Big Brother is Alive and Well

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Personal thoughts and opinions:

First, let me state that this is my “between chapters” post before moving on to chapter ten from the novel Time of Isolation. This term “Big Brother”, became known and popular from the novel “1984” by George Orwell. It projected a future where the government controlled all including everything in one’s personal life. And any of the news organizations, and such were also controlled by the same – sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it. In a sense this Orwellian society exists today in many of the communist nations. It began to rear its ugly head here in the  USA as the government placed the Constitution in the “unimportant and useless” category and decided that they knew better. Thusly burying their citizens in an unimaginable quagmire of new laws and regulations, to include the monitoring of the internet, phones, and any other electronic device to further control and restrict what the average citizen could do.

Now this sounds like I’m heading into this direction and will continue to talk about the government, but this isn’t true. This is about what Big Brother is and how it applies to today. And in reality to make such work it must be sold to the citizens as something positive – something they can’t live without. And here I saw this very thing happening as corporations pushed a product in such a way that I’m sure they sold millions of them. To the ones who purchased these coveted products I’m sure they never realized the can of worms or Pandora’s box, that they just opened.

Okay, what does Big Brother do? In the book he exists in every home, in every apartment, in other words everywhere,  and can never be shut down, or can one ever escape his watchful eye, making the secret police, the KGB, or any other state police system seem like a child’s game. In the book it meant there was no way to escape his watchful eyes or ears. And one never knew if they were under some investigation, or being watched. In many ways the movie Minority Report, shows the same dystopian society where every part of your life is tracked and recorded. And with the technology of today this is something that is easy to do. So this leads to the question: Have you helped make it easier to keep track of you and your family? If you have a smart phone, and most do now days, then the answer is yes. All smart phones have GPS which means the phone must know where it is otherwise it is useless – other than as a phone. And if this is the case, your location is known at any time.

Then this holiday season I began to see items advertised that moved all of this one step closer to “Big Brother”. So how many of you purchased these devices? You know, the ones that sit unobtrusively on a table and simply listens, then answers your questions?  Just an idle question you ask? Think about it. You’ve just let large corporations into your private home. And as the little device sits there innocently taking up space, it listens to everything that is said in your household. And for most of us it’s something we wouldn’t even consider. So in a positive light and with your eyes wide open you purchased “Big Brother”, and enthusiastically brought him into your home.

It is already known that without our knowledge that webcams can be remotely operated giving no sign that they are even on or being used. And because so much now goes through the internet, our computers, phones, and devices are always connected. Meaning that at any time any of these large corporations, and the government to be truthful, want to spy on you and what you are doing, our modern world makes it easy.

While much of what is available helps us in our daily busy lives, it’s the unintended consequences of all of this “help” or assistance that we need to be aware of. Like those viruses, and spyware that we have software to protect us from, we need to be more aware of the consequences of all of these convenient devices and the negative effects they can produce. Think, Enemy of the State, where technology is used against a citizen, (Yes it’s a little over the top).

Remember that we don’t lose our freedoms or privacy in large chunks. It’s always small bits and pieces until we look back and realize that it’s all gone, and there’s no way of going back. Because, in this world, what we lose is never returned. While this is just one person’s opinion, I hope that if nothing else, it makes you think. God Bless, and have a great week! (


Computing in the 21st Century

Before we actually get into this week’s post I have to say that I’ve reached a milestone for this blog. With this week’s post I have reached number 200. And I’m sure that there are many others that have far more than this. Still, for a weekly blog with most over 1000 words per post, and some quite a bit larger I feel that it is an accomplishment. And with this said here is my thoughts for this week:

This time I’m not going to be going into programs, different ways of working the computer, as so many other blogs and posts that one can find out in cyberspace on this subject, talk about. Instead I’m lamenting the fact that as one who has been a computer hobbyist since 1989 that paranoia has become so great that one cannot replace or upgrade a computer without the operating system complaining to the point that it becomes almost nonfunctional. And if your system happens to be out of warranty at the time of the changes – forget the idea of getting help from the manufacturer of your particular computer unless you are willing to pay them money to fix what is basically a problem of their creation.

I’ve been frustrated to the point of almost deep sixing a rather powerful system because of the failure of the operating system to function after having to replace a hard drive. Yes the system is 3 years old – old by computing standards, but it is far from outdated. With what I know, from working on systems all these many years, is that by upgrading certain components that I can extend the life of a system to up to 7 years (And beyond if I want to be honest. I have a 10-year-old system that I still use as a backup.) before it becomes under powered and very out-dated. So when a hard drive (3 years within these systems is an average to where you chance a hard drive failure) gave signs of failing I cloned the drive and replaced it. (And if someone mentions the clone and recovery feature in windows 7, while the transfer was successful, in another system set up similarly to mine, we have the same issues.) Oh, if we want to talk about “Xcopy”, or “RoboCopy” and supposedly the more powerful replacement to the former these did not work either.

