative

Being a writer this might come as a surprise that I should be this way. After all, it seems that this field is filled with liberals and they appear to be shouting all the time that their way is the only way. In a sense, it shames me, to find that this chosen field is so full of liberals. After all, one would think, and I’m one who does, that by being a writer and with all of history to study and research, the failures of liberalism time and time again, would make the ones who are, really think about their position, their politics, their zealotry. If nothing else, history shows that such positions always fail. Yet, they always return to try again.

Unfortunately, along the way to that failure, liberals have a tendency to destroy. Not only to destroy, but to attempt to change everything to their way of thinking. This includes the way history is taught, social interaction, views and actions dealing with each other, and the world. And if you do not agree with their narrow view, expect to find yourself under suspicion for almost anything. I can almost come to the conclusion that it was a liberal who coined the phrase – “My way or the highway”.

Before I continue, I need to put some things into perspective. First off extreme anything is a bad thing. So when I say I am a conservative it means that I lean a little right of center. Sometimes a little of either side of the question is a good thing. But when it becomes, as the phrase describes above, then there is no room for debate, no room for compromise, no room for change. And if any present a different side than what the liberal sees, the attacks come out in full force. Using whatever there is at their disposal to not simply state their position, but to utterly destroy the opposing view. We are seeing this clearly with this liberal administration.

They are using everything at their disposal to shut up the opposing views, including illegal use of the departments within the government, such as: The IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI, and others, to go after any who may have a difference of opinion. It seems that while liberals have a tendency to shout foul play if anything is brought forth to accuse them of anything, anything at all, yet they have no qualms of using whatever means, whether legal, illegal, lying, taking as much out of context as possible, and raising such an uproar over nothing that they force their will, their ways, their narrow point of view, on all. After all, everybody had better understand that they, as liberals, are free to use everything, but all others must play by the rules – their rules.

We, as a society, pay dearly for their excesses. And if nothing else, history repeats, and what we are facing now, even though it is more extreme, and more out of control, is similar to another administration who attempted the very same things that this one is doing presently, although that administration did not have the support of the press as the present administration seems to have. While this post seems to reflect politics, it really isn’t the intention. But when you start identifying where you stand – to the left (liberals), or to the right (conservatives), politics just naturally come up. So, as I write this post, some of what is here will reflect that aspect.

Maybe my conservatism comes from experience, and my time in this world. Or it could be the simple fact that I was raised that way, growing up on a small ranch deep in the backcountry. Where you learned early on that you could only depend on yourself, your family, and the abilities gained to make things work and continue to work. That lifestyle taught you the value of life because you saw death a lot. As animals died that you tried to keep alive, and because of the difference in life expectancies, your working dogs would pass on leaving a hole in your heart. It leads to a belief in yourself and in God. Such things have a tendency to move one in the direction of just right of the center.

And most Americans can say that is where they are. They have no time for the games, no time to worry about how the government will be run. Their time is spent on providing for their families, to do the best they can, and when the day is complete, the children safely in bed, they can take a few moments of downtime before they head off to bed, so that they can do it all again the next day. They know that it is God, and family that is the most important things in this world. They expect, from their government, an understanding of this, and not the intrusion that liberalism brings into their lives – trying to control every aspect of their personal lives. They expect the government to respect the Constitution, to uphold the laws, and to not change this country to their (liberals) personal view of how it should be.

Yet, when it is learned that the biggest breaker of these laws is that same government, they lose faith. And when it gets right down to it, liberals could care less. After all, no matter how it comes about, if they get their way, it’s as it should be, and who cares what damage is done, or who is hurt along the way. After all the results are worth it, aren’t they? I’ve heard it say that liberalism is a mental disorder, and the more I see it, the more I witness it, the more it seems to be fact. So many things that liberals do defies logic, and makes absolutely no sense.

