Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 6

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* * *

Much continues to happen for the positive with the ten located at the Alpha. And with the day over and more understanding of what some of the mysteries have presented, Saige is wrapping up the evening meeting. With the end of this day they now know what those illusive letters and numbers mean, and the herd they felt their ancestors maintained has been located. Still and even with the successes they remain isolated and have no idea what has  transpired with the Cities – if there are any remaining cities. With their number only being ten they know of no way to defeat this primitive alliance and the vast army that is sweeping away their cities. And with this introduction, onto part 6:

He looked around and saw that the rest agreed with him. “Okay then, we is done here. Let’s all meet for breakfast in the cafeteria and then we can go as a group to our different areas. And I’m going to take a chance and not have anyone monitoring the security office tonight. So far, we haven’t seen a primitive within kilometers of this place. We need everyone for what is happening tomorrow, and all to have a full night’s sleep. So, good night all, and thank you for all of the effort that has gotten us to this point.” He watched as the members filtered out of the meeting room. He saw that Seirra waited until all the rest had left and then came over and joined him.

“I agree I’m really tired tonight. Do you really think that we will be able to contact the cities?” I really do hope so, there has already been too much loss here, and if there is a slight chance that we can alert the rest to what’s happening, then maybe they can come up with some way of keeping the primitives out. “I know there is no way you can answer that right now, but I had to ask.”

He reached out and hugged her and then took her hand and said. “I really never, well Shellian and I really never wanted this job, and to answer your question, I don’t know. After all, all of our training was to spy on the primitives, and not repair the equipment. That was for other members, and none of them survived our flight to here – so all of us are flying quite blind here. And while everything seems to be working because of the bots and replicators, I just don’t know.” Taking a deep breath and shrugging he said. “I really wish I did, but I have to be honest, I just don’t. Enough on this, I’m tired, lets head back to the apartment and call it. I have a feeling that the next few days are going to be extremely busy, not that most of them haven’t been, but we now know so much more, and I do hope we can use what we learned to stop the slaughter and slavery of our people.”

“I do love you, you know that?” She asked as she looked up into his eyes and smiled.

Smiling back at her, she could see softness in his eyes as he said. “Yes, I do, and I knew that for a long time. It was just that back in the cave I couldn’t show any favoritism towards anybody, and especially you, but I have to admit that I am in love with you also. You have become very important to me in so many ways.”

Then smiling mischievously she said. “Well, let me show you tonight how much I appreciate you.” And then she laughed as they headed for their apartment.

                                * * *

Keenan stayed long enough to make sure that the shift change went smoothly, and then headed out to grab something to eat before he went home. He was in a dark mood, and really did not want any company tonight. The word coming back from the council was nothing but political mumbo jumbo saying absolutely nothing, and the information being passed down by the over-bosses was just as bad. In other words, nothing was known, and nothing was being done. Was this paralysis to continue, until, for whatever reason, the light would be turned off here? Again he had no answers. He wanted to do something, anything, but again by not knowing what had happened he was frustrated, and had no real direction to go. He was a man of action, one who wanted to delve deeply into the problem and get it solved. And this was the reason for his dark mood. Yeah, it’s obvious that nobody knows anything, and is just saying what sounds good. Why isn’t someone out there trying to find out? Instead all we get is talk, talk, talk! Breathing deeply and shaking his head slightly his thoughts continued unbidden. I just don’t get it. Why haven’t they sent someone out to at least check on one of the cities that have gone dark? Yeah, I know, not one of the cities is that close to each other, but if I remember correctly, there was supposed to be some type of special team to do just that. Now with a bit of sarcasm his thoughts continued. Oh that’s right. Budget cuts, since we never had any need or use for that department it was eliminated as waste. Chuckling inwardly he just stared out at nothing in particular as he headed for his favorite restaurant. I guess tomorrow will be another day, and maybe, just maybe, someone will do something – yeah like that’s going to happen.

                                * * *

Morning came too quickly, and all of them filtered out to the cafeteria for breakfast. Looking around, Saige could see that most looked blurry eyed and somewhat drug out. At least I’m not the only one that looks that way right now. But it was little consolation, since they needed to be fresh and alert today. He really wanted to be able to make contact today, and to completely explore the meadowlands that had been discovered yesterday. Looking around he noticed that the women were missing at this moment and realized that it was their day for kitchen duty at the meals, and as he realized that, the women began to bring in the food and as the smells reached him he realized that he was quite hungry. Smiling at them as they piled the plates of food in the middle of the table he could hear his stomach rumble in complaint and anticipation. The women then went back briefly to the kitchen and brought out steaming pots of coffee. It had been something they had discovered here, and all of them had found, that like their ancestors, they were living on the stuff. It was different than the shick they drank back in the city, and he had to admit, better. Once the coffee had arrived they sat down and Shellian said. “Well, dig in everyone while it’s hot. I do not like cold food.” Someone replied. “My parents raised no fools; you don’t have to tell me twice.” This brought out a general chuckle from everyone there. Then all that anyone heard was the moving of plates, silverware, and cups as everyone concentrated on the food and drink.

                                * * *

It had been a restless night and Keenan was short tempered and in no mood for the normal political crap today. So he knew that he had to keep his mouth shut, and to be careful, so that he did not say something that would put him on report. Things had been building for quite a while now, and if something did not happen soon, it would not matter, he would blow up anyway. It seemed that all of the ones above were avoiding any mention of the problems that were now confronting the cities. As if ignoring them would make them go away. Yet, as he looked around on his way to work, everything was just too normal. Shaking himself inwardly he thought once again. Eight cities gone, and still no one to explain why, and no one who will take responsibility for trying to discover the reasons why they have gone silent. He knew that right now he was too old, and had too many minor health problems, to be one who could do the discovering. It was another point of frustration for him. Back in his youth, he had almost joined the ones who were active in keeping an eye on the primitives, the research, and advancements that they made. And yes, even the fighting between the clans and tribes. All of this was important, but before he could join, the council disbanded it as unnecessary. So here he was all this time later close to the age of no longer working, to have this crisis show its face, and no one willing to do anything about it.

* * *

With the team here at the Alpha a new day is beginning and there is anticipation in the air as they eat breakfast. Saige hopes that soon, with the knowledge they’ve confirmed that contact can be made with the “pivot city”, the one responsible for the overall communications network between the cities. They only have to figure out how. At the same time the majority of the team will head out and explore the vast area where the herd had been discovered the day before, searching for a possible exit. In the meantime we are also following Keenan who is one of the supervisors from the communications center, and he isn’t happy about the responses that have come from the leadership on the fate of the eight cities that’s gone dark. And with all that’s happening we are rapidly approaching the end of book one in the Survival Trilogy. Have a great week, and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)

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