One Step Closer to the Abyss

Before one reads this post, I must state that this is a personal opinion, and will be considered political in nature. My goal is to avoid politics as much as possible, but there are times when I must state how I feel, and this is one of them.

With the patience of the socialists, who have been trying to overthrow this country for generations, it may be that they have finally succeeded. With the upholding of Obamacare by the Supreme Court, it appears that they have the USA well in hand. If one thinks about it, this is a law that was passed by a congress who did not read the bill, and signed by a president who did not read the bill, and when you consider that the bill is 2700 pages long, and all of it written in legalese, then it becomes apparent, that most likely with the short time of deliberation and other cases that they were involved with, the Supreme Court did not read it either. All of these individuals swore to uphold the constitution, and to protect America and her people. Yet when something like this happens it is quite obvious that they care more for themselves than for the people they swore to protect.

On this very socialist health law, yes it is true that lawyers on both sides argued the case, and in the end four of the justices wanted to overturn it in its entirety, while the four liberal judges wanted to pass it in its entirety, leaving one who finally sided with the liberals, it truly is more a distribution of wealth (a common catch phrase of the socialist), than a health plan, albeit a very expensive health plan. Here’s the issue that speaks volumes about this law. First off as stated earlier it is a 2700 page monster. Now I am a writer of fiction averaging somewhere in the range of 300 to 500 pages. And I find that as I edit the drafts that there are many errors, and I usually do at least three edits, but have gone as high as eight. Every time that I edit, I would find something that I had missed the previous time through. So now you are going to tell me that this 2700 page document is as close to perfect as it can be, and that there are no errors, omissions, or that there is only one minor part of this that conflicts with the constitution of this country? Hardly possible, yet this is exactly what the Supreme Court stated. It said that, not in their words but basically the truth, this is as close to perfect, with no errors, and completely upholds the constitution in its majority. Again, did they read it, let alone tear it apart? I think you have your answer.

This president is a “by the book” socialist, who is trying to emulate Europe, which by the way, is failing in so many of the countries that are under socialist control. Spain, and Greece, are prime examples of the failures of Socialism, with France and even England not so very far behind. Remember that Socialism works as long as they have other people’s money to spend. Once it is gone, then it fails, and fails miserably. Again, what is one of the important aspects that made the USA so strong and in the end a powerful nation, was its avoiding of the “isms”. Allowing people to experiment, to try new things, to create a business, to hire people, to grow, all without government interference. This has led this country to its position in the world today, but in these four short years, as the socialists continue to work their way into every fiber of american lives, those freedoms, those abilities to innovate, all those things that gave this country its strength have disappeared, and every person in this country is now burdened with an overwhelming debt created by these socialist that will take generations to eliminate, and included in this mess is the highly restrictive laws that they’ve passed. This has been a government that has been illegal from the beginning, thumbing their noses at the very laws that they are supposed to be under and protect, including the fact that by law congress is required to pass and live by a budget every year, yet since Obama, and the Democratic control there, in these 4 years, has not been one. Allowing this out of control borrowing, spending, and the handing out of political favors. It has been the most corrupt administration I have had the dubious honor to witness.This administration far outweighs the Watergate scandal that caused the failure of another administration. And where is the media in all of this –  owned or in the pocket of these same socialists if one really cares to look.

Through this administration we have seen a number of unprecedented reductions of financial ratings – something that has never happened in this country’s history. We have seen the growing of government exponentially to the point where it is the largest employer in this country, and where does that money come from to support this increase? We are heading for a time where someone with a high school education will determine whether you even deserve medical treatment, even though a doctor, with his or her knowledge, states that it is something that it is necessary. We have now created a system that will plunge one of the greatest health systems to third world levels. The title on the book by George Orwell was wrong. Instead on 1984 it should have been 2008. Where are those TV’s that must be on all the time, so that every citizen can be monitored. Not here yet? Look closely, as they’re not that far off.

One last thought on this subject: Many in this country believe that this president is an illegal president. If indeed this is true, and it can be proven in a court of law, then any and all bills that he signed into law would be null and void because his signature would be invalid, thusly invalidating these laws. Then the ones responsible for presenting him as a candidate would be subject to prosecution for breaking the laws and the constitution by knowingly presenting him as such. And finally we must remember that this is a major election year, so many deals will have been made behind closed doors to make this year appear to be positive and things are getting better. So one must remember to ignore anything that is happening in this election year and concentrate on what their record shows and what they’ve done in the past (remember the song, “Smiling Faces”) .

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