I guess in many ways I can say, because of my age; been there, done that. I’m one who is usually willing to let things go, and allow others their freedoms. But with the damage that has been done, and is still being done by the liberals, I have to admit that I will be glad to see them out of power. I do not know how many generations it will take to repair the damage that they have done, but it will be more than one – if it can ever be repaired. So with what I have seen, both in the past, and in the present, I will remain a conservative, because the other side of this coin is much too costly.

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Thoughts on History – A Personal View

Sometimes it takes some personal history to begin to see history as it may truly be. Unfortunately, because times and attitudes change, and the way things are seen by the common man and woman – let alone academia, this changes what is understood, in the present, leading to a very poor and inaccurate translation of the era that’s being viewed. Words  change, go out of favor, change their meaning and direction, the human consciousness shifts and changes, placing things that were in favor, out of favor. Tolerance becomes intolerance and visa versa, and so much more that changes the overall society, as a whole. It makes one wonder if there is anything from the past that can be interpreted accurately, let alone correctly?

We have to be careful, in our educational systems, to understand that many times, what is taught is being taught is being taught in such a way that it reflects an ideology, making points that isn’t necessary there, but will help carry their ( the ones behind the ideology) agenda. After all, if they can convince the youth that their views are correct then this same youth will carry these beliefs into their personal lives, and thusly that ideology. Unfortunately, it takes getting beyond school to begin to see the truth behind the lies, but that means that one must pursue personally, history on one’s own time. And in today’s world time is a rare commodity.

For example: How many of you know the Federal Reserve is a private bank? Most would believe that it is part of the government, but it isn’t. This, in many ways, makes no sense. After all, every government has the right to print their own currency, so why doesn’t ours? By using this existing system it means that our government must borrow money from a private bank to conduct business. Seems strange to me. And this means that the ones who control the monetary system, controls the government. Hmmm, maybe that explains some of what is happening.

Let’s look back in history to maybe understand this and at the time of Abraham Lincoln. He was possibly the only president who realized that this was a problem and decided that the US Government would begin to print their own money and refuse to allow the private banks to do so. Thusly, in a short time after he did this, we started seeing, in circulation, the green back dollar, as it was known. At this time when this came about it set the European bankers up in arms. After all, many of the countries in the old world had private banks controlling their monetary systems, and they wanted the same control over the US Government. But Lincoln refused, even with the pressure exerted by these international bankers.

There is a suggestion that they felt that if he couldn’t be convinced to change to their way of thinking that they might be able to have him removed. And here we can begin the conspiracy theories, with the idea that they began to plot his end. We know that the history books state that Booth was responsible for killing Lincoln, and if these foreign banks were involved they probably didn’t have to offer much to this zealot for him to carry out his threat. (The strange thing about this is the results if Lincoln had lived. Lincoln’s plan for the South was  much better than the Reconstructionist movement that basically destroyed the South.)

Once he was dead, then the banks began to pull this money, created by the government, off the market, reducing the amount of money in circulation, and by this reduction creating an artificial depression. This led later to the passing of the laws that put the Federal Reserve System in place. And all that money originally created by our government was pulled out of circulation and replaced by what we have now. Study history and learn why we have many of the problems we face today.

Another interesting fact lie in the wishes of our founders for elected representatives for federal office. First off it was to be a privilege and unpaid. There were no plans for the career politicians that we see today. In fact it was something that couldn’t be imagined at the time when the Constitution was being written. Yet, what do we have now? Career politicians who are well dug in as deep as the Japanese on the islands that they defended during WWII. This has led to deep corruption, favors being passed around the aisles, large organizations created strictly to woo these politicians, and they creating laws that allows them to vote for their own raises, besides other perks – none of this anticipated by the forefathers of this country. And we won’t get into how the senate was to be elected, which is so different from today. Yet, when one receives the lessons on history, US history, during the time of required education, none of this is ever mentioned – I wonder why?