In the past such an operation would have meant that I probably wouldn’t have to worry about the system or the drive for another 3 years. Instead I now have an operating system that doesn’t work, refuses to work, and screams that it is not a genuine operating system but pirated. Really? Same computer, same system, failing hard drive replaced, and now everything about the operating system makes it non-genuine? So what has stopped working? No updates, no uploads or downloads, failure of links, failure of saving links, failure of remembering, and too many other issues to mention here. Yet, if I install the old failing drive back into the computer everything works just fine.

The only difference in the system is a replacement hard drive. After the failure of cloning I have even used the recovery software that came with the machine which wiped my new drive clean and supposedly gave me a fresh install. Did this solve the problem or work? Nope. In fact after that I had to use the old drive to clone the data across one more time because it wouldn’t even boot. At this point I longed for the day when one actually got a real disk with the operating system when one bought a computer. But alas those days are long gone.

With the frustration mounting I called Microsoft, since it is their operating system. And as expected, they refused to acknowledge any wrong doing and it was the fault of the manufacturer who had a master disk and had added their own restrictions. I, by their statement, needed to go to the manufacturer and get the solution from them. But as stated above, the system was out of warranty , and “oh if you want to speak to us, the builders of your system, we charge for our time”. No email address, no way to contact them except to call and give them credit card information and be charged for their precious time.

So the recovery disks failed, Microsoft denies responsibility, even though I pointed out that it is their operating system – and by the way they would sell me a new key – and getting in touch with the ones who created the recovery disks i.e. Gateway, which is part of the Acer group, wouldn’t be interested unless I paid them. So where does this leave the hobbyist? The ones out there who work on their own systems? I really don’t know, but I have the feeling that we are going the way of the shade tree mechanic, for which once again I was one in the past.

Eventually I picked up a trial copy of Windows 7 from the net, and with the key I have should be able to solve this issue. Although, in the past, one could reinstall the operating system, repair the problems that was on one’s system and go on with life. It would not wipe the drive clean, and any programs that were there would remain. Now with all the advances it seems such a thing is now impossible. To install now requires a reformat of the hard drive, a clean install, and a complete reinstall of all your programs. Once again, really?

I really do have issues with this. Since many of my programs go back through a number of computers that I either built or bought in the past. Because of the wildfires of 2003, many of those program copies – the original retail copies –  were lost in those fires along with our home. So I do not have such a thing. And since all of this was transferred from one computer to the next, it only exists there. So now I have to forget about them since for whatever the reason, we can no longer simply repair (and this is why I have yet to reinstall the operating system), but must destroy? I really must ask why?

Then we get into backup software. What happened here? At one time when you backed up your system you had the choice of backing it all up. Data, programs, everything that existed on your hard drive. So if the unthinkable happened you could restore it to as it was before the crash. Now all these programs do is back up your data, nothing more. The registry – who cares? The programs, some from companies that no longer exist – not important. Yes within the operating system there is a way to backup everything on your drive and place it on a new drive (a disk image or clone), yet the same issue, the same problem ensues. Suddenly your copy of the operating system is no longer legal. So what gives, and what is the answer? I know that some out there would say it doesn’t happen with Apple, and any who work computers know that this is a lie. Apple is the most closed system out there, and will always be more expensive, and have its own issues. I could easily buy 2 IBM clone systems for the price of an underpowered Apple, and upgrading an Apple, forget that – let alone the limitations on software. So I will not be changing anytime soon, thank you.

At this point some would point in the direction of Linux. This open source operating system based on Unix has been evolving for a long time and is used on many servers. Yet, in the end and at this point in time it is more a minor operating system and as such there isn’t the support in software as there is for two major players out there. That’s not to say that over time that this won’t change. The future of any of this is unknown. Even DOS changed, became easier to work, and over time, and the front ends that were created to make the uninitiated in the use of command lines to work it like a pro. It was easy, in the time of DOS, to create the autoexec.bat and config.sys necessary to change the parameters of your system. And because of the time in PC’s that DOS existed it was necessary to create these boot disks. But all of this is in the past and the two, for now, dominate.

Have the companies gotten so greedy or paranoid that a person cannot legitimately, move his purchased programs to another newer system? Has it gotten to the point that something as simple as a hard drive replacement screams piracy? I don’t know, but I do know that this is stupidity beyond the Nth degree. If a company doesn’t want me as a customer, then by doing what they all seem to be doing will definitely drive me away.

* * *

Next Saturday I look at aging. It is something that all of us face each and every day of our lives. Although from that perspective, each day, we do not see much change. Yet, when we meet an old friend that we haven’t seen in years it becomes obvious. Have a great week, and I hope to see you here next Saturday.


Sorrow. Lamentation. Tears. A tearing of cloth, a deep groaning of despair. For the great lady has passed away. Not by choice but by murder and she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave, unknown, and forever lost. No eulogy would be spoken. No words of comfort or of praise for what she had accomplished, for what she had been. The very ones who had sworn to protect her were responsible, for they knew no truth, no honor. After her death she had been replaced by one who resembled her. So from afar any who might gaze would believe that she was still here, still the one shining light in this world of darkness and oppression. But look closer and one would know, one would cringe, for it was obvious that this one was only a shadow, a pale resemblance of the one who had been, the one murdered.

