A Taste of History Past

I will continue to post here now and then. I just won’t be here weekly. While the title of this post suggests a novel I also want to write about what I might consider suspicious circumstances. So whether there’s any basis to these suspicions I really have no way of knowing unless I begin to see my content show up on other sites with the owners of those sites claiming that the content is their own.

And what I’m referring to is the fact that with the announcement of regular posts to this blog ending, for a short period of time, suddenly and out of nowhere I’ve have a lot new followers show up, all from the same location on the web. It makes one think that either this blog was discovered late, or because these individuals feel that the blog may be abandoned then they can come in and take what they want and then claim it as their own.

After all, if the writer isn’t around then he or she will be none-the-wiser if the material happens to show up elsewhere. If this isn’t the case and you new followers are legitimate then thank you. Still I must point out that all the material posted here is copyrighted material and as such is protected.

* * *

On May 15, 2018 I’ll be releasing the second edition of the novel, A Taste of History Past, Or: That’s Another Fine Myth You’ve Gotten Me Into – book 3 of the Survival Trilogy. Over 360 pages in length and in the Science Fiction Adventure genre. I originally released this as an EBook many years in the past, but now will be releasing it with updates and revisions as both a paperback and as an EBook, which includes both popular formats – Kindle, and EPub. Below is the blurb for this novel:

The time of the clans and tribes is now ancient history. It is a time of growth, of villages, and farms with much of the lands tamed. There are centers for learning, and teams attempting to unravel the past. Yet much of what has taken place in those ancient times is considered myth. Especially the period of time, dealing with that first alliance, where K’jor brought together the warring clans and tribes to destroy a hidden enemy living deep in the desolation.

Their cycles of the seasons, 1503 presently, as they track time, came from one of those mythological meetings between this first alliance and their gods. With what is known presently this encounter is impossible so it must be something their ancestors created, adding to the myth theory. Yet with this event being so deep in the past even the valley where this supposedly took place has been lost to history.

Into this present world a young baker and his mate begin to question the present version of their past. This comes about because of a gift. It is a written record of this world handed down through the generations of his family, and it counters much of what is believed to be fact.

They decide to search the lands, the places and locations spoken of in this massive record, and then compare it to the official version. This leads to conflict with the leaders of the learned who suspect that the young couple have a document and want it for themselves. And thusly begins this adventure where one side wants what is known to remain as the official truth, and the other only seeking answers to the questions that lay before them.

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