And speaking of the forefathers, it is now, in the present time, that our text books in our school systems find ways to demonize these very people as the worst of the worst and then shift this praise to others who have not earned the right to this, because of the ones in control of our educational systems and it is to their advantage to do so – again pushing their agendas. For example; yes these few helped establish this country, but do you not realize that they were part of the problem? They were slave holders for heaven sake! Absolutely true as slave holders. Yet, at the time they were British subjects, and slavery had been around since the beginning of man, and if one wants to be honest for a moment, it is still here today. But, as British citizens (many forget this, after all they were Americans weren’t they? Well, weren’t they?) it was illegal to free a slave. And let’s be honest here once again – just who was it that sold these people into slavery in the first place? So by changing the emphasis we change history from the truth to whatever we want it to say. After all, take anything out of context and it is yours to control, to do with as you please.

Any way that we look at it, whether on purpose or by accident, the accounts of the past, as presented, will always be tainted with the existing society at the time that this past is interpreted. None of us will be able to say that we actually lived during those times in history, so we end up only seeing a small part, trying to understand it from a great distance, and mostly getting it wrong. Yet, we are stuck with those mistakes, and too many times take the results to be fact, only to find later that what had been revealed wasn’t close to the actual truth. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in my life is that truth is not necessarily the same to all, and that by manipulating the truth you can make it say anything you want it to. And if a lie is heard often enough it can be interpreted as the truth.

Let’s understand that history is rarely as presented. Even though it is taught in our educational systems as if it is fact. When we are learning these things, and we are using the text books that are required, we do not think that there may be a motive behind what we are learning, what we are studying, but unfortunately there is. If one wants to learn more, then one must step away from the “official text”, “the official line”, and discover for themselves what it truly was like, within the confines of the ones who are presenting the information. It is here that we must understand that even these others may not have it right and thusly we must come to our own conclusions, own ideas, and be willing to change them whenever there is something presented that could change our views, thoughts, and knowledge. Again, we must take all of these presentations – text books, studies, authors, speeches, seminars, and such – judge them against our own experience, and come to a consensus. Never accepting that all that is presented is the absolute truth. We must forever question otherwise be led freely in whatever direction the ones in charge want to take us.

Beliefs and Thoughts

Even though none of us necessarily think about it when we are reading an interesting novel that keeps us turning those pages, throughout that novel, through the actions and interactions of the characters, the author’s beliefs are there. Whether it is intentional or not, it is hardly surprising that it should be this way. All of us have a belief system in place, and our thoughts are based upon that foundation. Whether that foundation is based on something as solid as rock or as weak as sand, many times, has no bearing on those thoughts until something comes along to pull the proverbial rug out from under us. Leaving us to stop and ponder those revelations and possible changes. For some it doesn’t matter, they continue along as if nothing has happened. Pragmatic in their views and thoughts, thinking that the other one or ones who presented the facts that countered their beliefs had to be wrong. After all we all have those self-fulfilling, self indulging ideas that say we are right no matter what someone else may present. In other words, “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts”.

Yet if enough is presented, eventually we have to accept that those personal beliefs may have been accepted on faulty information, once realized then reevaluate and adjust those beliefs in a new direction. It’s never easy to admit that one is wrong, especially when we have been so adamant that we are right. At this point, because of our pride, many times we will think that, “Yes they are probably right, but I wasn’t wrong either.” Again, if any of us are that illusionary “normal”, then we all talk with ourselves continually on that mental plane, discussing our internal views, thoughts and ideas, as we work through those changes and our personal belief system.

We have to be strong enough to admit that there are many outside influences that do work either with or against our personal belief system. Of course many of us say, as I stated earlier, “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” After all it is easier to remain with what we know. Add to this mix experience and time and what at one time in your life seemed pretty black and white, becomes heavy shades of gray. And if you are willing to admit it you find that your beliefs have taken a hit and changed, sometime subtly and other times radically. That you are not (Even though we must live with ourselves each and every day, making it more difficult to see those personal changes.) the same person you were that so many years ago when naivety seemed to apply much too well to your person. Yes, time and experience has made me better at understanding my personal beliefs. And if you believe that then you really do not understand yourself or your motivations at all.