The ones responsible had been patient. They knew that they had all the time in the world – hundreds of years if necessary and it was so. After all, they knew that once they had succeeded that there would be nowhere in this world that the common man could go to escape their oppression, their, in their minds, right to rule as they saw fit. The laws they passed, the requirements demanded, the monies stolen meant nothing, nothing at all. After all, these things that they had enacted did not include them. They were the makers of the laws, they were the makers of policy, they were the ones who decided how the law would be applied, and because of this none applied to them personally, for they were above the law.

They were no more than common thieves, taking the monies that the citizens had placed into the banks to protect, so that the citizens would have something to live on once they were no longer able to work. After all, they were the government, and as such, all belonged to them. Who cared if some old person who had slaved their life away starved as long as they could maintain their control, their rule, their oppression.

And against the original laws that this great lady had laid down they took all the weapons of protection that the common man had. Weapons that allowed them to protect their families, allowed them to keep a government in control so that it ruled according to what the people wanted, not what the government demanded. Once this was accomplished it was so easy to take anything and everything. After all, who could oppose them behind their walls and with an armed force to protect them – why nobody, nobody at all.

The clouds had been gathering for years, but these who killed the great lady and hid her remains, were the ones responsible for these clouds. Once she had fallen then night fell on this world and the government claimed that all must worship them, since they were god. They controlled whether you lived or died. They controlled all. There was no other god but them and who could argue, who could claim otherwise? If one did, one disappeared without a trace, being placed in a similar unknown and unmarked grave designated for those who remembered the great lady, respected her and what she represented. So these governments, these leaders of oppression laughed behind their guarded walls. For darkness now was on the land and they were of the night where the deeds performed would remain unseen, undetected, unknown – never to see the light of day.

The ones who remembered, the ones who understood what had transpired wept in their despair because they knew that this one bright light that the rest of the world had looked to was now gone. The lighthouse that drew the ones looking for freedom had been extinguished leaving all to flounder on the hidden rocks and shoals, drowning as their ships were dashed and destroyed – leaving only wreckage and bodies to come ashore. And the ones responsible laughed – for who could oppose them?

With the passing of the great lady the world fell into a never ending darkness and there could be no prediction when it would end so great was the power of the ones who controlled the darkness. All is lost, all has fallen, and the hope that once existed is forever gone – replaced by suppression, control, suspicion, and the darker emotions of hate and fear. How it had happened, how it was planned would be forever unknown. And without a body none would ever be charged, and with these who ruled, they truly didn’t care. After all, it was now their world and they could and would do to all as they so pleased.

With the deaths of Lady Liberty, the United States of America, her Constitution, and her fight for the rights of all in this world, her carcass hidden and replaced with the hideous beast that was exactly as the rest of the world, it was finished, and the light of freedom extinguished, dying a quiet, final, and unnoticed death.

“Are we there yet?” – asked the voices in the wind.

“Yes”, the ones behind their protected walls answered, “of course.”

So I leave you with these questions: Are we there yet? Is it too late? Think before you answer, and while you contemplate your answers look to the east and then ask yourself this very question presented to us by one of our founding fathers: Are we like sheep that is being led to the slaughter?   F. D. Brant

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Secession, is it Right?

This is a blog extra. As any who follow know I normally post on Saturday. But with all that has been transpiring I felt it was necessary to comment. So for a blog that had no political aspirations, I’ve been talking a lot in that area. But desperate times require one to stand with his or her beliefs.

With the talk and petitions that are presently circulating it is a very valid question – but one that I will attempt to answer a little later. But before we go in that direction, literally destroying this nation, we really need to look at other alternatives that are available. First off, there should be a demand by the states for a recount of the election vote. Demanding that the computers be left out of this equation, since it has been proven that fixing the election is very simple and not easily uncovered, and the count be strictly paper ballots, and a confirmation, under supervision that the votes being tabulated are accurate. And with the proof of many precincts showing a higher percentage of voter turnout than the registered base, these should either be discounted or not included in the count since it is very obvious that there is fraud involved. If an area has only the electronic machines with no paper trail then these precincts should be required to have the registered voter base vote again on paper ballots. Plus all military that did not receive their absentee ballots should be allowed to vote.

Secession will destroy this nation, and I cannot say that this isn’t exactly what the great divider wants. After all he has stated on many occasions that he wants a world government, and I have commented with my thoughts and views on this in the past and will not repeat it here. So I ask you, what is the one country that stands in the way of this happening? Add to it that this particular country has been the leader of the world for a number of decades and something that Europe would love to take over in that role. Of course it is us. So it would be in their interest to make sure we fail. Next it would mean that the debts that this country owe would cause a collapse because we couldn’t pay and thusly be taken over by the nation that owns that debt, and that folks would be China, a known communist country. This would bring to these shores communism as the primary government, again, something that many organizations within this country have attempted to do, but failed. If states do secede, then they must immediately form a new federated state system to prevent an action similar to our past civil war. Although it has been pointed out that the term civil war is incorrect, since it was 2 different nations at that time which were fighting.

