A Personal Journey to Self-Publishing, Part Four

Available now, three new novelsThe Ones Before, Discovery, and An Ancient Fire. All part of the Discovery Trilogy (https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction). An adventure dealing with a time where mankind is finally recovering from a major apocalyptic event, and in the first two novels deal with a myth of a great people known as The Ones Before. Yet there is no proof they ever lived. It will be up to the present Head Keeper of the Past to either prove or disprove those myths.

Of Gods Strangers and Messengers, Science Fiction Adventure, ISBN: 978-1-946179-12-8 Paperback, (and the link to the webpage for this book: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction), and Unexpected Unplanned and into the Unknown, a Post-Apocalyptic episodic novel, ISBN: 978-1-946179-15-9 Paperback, (and the link to the webpage for this book: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction) Both are available as paperback and in the EBook format. They were released on July 14,2017.

The Harsh Lands, (Link to webpage: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction) is available as a paperback, ISBN: 978-1-946179-00-5, for Kindle, ASIN: B01N69YCCW, or in the EPub format ISBN: 978-1-946179-02-9. This novel is the complete Survival trilogy in a single book with a length of over 1150 pages.

Time of Isolation: (link to webpage: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction)  Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-946179-06-1, Kindle, ISBN: 978-1-946179-07-4, and Epub, ISBN: 978-1-946179-08-1. Desperate to Survive: (Link to webpage: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction) Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-946179-09-8, Kindle, ISBN: 978-1-946179-10-4, and Epub, ISBN: 978-1-946179-11-1, are available for purchase as of April 21, 2017. These releases are second editions with the novels revised and updated. At this time A Taste of History Past, (Link to webpage: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/science-fiction) will remain as a first edition and EBook only with this being the final book in the Survival trilogy.

The Woman in the Snow 2nd edition, (Link to webpage: https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/christian-fiction). Contemporary Christian Fiction available now: Paperback, ISBN 978-1-946179-03-6, Kindle, ISBN 978-1-946179-04-3, and Epub, 978-1-946179-05-0)

* * *

Presently, I’m still with Book Baby, although I haven’t added any recent novels. In fact what they have from me are the original four novels they published as EBooks, (since then I’ve released three as second editions) and eventually once I’ve published the final one as a second edition I will probably leave. Looking back, overall there was still a lot I didn’t understand about the process of preparing a novel for publication. Blurbs come to mind. And the importance of a blurb cannot be overstated. It is the second most critical aspect of your novel as far as gaining readership. The first, of course, is your cover. Then I can add keywords. Keywords – I didn’t have a clue to be honest. Yet each and every one of these things are critical to one’s success. Of course if your content sucks then it won’t go anywhere or mean anything in the end no matter how good your cover and blurb is.

Then with Book Baby I learned some of the restrictions that such a relationship entails. If one wanted to make changes, whether minor or major, and here I’m not referring to the manuscript, then one change a year is allowed. Anything beyond that would cost money. And other than putting your novels into their network, nothing would be done, (changes were coming). Of course advertising was and is your responsibility. Yes, if one of your EBooks sold, then your share or royalty would be placed into their accounting system.

In the years that followed very little happened with these novels. They basically sat there collecting electronic dust. It made me wonder what I was doing wrong. Was this, in the end, something that only family would enjoy? Would it simply be a family legacy to my future generations that one of their relatives from the past had written a number of novels? I truly hoped not.

Again with the lack of movement I began to wonder if they, (the novels) really were good enough. Still I felt the stories were strong, and the desire to continue writing was still there. In fact on the few reviews I’d gotten the ratings were almost always high. I felt that the key simply was to push towards that original goal and know that word of mouth, and the right story, the right novel could lead to a following, and the sale of those novels.

Yet it was necessary to continue to learn. During this time I had created a Facebook page, (not a fan, thank you) Began a blog, Words in the Wind, created a Webpage, fdbrant.com, and joined Goodreads as an author. Now I’m a long way from being rich, and money has always been tight, so this meant that I’d have to be responsible for that webpage creation. I don’t code or write HTML, so I looked over options for software that would allow me to create the webpage. (And this also meant that any place I might set up needed to be cheap and affordable.)

Eventually I settled on Serif Webplus. Then through a suggestion from a friend who dealt with the web all the time I went with Godaddy as the provider where my webpage would exist. (Since that original webpage creation I’ve since updated and am using Godaddy’s webpage builder.) For any who wanted to view the page it was simply typing in the address and there you are. Still this was additional funds out the door that I didn’t have. Yet without a presence on the net or web the chances of being discovered were just about zero.

I knew of blogs, but had never read any as they were of no interest. So I headed over to WordPress, their free side, and went through the process of setting up my blog and naming it Words in the Wind. If one went there, (or here) they’d see my icon as a windmill. In fact if one was to look at the full address to this blog “windmills” would be there. I looked at windmills as a metaphor for writing. The blades representing words and ideas, and because the windmill turned to face the wind meant, in my mind, that it faced in all directions just like the genres which go in all directions. And this then led to the title.

Now with all the social media in place, and the hard work to get it there, now what? I truthfully didn’t know. Next week I continue this journey. Have a great week and God Bless! (https://fdbrant.godaddysites.com/)

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