I think that mentally we are always questioning ourselves, second guessing, reevaluating, searching, and testing ourselves. Whether any of this actually does us any good I really don’t know. Although if one isn’t careful such can destroy our confidence in ourselves, our belief structure, with our thoughts leading to a negative impact on every aspect of us. Many times when we begin that negative spiral it takes us down roads that should not be traveled. Here we deal with the bad side of ourselves where our personal beliefs can be a destroyer, and continue to push us in directions that can have nothing but bad outcomes.

Many times we recognize this but seem powerless to stop all that negativity, leading many to deep depression. It is a personal belief system that has gone wrong. Unfortunately we can find much too much support for this thought process in the real world, reinforcing those very negative beliefs and thoughts. Destroying our confidence in ourselves to the point of questioning everything that we do. To shift gears a bit as this brought up this subject to me: In an abusive relationship we see that direction taken by the one who is abused. It leads on an ever downward spiraling road that eventually leaves the abused with no self-confidence at all, no belief in their own abilities – none at all.

Once this point is reached then the abused only lives through the approval of the abuser. The abuser now is their belief system and anything they do and say is fact, whether the statements are fiction or not. After all they are the ones in control. That is why so many times the abused will deny that they are abused even when witnessed by another. After all it is their fault (the abused) that such has happened. It must have been something that they personally had done to make it happen. With ones that have never faced this, it seems to be impossible to understand. After all if this is happening to you why not leave? If only it was that simple.

Many years ago I purchased a used item from a private seller. Here I found a wife who seemed different. I couldn’t explain it at the time, and unfortunately it was years later before I understood what I was seeing. She was an abused spouse. The signs were there, only I didn’t recognize them. Too many years had passed to be able to help as I was young at the time and they were older. By the time I had figured this out I suspect that both would have passed on. This abuse and subsequent change happens over a period of time. It leads to a slow degeneration of the abused belief system, their personal confidence in themselves, and their view of the world and personal relationships. I’ve often thought about this and think about these abused individuals. They’ve entered into what they believe is a happy healthy relationship only to be betrayed and destroyed. Living their lives in a hell that they cannot or do not know how to escape from.

By the time that it reaches the point that I witnessed above, they no longer have any personal beliefs and thoughts that aren’t first approved by the abuser. It reaches a point that they feel that they cannot live without this other, and everything must go through them – everything. After all they cannot do this on their own, and unfortunately this has too much truth at this point. They begin to lie to all their friends, and worst of all to themselves. They adjust their personal belief systems to match the abusers and accept that the abuse is a normal part of life. So when it happens in public, as the lies build over time, of course it really didn’t happen – no not really.

If one is new to this blog, one may ask, rightly so, how I could know anything about this subject. And until I met the woman who became my wife, it would have been a very valid question. I learned, over time, that she had just come of out a ten-year abusive relationship, and with many sessions, so to speak, the two of us worked through the damage done and eventually she healed from that devastating experience. Yet for me it was a learning experience. Part of my belief system felt that one’s life mate (husband or wife) was the equal to the other. That her strengths would help offset my weakness and visa versa. Yet, here before me was the evidence that this existed (abuse), something that I had never considered before. So I became more aware, and this was added to my personal experiences and to my personal beliefs. Unfortunately abuse is prevalent today and one of the many hidden shames that we face as a society.