You must remember that this government has been stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition. Why, would be the obvious question. But you get no believable answers from this administration. If one would look at this and other troubling revelations, it could easily lead one to believe that somewhere they plan to begin an insurrection that would allow them to bring martial law down upon the people, and place any who oppose their socialist policies into those camps that they say doesn’t exist, or have been called FEMA camps. And like in Germany, leading into WWII, we now have the brown shirts. It is a scary time in this country’s history, as we slide ever so close to losing all of our freedoms and become just another socialist or communist state. We truly are that close.

People have begun to feel very helpless as anything that they do, or try to do to stem this tide towards the financial failure, and the roll over to socialism, fails. As it has been said, desperate times lead to desperate measures – thusly why so many states are looking at leaving the union. From the hopelessness that permeates society it seems like a very viable option. Yet, in the end this will leave each and every one of us vulnerable from all directions. The instability that this will cause will lead to much hardship, murder, rape, disaster, and on and on.  With this weakening, the ones on the outside that have wanted a piece of this country would now attack. Feeling, with the weaknesses that would exist, we would be easy pickings. After all, whatever front that the world has presented is not its true nature.

I must admit that even to me the idea of secession sounds good initially, yet there has to be other viable ways to solve this dilemma.  And first I would say that a monitored recount would put the true winner of the election in office. And personally, I do not believe it is the one who supposedly won.

So after thinking it though, secede or not to, have led me initially to the not to side. That’s not to say that if we continue down this road to destruction that I won’t change my mind. And when the latest tally show that 27 states are beginning the petitioning process, which is by far the majority, it makes one believe that this president was not the winner in this race, but won by a rigged election. The Constitution has no provision for secession, so one would have to look to the Declaration of Independence originally used to separate us from England. So here are some facts through links on secession.

Whatever comes out of this will have given the great divider confidence. After all he has successfully divided the races, and now has the beginnings of infighting happening within the states, making “we the people” ineffective and out of this fight. To defeat such, one must first recognize that this is what’s happening and come together. Otherwise it is all a lost cause. And if you think that he will step down after this next 4 year term, I have some swamp land for sale that I’m sure you’ll be very interested in.

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In a world where fair play is a joke I was still raised with the ideals that I should try, as much as I can, to be fair in what I do, how I interact with others, and live my life. And even if it is a naive view, I expect the same from my representatives and especially from my leaders. Below are my thoughts and opinions, and if what I say here touches someone, makes them think, and whether we ever learn the true facts is for the future, then all may not be lost. Remember we all have need to participate and to protect what we have, or it will be gone forever.

If one would look back at the elections, the times leading up to the elections, and even months before, it becomes obvious that the president pointedly stated and acted as if the outcome was already known. And that outcome would make him the winner.  And this seemed to be reinforced by the way he and the vice president played at the campaign, the debates, and even the disasters that preceded the elections, preferring to smooze it with the hollywood celebrities and spend time in Vegas. And why not, since he was virtually guaranteed the win no matter how anybody really voted. I believe the winning percentage was 2%. Add to this that many of the precincts in the swing states shows over 100% voter turn out, which should be impossible, it makes one want to look further and find the truth. Well good luck on that one.

With this post I’ll be providing links that will demonstrate exactly how this voter fraud was perpetuated, making sure that the one who won, won. As the testimony in the linked video states, this fraud through the software is completely undetectable and the only way it can be found is by tearing the program apart at the source code and to find the code that flips the count to the person they want to win. And funny thing, what is stated shows that this software flips it exactly to the percentages that is the outcome of this election, which immediately makes one suspicious, and should lead one to think. In any place where ID’s were required for voting the challenger won. Any place where none were required, the incumbant won, and in these places the vote tallies were well beyond the registered base.

If you expect main stream media to ask these hard questions, again, good luck. They have been in the pocket of this administration since the very beginning, and it hasn’t changed now. Again this is only conjecture, but there seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence to make one want to dig further and check it out. After all with software running the totals it is the very weak link in this process, and from the testimony before congress this is something, to flip the vote, that is simple to do. So as you watch this video, make up your own mind. Do the research, check it out. It is important that the one who we elected actually takes office and not someone who used deceit to take over or keep an office. If the incumbant honestly won the office, then whether I like it or not, that is what was decided and the office is his. But if it comes out that he used fraud and  modified software to ensure his position, then he needs to be removed, and the person who actually won be placed into office, it really is that simple.

The next link deals with Obama voter fraud and the many links to confirm these facts. Again, search them out, confirm the information and make up your own minds. But it is important that we get this right or we will be facing much the same problems in the future. And if you really think about it, our very future rides on what can be proved or  disproved. So do not take this lightly, or that this is the ravings of a sore loser. This is more important than any one of us, more than it being a personal vendetta. By turning our backs, it says that anything can be made to happen, anything, and it can be the difference between this nation surviving or failing.

It’s important to all of us that no political organization, be it democrat, republican, green party, or any of the many others out there, they work honestly, and within the system that has been set up. None has the right to use outright fraud to control the results of the elections, and the ones who rightfully won these elections should be given the office for the chosen term. If we allow fraud to rule, then we bring anarchy upon ourselves, and again in the end, we can only blame ourselves. If we are not willing to protect our freedoms, then we will certainly lose them, just as the sun rises and sets every day. Let’s get this right.

Again, I have tried to keep away from politics and keep it out of this blog, but this is too important, too critical, leaving me no choice but to make my opinions known.

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Language – Living or Dead

Can we compare languages to living creatures? In some sense the obvious answer is no.  Yet when scholars refer to languages they have a tendency to either identify them as living or dead. In some ways by that very definition the answer would be yes. It grows, it changes, it proliferates, and becomes something different as the environment changes. While a language that is no longer spoken or written dies just as a living creature. Ending at some point, and leaving behind a carcass that at times is completely unknown. If one removed the word language from this mix it would be easy to assume that I was speaking of some extinct creature for which there is no comparison in the animal world today.

Some languages, such as English and Spanish have proliferated to the point that they are the dominant languages of the Western World. Tracing their roots back to Spain and Brittain who were great sea empires in the past. We see the offspring of both of these languages in places such as the Americas, and specifically North America for English, and South America for Spanish. You can add French and German into the mix, but in comparison to the other two, they have not had the success. English has become the universal tongue, a language that is built and based upon many others, allowing people to converse across territories and continents and, believe it or not, are able to understand one another.

An example of the change and growth of languages are specific words as they fall in or out of favor, or the specific meanings change. Were we to look at a feature film produced by Disney in the late 40’s, one can see it for yourselves. For its time it was revolutionary for the combination of live actors with animated characters intermingled within. In fact the three main characters of this film were cartoon characters, with the title being, “The Three Caballeros”. At the time the word used in the theme song meant happy , fun-loving, joyful, but now has changed to mean something completely different, and as a result, changes the whole theme and direction of what was originally presented – and that word is “gay”. Another word that came out of nowhere and is used prevalently throughout society, for any number of things that it originally wasn’t tied to, is “upgrade”. This term originally was part of computers and software, and that was it. Now it refers to anything that has been updated, changed, modified, or in the automobile industry refers to adding options. With this particular word we could go on and on about its many uses beyond its original definition. So now the question I originally asked still applies, with the definition of life, does a language qualify?

Language evolves, loses part of itself, reinvent’s itself, changes direction, grows and feeds on the population that speaks it, expands beyond itself when another culture uses words from it, and can eliminate competition as it becomes the dominant language. Languages die and go extinct, rise again, recombine with others, where, with careful study, the original roots can be found – just like tracing the family tree of species, living or dead, back to their roots. Language branches and grows in different directions, and paths, and many times is unrecognizable to the original. Again if we removed the word “language” from this, it would be easy to apply words such as living or extinct, like so many species, that exist or have existed on this planet – be it plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, fish, oceans, land masses, and so on. After all, language exists and changes within a living organism, giving us the ability to see things (although quite poorly) from another’s point of view. To plan, to examine, to express our feelings and thoughts, changing on the fly as the need arises, giving us a way to tell the world our point of view. And a language is considered dead when none of this happens, and it remains static until it is no longer spoken, or when the last one to know and speak the language dies. So whether it’s living or not, it’s probably not that important after all, still it’s a fun mental exercise to make these comparisons.

So here’s to the languages of today, and the dead languages of the past for which many of today’s have been built upon. If not truly living in a real sense, they still have the attributes of life, and without those attributes, we, as a species, could not grow, or change, and we ourselves would remain static and possibly disappear, becoming extinct. As we go, so does our language – may both remain strong and robust.

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One Step Closer to the Abyss

Before one reads this post, I must state that this is a personal opinion, and will be considered political in nature. My goal is to avoid politics as much as possible, but there are times when I must state how I feel, and this is one of them.

With the patience of the socialists, who have been trying to overthrow this country for generations, it may be that they have finally succeeded. With the upholding of Obamacare by the Supreme Court, it appears that they have the USA well in hand. If one thinks about it, this is a law that was passed by a congress who did not read the bill, and signed by a president who did not read the bill, and when you consider that the bill is 2700 pages long, and all of it written in legalese, then it becomes apparent, that most likely with the short time of deliberation and other cases that they were involved with, the Supreme Court did not read it either. All of these individuals swore to uphold the constitution, and to protect America and her people. Yet when something like this happens it is quite obvious that they care more for themselves than for the people they swore to protect.