Let’s be honest for a moment, and admit that there are many things in this world that can lead to disbelief, only to have those things proven to be true later. All of us have problems accepting these proofs because of the way our personal belief systems are. Many times it takes years before one is willing to admit that they were wrong and yes the other was right. Such is pride, such is ego, and both can extort a great cost on us. Other times it is ignorance that is the factor, such as the abuse described above. Yet, once that ignorance is erased, what we do with it is personal. We can add it to our personal beliefs or reject it. After all, these beliefs do not and many times are not based on fact or logic, and therein lies the problem. So as you read this, take the time to evaluate and really understand your personal beliefs and thoughts. Can you laugh when you learn how much is based a faulty information, or will you just ignore it anyway and continue as you are? In the end that’s your call. They say that knowledge is power. If that is so do you really have knowledge of the foundations of your beliefs? If not then the power lies with them not you. And until you decide to see them as they truly are nothing will change.

Blog Extra- Power Grab

Opinion. First off if any have been paying attention the proof is now before us – the ACA also known as Obama Care is a scheme to redistribute wealth. Millions are having their health insurance canceled and are being forced  to Obama Care – with the average rates, under the ACA, increasing by up to 4 times from what they were paying on a health plan they were quite happy with. With this comes the loss of your personal doctor, many prescription medicines no longer covered, higher out-of-pocket, higher co-pays, and it doesn’t end here. Along with this we have the Democrats in the Senate grabbing power, as they, as the majority party, are blocking any action by the minority party from questioning or blocking anything the Dems bring forth. This includes filling possible federal judge vacancies, allowing the left to place whoever they so desire with no recourse from the minority party. Now instead of the 60 votes required to pass a resolution or bill, it now only requires 51. Another circumvention of the Constitution.

Another now known result of this (ACA) is; by the end of 2014 there is a great possibility that the 5 million figure now given for those who lost their insurance coverage because of Obama Care, will rise to close to 100 million policies cancelled (which means easily 200 million people could be without insurance), and within 3 years the government and their Ponzi  scheme will force all Americans into a single payer system costing them untold hardship financially, trying to pay for the high increases with lower coverage,  having to pay more out-of-pocket, and carry health care they do not want or need, and if one can’t pay, it won’t matter, since the government will take it anyway, as a penalty. To be honest, most Americans have been against this from the beginning. Yet the President, and his minions turn a blind eye to the ones who placed him and them in office continuing to push their far left agenda, which appears to be the complete dismantling of America. If they succeed in making Obama Care stand then this nation is finished. This man seems to know no truth, and here is a link showing the President stating the very lie that is now unraveling as the truth has been finally revealed – “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

To complete this take over they are now back filling positions within the government with people who are to the far left. This includes lawyers – all are career positions by the way, which means that they cannot be removed no matter who is President – and Federal Judges. After all if they cannot get the changes through the legal system (i. e. Congress), set up to prevent such things from happening, then they’ll do it through the hiring system – i. e. the filling of career positions within the government – by seeding this system with ones who have the same agendas and beliefs.

The one thing that is obvious about liberals is their propensity towards lying, and throwing tantrums when caught in those lies. They are very good at the blame game, but never accepting responsibility for their own actions – it is always someone else’s fault, never their own. We can see that plainly with this President because we have on record, he and the Democrats pushing this law (ACA), lying about it, and now that they have been caught in that lie, stating it’s the Republicans’ fault. No it was never theirs, after all the Republicans refused to vote for the law, and have been trying to block it ever since. They are the reason for it’s failure. Not the fact that they, the Democrats lied to the American people, or that they all voted for it knowing full well what it would do to individuals, families, and the country since 2010. And the biggest liar in all of this has been our esteemed President. No surprise there, I haven’t personally trusted this man or his administration from the very beginning. And as you really research what has gone on during his watch, it is obvious he doesn’t care for America or the American people, and that the only truth he has ever spoken was the statement that he would fundamentally change this country. If the ACA or Obama Care succeeds then this will become a hard and dangerous reality as it destroys the economy, our healthcare system – while not perfect by any means, was considered one of the best in the world – and our nation.