On this very socialist health law, yes it is true that lawyers on both sides argued the case, and in the end four of the justices wanted to overturn it in its entirety, while the four liberal judges wanted to pass it in its entirety, leaving one who finally sided with the liberals, it truly is more a distribution of wealth (a common catch phrase of the socialist), than a health plan, albeit a very expensive health plan. Here’s the issue that speaks volumes about this law. First off as stated earlier it is a 2700 page monster. Now I am a writer of fiction averaging somewhere in the range of 300 to 500 pages. And I find that as I edit the drafts that there are many errors, and I usually do at least three edits, but have gone as high as eight. Every time that I edit, I would find something that I had missed the previous time through. So now you are going to tell me that this 2700 page document is as close to perfect as it can be, and that there are no errors, omissions, or that there is only one minor part of this that conflicts with the constitution of this country? Hardly possible, yet this is exactly what the Supreme Court stated. It said that, not in their words but basically the truth, this is as close to perfect, with no errors, and completely upholds the constitution in its majority. Again, did they read it, let alone tear it apart? I think you have your answer.

This president is a “by the book” socialist, who is trying to emulate Europe, which by the way, is failing in so many of the countries that are under socialist control. Spain, and Greece, are prime examples of the failures of Socialism, with France and even England not so very far behind. Remember that Socialism works as long as they have other people’s money to spend. Once it is gone, then it fails, and fails miserably. Again, what is one of the important aspects that made the USA so strong and in the end a powerful nation, was its avoiding of the “isms”. Allowing people to experiment, to try new things, to create a business, to hire people, to grow, all without government interference. This has led this country to its position in the world today, but in these four short years, as the socialists continue to work their way into every fiber of american lives, those freedoms, those abilities to innovate, all those things that gave this country its strength have disappeared, and every person in this country is now burdened with an overwhelming debt created by these socialist that will take generations to eliminate, and included in this mess is the highly restrictive laws that they’ve passed. This has been a government that has been illegal from the beginning, thumbing their noses at the very laws that they are supposed to be under and protect, including the fact that by law congress is required to pass and live by a budget every year, yet since Obama, and the Democratic control there, in these 4 years, has not been one. Allowing this out of control borrowing, spending, and the handing out of political favors. It has been the most corrupt administration I have had the dubious honor to witness.This administration far outweighs the Watergate scandal that caused the failure of another administration. And where is the media in all of this –  owned or in the pocket of these same socialists if one really cares to look.

Through this administration we have seen a number of unprecedented reductions of financial ratings – something that has never happened in this country’s history. We have seen the growing of government exponentially to the point where it is the largest employer in this country, and where does that money come from to support this increase? We are heading for a time where someone with a high school education will determine whether you even deserve medical treatment, even though a doctor, with his or her knowledge, states that it is something that it is necessary. We have now created a system that will plunge one of the greatest health systems to third world levels. The title on the book by George Orwell was wrong. Instead on 1984 it should have been 2008. Where are those TV’s that must be on all the time, so that every citizen can be monitored. Not here yet? Look closely, as they’re not that far off.

One last thought on this subject: Many in this country believe that this president is an illegal president. If indeed this is true, and it can be proven in a court of law, then any and all bills that he signed into law would be null and void because his signature would be invalid, thusly invalidating these laws. Then the ones responsible for presenting him as a candidate would be subject to prosecution for breaking the laws and the constitution by knowingly presenting him as such. And finally we must remember that this is a major election year, so many deals will have been made behind closed doors to make this year appear to be positive and things are getting better. So one must remember to ignore anything that is happening in this election year and concentrate on what their record shows and what they’ve done in the past (remember the song, “Smiling Faces”) .

Fire Season

Any place that one lives, there is some type of natural disaster that they can face. In the west it is earthquakes and fires, and with the northwest you can add volcanoes, the central part of our country it is tornadoes, flooding and blizzards, and the east coast hurricanes and with the northeast there is the chance of blizzards also . Where I lived most of my life, and the ones who’ve read my short bio also know, that wildfires and earthquakes, plus the fact that I also fought wildfires for a number of years, are the natural disasters I faced. I do have a few pictures that I’ve taken over that time, and the many memories that these pictures bring back to me, and I will, from time to time, tap into these memories for use in my fictional worlds. The next 2 weeks I’ll be posting a short story in 2 parts, that deals with this subject of wildfire, and the unsatisfactory outcome that many face.

In the area where I grew up, fire season ran from April, and ended in December, with some of the worst fires happening in late September or October. For many who live in areas with lots of rain, they would consider the area where I lived as desert. But it truly is not so, since I’ve visited and enjoyed the desert, and there is no comparison between the two regions. Where I presently live, we have at least 9 months of winter, and many times more, and barely any other season. This is quite different from most of my life, where it was completely reversed. Rainfall was measured on the coast, and an average year was around 9 to 10″. Winter ran for around 3 months and even through that time, there would be weeks of sunny beautiful days. In the mountains the area rainfall could average into the 30’s, and there could actually be snow at the highest elevations. But the snow never remained very long – a couple of weekends to a month, and it was usually gone.

So with such a low amount of rain the vegetation has adapted and much of it goes dormant once past the wet season. Then, as summer advances, and temperatures rise, sometimes reaching the 100’s that could run for a couple of weeks, this would lead to the vegetation drying out even further. In the area where I presently am, if there is no rain for a week, they are in a drought. And if temps rise and stay a couple of days in the high 90’s then they are having a heat wave. Of course we who are from a drier climate, laugh at this. Again the area I grew up in has been running an 11 year drought – creating a tinderbox, just waiting for something to light it off. Then, as summer winds down, and fall arrives, most of the time with little or no rain, a weather condition usually developes with  high pressure over the four corners region and  low pressure off the coast – santa ana winds. These winds can reach hurricane force, and generally blow out of the 3 directions of the east, changing as the high and low shift locations. Temperatures rise, and humidities drop, sometimes into the single digit range. This sets the stage for conflagrations.

I’ve heard people, who really know nothing about these fires say, “I don’t worry about them. I’m sure that if I saw one I could outrun it and be safe.” All I can do is shake my head because of their ignorance. Let’s look, for a moment, at a fire that was pushed by these winds back in the 70’s on the west coast, and until the 2000’s was the largest fire in California’s history. It burned 186,000 acres. Here’s some averages for you. This fire did this damage in 5 days, and that averages out to 25.83 acres a minute. That’s an average, so when it first started it would be burning less than this, and at its full intensity more. I know of no one who runs that fast. In the wildlands, fire spreads exponentially. And here is what this means: If, in the first 5 minutes a fire burns 1 acre, then in the next 5 minutes it will burn 2, and then 4, and then eight, especially when pushed by santa ana winds. Another example of this was back in 1975. A fire was reported by the lookout, and the first engine on the scene arrived only 5 minutes after the initial report, and it was already at least 2 acres in size and running. We were dispatched and was somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes away, yet, by the time we arrived on scene, it was probably at least 500 acres in size, and flat running over anything in its way. in the 2 days that it burned, it consumed over 7,000 acres before suppression efforts stopped its advance.

On that same fire there was a small rural community directly in its path, and it did burn through it. There was a few structures lost, but not from lack of trying to protect them. The intensity of the fire, plus the thickness of the smoke hindered efforts. At one home we were protecting we put 2 lines of water into the fire to knock it down, and it did nothing. The fire was so intense, that initially the water was evaporating before reaching the fire. Eventually as it consumed the fuels it had to burn, it lost its intensity, and we were able to save the house – you always wish that you could save them all, but it is something that is quite impossible.

So, once again, this year the southwest received less than average amounts of rainfall. And, as already being demonstrated, this fire season will be another tough and severe one – with comments from people who do not live in these areas, saying that “They would never live where natural disasters could affect them”, forgetting, that no matter where you live you can face nature’s fury.

So, in the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting a short fictional story, parts 1 and 2, that deals with the other side of this. Not from a suppression point of view, but of ones trying to save their home, unsuccessfully, from one of these santa ana pushed fires. While fictional, it is very close to the reality that many in the backcountry face or have faced in the past. And one further note, “Time of Isolation“, has an official release date as an e-book, of June 20, 2012, and will be available in all e-book formats. The genre is Science Fiction and is the first in the Survival series.


One of the sad facts that exist out in the real world is the amount of physical and mental abuse that is happening on a daily basis. And if one has never lived under those circumstances, it is hard to understand how one allows it to take place. What prompted me to go in this direction was a news story that my wife caught this week, where a woman was killed by her ex-husband. He then left and killed himself, with all of this happening while their children were sleeping. although one of the children discovered the mother just before she died. Is it something that they, the children, will ever get over? Probably not. Unfortunately abuse doesn’t end with one generation, but perpetuates itself through the following one, and if not stopped will remain within a family for generations. Statistics do not tell the true stories of the many tragedies that this causes, and with a failing economy it usually increases. In the above incident the abuse had been going on for close to 20 years before she was able to break it, but unfortunately, for only a short time.

As one who was outside this cycle of abuse I had no understanding as to why a person, who was a victim of abuse, just didn’t walk away. After all, it would seem like it would be a simple thing to just leave. But as I learned about it, I found that like in most things that appear to be simple, this problem is far from it. The question then becomes: “How do you know about such things if you yourself was never abused?” And that is a very good question. To put the answer in perspective requires a little history. Back when I was dating my wife I found that in her previous marriage she had been abused, both mentally and physically. When I met her I found, that as time passed and got to know her, that her self-worth was nonexistent, and she had absolutely no confidence in herself or her abilities. This is one of the common threads with abuse. So the above news story hit a little too close to her past.

Abuse usually begins subtly, and slowly escalates, and the abused never knows when it will happen or even the why. And when it does, there’s usually apologies saying that I’m sorry and it won’t happen again, but it always does. Eventually as time passes and the abuse increases the person starts to lose all sense of self-worth, and begins to live through the abuser, looking for approval from that person for any and all things. When they reach this point they cannot live without the abuser, and will actually defend and deny that anything is going on. It reaches a point that even if someone witnesses an incident, that all sorts of excuses will be developed to downplay what was seen. And the abused feel that they must, because if they don’t make it trivial, that it will be worse later, once they are alone with the abuser.