Oh, lets talk about the website for a moment and what is now been discovered. Of course, this site isn’t alone in this, as many state sites are letting personal private information go public for any to see and to take advantage of. Here is a you tube link showing source code and what is hidden within the federal health care web site. Let’s be honest here, this law must go down. It has been dishonest from the beginning, and as more is revealed, the worse it becomes.

Have you noticed that once the liberals get control of this country that it is weakened? That once they are in control that the Constitution no longer matters? That it must be their way no matter how destructive, or who it hurts? This has been their goal for at least 100 years (to remake America in their image) when for the first time they finally got one of their own into the White House. And each time that they have, we as a nation lose. Do you know that when our forefathers put this document together (The Constitution) that the Senate was to be populated by members chosen by the state governments, to represent them on a federal level?  Look up the 17th Amendment established under a liberal government. This weakened the ability of the States to protect themselves from an overreaching Federal Government since the senate, before the 17th Amendment, answered directly to them, the State Governments. The 17th Amendment took this power away and we are seeing the results every day.

With the hardship that is coming down the pipeline, this President, against the people’s’ wishes, has threatened Congress with vetoes to anything that would weaken or repeal the ACA or Obama Care. Does this sound like a President who cares, or does it sound like someone bent on remaining aboard a runaway train bound for destruction? We have one very small and last opportunity to change this destructive course, and that is the mid-term elections in 2014. Eliminate the ones in office that are refusing to do as you have asked and get someone in office that can get this train off the tracks before it becomes the train wreck that it certainly will be if we remain on this present course. Until then keep the pressure on your representatives by phone calls, emails, and letters – we as a people and as a nation are running out of time.

Finally, we, as citizens, need to read Charley Reese’s Final Column. No matter your political stand it points out the obvious. And while it may be so, many times, we have a tendency to overlook the obvious. This columnist died this year and this column was written a few years in the past. Yet from its content it could have been written yesterday.

Blog Exta – Accountability and Lies

Opinion. As more is revealed about the anything but, Affordable Care Act, it is obvious that it will destroy this country. Yet, the ones who promote it continue to lie, claiming it is the best thing since sliced bread, and that it will save the citizens money when compared to their present plans, and that they will be able to keep their personal doctors, and on and on. Yet as more is revealed, it becomes obvious that the opposite is the truth. If you really think about it and the impact that it is having and will continue to have, there is a great chance that this could destroy this country. The ramifications of this act are unbelievable.

The ones who promote this and the ones who voted for this act should be brought up on charges of criminal negligence, and deliberate lying to the American People. Claims that they have made, such as “you can keep your own doctor”, is false and they know it is false. In fact the negative impact that this is beginning to show, and will only get worse, has been known by these same politicians who keep pushing this down our throats, for at least 3 years. Three years, and they continue to push the same rhetoric, smiling, promising all will be fine and this will save you tons of money over what you are paying presently.

These statements are so full of bull, that even hip waders wouldn’t protect you from what they are throwing around. And they stay behind their protected walls legislating themselves out the necessity that they be required to abide by this act. In my own case, as a retiree, I have seen rates for my health plan climb by $70 a month and the co-pay go from $10 per visit to $40 – all attributed to the Affordable Health Care Act – ALL OF IT. These figures do not include other increases to medicines, and services that were once affordable and now are not, or the services that have to be curtailed because it is now illegal for the health services to perform. All will lose because of this act, well, except for those exempt, who get it free, and the politicians who enacted this in the first place. Oh have you noticed that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions trying to blame it away on someone else?

Small businesses are the hardest hit as they cannot either afford the insurance costs or the penalties. One such company, for example, once the costs were figured, determined that it would cost them $400,000 a year, more than what their bottom line is. And if you look at this in a different light, it is forcing many young people, who have no desire for health care, to go to the exchanges and pick it up or else pay a penalty for not having coverage. Where is your right to choose, where is your freedom of choice?

What does this do to the bottom line for every American? Economics. It comes down to how it will affect you on every level. As stated earlier, the ones who continue to push this have known for at least 3 years that you will be forced, eventually to the government plan, and that the high costs of this Act were not even close to what they have stated, and that whatever you have now, will be gone because the act will force you to leave your plan, the one that you are quite happy with, and force you to theirs. This means that you will have less money to cover your costs, to be able to keep that shelter over your head, to keep food on your table. And if it is that way for you, how will it affect businesses? To survive they must take into account every penny and how the costs affect their bottom line. There must be enough monies coming in to cover expenses, plus a little more so that they can continue to survive. But with the overwhelming increase in medical costs this ACA is bringing to the table their prices will have to go up. Meaning that you, as the consumer, may now be priced out of something you desperately need.

So companies are trying to survive by reducing the costs where they can or die. And one of those places is labor. Move labor to part-time, which means that you, as the worker, now do not have a full-time job and must look elsewhere for a second job just to keep your own family afloat, and yet now spend more money on health care that once was covered by your employer because the government demands it. And if you don’t, they will take it anyway. So any way you look at it – you lose. What needs to be asked is this; who gains from all of this? Who are the ones who will benefit? And when you find the answers it is not surprising that it comes right back to the ones who backed this law in the first place. Elections are today – let’s begin the change now.

Personally I am so tired of this liberalism that is running rampant in this country right now. I am seeing laws passed by state governments that any sane person would never allow. It’s like the ones who are in the insane asylum have taken control, and all of the crazy ideas have become the reality. It’s like the kindergarteners are now running the school. This must end or this country will. It seems that stupidity is running supreme and unfortunately they are the ones who are running things. We are seeing the results of this, so let’s end this insanity, and get them out of office. Elections are here and in the future, and if your representative has not represented you, vote him or her out, and get someone in there who will bring us more to center. Do this or this country is doomed to die, with you watching helplessly from the sidelines.

Finally Obama Care or the ACA must die a fitful death and be repealed. If not then We the People are finished as well as this nation.

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Blog Extra – Shame on You

Opinion. Yes, shame on you representatives of the people for playing your political games at cost of the people who need the income that you’ve so aptly withheld so that you can get your point across. After all, you took a leisurely weekend knowing that you would be putting too many people out of work just so that you could increase the pressure on others. After all, it really means nothing to you. Are you truly in touch with the ones who put you in office, or are you sneering and laughing at them since you now have the power to do as you please? After all, you still have a job, you are still working – well sort of. If one can consider working when you are required to be there for less than half a year, and even then many of you do not show up. Yet you continue to take the money of the people and laugh all the way to the bank. Where is the concern that you should be showing for these furloughed workers who usually are working and paying bills from paycheck to paycheck now unable to do so because of your actions?

This would be shameful enough but you haven’t stopped there. Now you are going after your veterans, denying them their rights and throwing it right back into their faces. These men and women who put their lives on the line for you, for this country, with the belief that the values here were worth fighting for. Many with scars and injuries that will be with them until the end of their lives. And you dare to prevent them from going to their WWII monument threatening additional guards to keep them away. I suspect even threatening them that if they did not cease and desist that they could be arrested. These are vets in their late 80’s and early 90’s and this is how you treat them?

What is this country and this government coming to? Have we fallen so low that we cannot respect the ones who defended us? Has this government gotten so full of pride and ego that it now believes that it is above all? If actions speak louder than words then the sad answer is yes. If this is indeed the sign of the times, then there is a great chance that sometime in the future the headlines may read, “Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen.” It is a headline that I hope to never see.

Where is your compassion? Where is your desire to support this land? Where is your love for what this nation represents? Apparently it is directed elsewhere because your actions say that none of this matters, and this nation can fall around you and it means nothing at all. Yes, in many ways what I’m seeing angers and shames me. I am one of those vets that in the past laid it on the line for this country, and what I’m seeing now makes me wonder why.

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