In something that is supposed to be loving, it instead, becomes hell on earth with no way out. Between the threats and the actual abuse, the person is kept off-balance and feels that there is no escape, and unfortunately many times that is the exact truth. While I do not know the circumstances of this murder – suicide, I will say that it has all the classic symptoms of abuse taken to its fullest. This is a shame that affects all of us, especially when we ignore or downplay it ourselves. I have found that this statement to be absolutely true: “Walk a mile in my shoes.” If you’ve never lived the life of an abused, don’t assume that the abused can walk away, just because you feel that you would. Many times, as in this murder – suicide, there are children involved, and the threats to the mother include the possibility of the abuse that she is living through being brought down upon her children – creating a never-ending nightmare for which there is never a chance to wake up and escape.

This is a tangled web, since the abused attempts to hide what is happening. She will deny, defer, lie, and change the subject to lead one away from the truth. The fear is so great, and the confidence so low, that she would rather stay with the abuser, than take a chance and run – knowing in her heart that if she is caught that the punishment for running will be severe. For her, the darkness is complete, and life becomes hell, and each day is a day full of uncertainty and with a great possibility of another beating. She never saw it coming when she entered the relationship, and blames herself for all the failures both imagined and real. After all, it is never his fault that she couldn’t read his mind – after all she was supposed to be able to do that, right?

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US Constitution, Personal Thoughts

With this being an election year, I felt it only right to give some personal views and thoughts on this unique document. The continuing debate is about the Constitution itself: Is it to remain as written, or is it a living document changeable as time passes? You have both agnostics and atheists who ask the same question of the Bible. Now I am not comparing the two, but with attacks being similar in nature, it is probably something to be considered. So according to one’s political or ideological view will determine how you see this argument.

If you are to the “left”, a communist, or a socialist, the strong feelings are, you must consider the Constitution as a living document. Then it can be changed as time passes to reflect the present. This, from my point of view, as a conservative, is not as it should be viewed at all. This means, that as a living document, anybody in charge, at any time, can decide to modify the document to fit their views, thoughts, ideologies, and ideas, saying this is the way it should be or will be interpreted. Thusly things like individual freedoms and justice become social justice and freedoms – translated to mean that you as an individual no longer have any rights, and what I, as the one in charge, think will be how it will be socially applied. Social justice simply stated is this: How much can you pay me so that the decision that I make will be favorable to you? After all a social application of any law makes it flexible to fit the moment, whim, or direction of the one or ones in charge of making those decisions.

The forefathers who created this document, created a very unique and unusual form of government, primarily recognizing that any government is a poor way to rule. The Constitution was designed to remain as it is, but with ways to make modifications to reflect areas where the directions went beyond what the creators of this document could imagine or see. Making the Constitution steadfast, but at the same time flexible, never requiring it to be changeable at its root. The checks and balances that were originally built into the document still stand today as a testament to those who composed it. And ever since its creation there has been attacks to weaken and destroy it. After all, it works, and works well.

This hasn’t prevented the socialist and communist organizations  from successfully attacking and making changes using the laws of this country. If nothing else, socialists are tenacious, and have been in control of the highest office a number of times, and when there, they’ve been successful in making small changes that slowly over time weaken the Constitution. How many out there know that originally the senate, two per state, were to be representatives elected by the state governments? This was to allow the states to have a direct say in what the federal government could do.  Now, like the congress, they are elected by the general population, and have no allegiance to any state. Ah, one of those small changes that definitely weaken the spirit of the law.

The word of God in the Bible states that, if any changes even one “`”, that it will be held against they who changed it, because the word of God is unchangeable. Again the US Constitution is not comparable directly to the Bible, but the men who wrote this document were men of God, and men of conscience, who took very seriously the foundation they were trying to lay down. And they were quite aware that there would be attacks made against it, and had built within it ways to defeat these attacks. They knew that the greatest threat would not be an enemy from the outside, but one from within. The socialists of the world have been very patient and have been working since the adoption of the Constitution on finding ways of defeating it, or making it so weak that it no longer represents any threats.

Now, as we come to an election year, with the socialists completely in control of this government, the school system, the media, and many of the state governments, we as a people must face the hard facts, that either this ends now, or the life we have known, the strength of this country, its military might, its economic strength will become a thing of the past. This present government has spent us into oblivion, and openly flaunted their disdain for the Constitution, and if re-elected will finish the job of destroying this country, leaving a dead carcass for the jackals to fight over. We must keep the Constitution as it is written, limit our elected officials, and hold them accountable. In my career I had to swear to uphold this document, but in this present climate, all of that, the upholding of the Constitution, has become a joke, as our elected officials flaunt the fact that they have no need to follow the laws as written, since they do not apply to them. They have become elitists who feel they are above the law, above the Constitution, and definitely above any citizen who put them in office in the first place.

So my beliefs are simple: The U S Constitution is, as written, unchangeable, unyielding, and strong, and it must remain that way – changing only in the way that was written into it: Through amendments, and the process to make these amendments law, and only in this way. Allow the left to change it, make it that living document, and we might as well become the USSR from the 20th century.

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