Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 5

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* * *

Last week much has transpired with the teams as they search, research, and rediscover the Alpha. Still mysteries abound, and while they may be a little closer to solving the riddles before them they are still frustrated by the inability to communicate with any of the Cities that may still exist. So their time of isolation continues. With the views of this world from above they have been observing a set of letters and numbers with the numbers changing according to where they are viewing. Nobody understands their significance. Meanwhile Sorrel and Stone have made important discoveries and are on the way back. And with this we open part 5:

“Has anyone seen either Stone or Sorrel?” Saige asked as they began sitting in the meeting room. Looking around, he saw that overall that no one had. He wondered what had delayed them. He knew that from what had been relayed to him, that they had found stairs that climbed out of sight, and a couple of enclosed rooms. From the brief description that he had received, the area was a place that he did want to visit, and the feeling he got was that most of the others here were of like mind. “I guess they will show up when they get back from whatever they have found. So let’s open this up with each of us passing on what we have found, or not found today, and I’ll start it. Shellian and I searched the grounds completely, and overall nothing has changed. We found a small greenhouse sitting back in a hidden corner that we felt was there for the use of the staff. You know, for things like growing flowers, or plants, and I think that it was also used for school projects, as there was a section that was separate that had a sign stating education – other than that, nothing at all new. Seve, Staven, your turn.” He sat down and Staven got up.

“Both the steam room and the electric room were completely searched, and other than learning that most of our system is based on geothermal and solar, we have nothing to report. Everything there was as expected. While there, of course, Seve came up with his ideas that were then presented, and I think Sabryn now has the answer to the question that was asked of her after lunch.” At this point Staven sat back down, and turned it over to Sabryn.

“Once Seirra had shown me those letters and numbers I knew that I had seen something similar, but where and what I couldn’t remember. But before I get to that, I need to say that our primary assignment was to search out the immediate facility, and nothing new was found, and the maps and schematics of the place are accurate. Now, onto the other, I now remember that there are three places that I remember coming across those combinations of letters and numbers. In the system it describes these as longitude and latitude. It is a way to locate something anywhere on this world. So when they were looking at a certain place on this world from those views it was automatically providing the longitude and latitude. The measurements that are used are degrees, minutes, and seconds. And don’t ask me why, I’m not the one who developed the system. Longitude measures through the poles and latitude measures from the equator. With these two, and the breakdown, any place on this planet can be located. Once you realize that, then it would make sense for someone to leave information on the locations of the planned cities. So once I understood that, I went back through the records that existed in the computer, and found a reference to a source in the administrator’s office, and a second tied directly to the security office. It required one to go to the admin office, to get first, the list of the cities, their names, and such. Plus there was a password there to use in the security office that would then release not only the locations by this system of longitude, and latitude, but emergency frequencies to contact them.”

“You mean that there might be a way that we can contact each of them directly? Wow this is great news.” Saige stated excitedly. He turned to Seve stating, “I guess you’re right, and when you presented it, it made sense.” About this time the doors opened with Stone and Sorrel arriving.

“Sorry about being late.” Stone said, “But we have some very important news to pass on, and while on that subject, did we miss anything?”

“Only the fact that we may now be able to contact the cities, and let them know what is happening, that’s all . . . Anyway Sabryn, are you finished with your report?” She nodded and sat down. “Okay then Stone, since you are standing, go ahead and let us know what you have found, other than the area that you had talked about over lunch of course.”

“Simply put, we found it. Well at least part of the puzzle anyway. As you know, the stairs led up, and we climbed them to the top. We discovered, albeit accidentally, what those rooms were also. Since we never had a need of them in our cities, it would never have occurred to us that it was a way to move between floors, without walking. They transport one from one floor to another. It is a different feeling when they begin to move. If they go up at first you feel heavier, and quite the opposite when you go down in them.” Catching his breath for a moment, he leaned forward supporting his weight on his hands that he had placed on the table. “While that is a nice discovery, the question is why would they need such a thing? It turns out that there are just three stops that we could get to. There is at least another, but that one requires a key, which we did not have. But I would guess that it is another supply area. The ground floor is at the level of the cavern, and the top floor exits to an open lunch slash meeting area, beautiful really. But the one in the middle empties into a room that has large swinging doors, big enough to move large crates through. So initially we thought it could be just another supply area, and when we went through it, there was a worked steam vent and . . .” He went on to describe all that they had found, and apologizing at the end, since they had been unable to do a complete search. “My feelings are that there has to be an exit on the far side, somewhere that would not compromise this compound, and besides I can’t really see anyone bringing those animals through the area where we entered. And for now that’s all we have.”

Smiling Saige said. “With the way things have been going I was getting very frustrated on the lack of progress, and now all in the same day things have moved so quickly that we will be working hard on solving the problems that have now been presented. Oh, one more thing Sabryn, did any of that information include locations for the primitives?”

Shaking her head she said, “No, the notation stated that since many of the primitives were nomadic, and had no real permanent location, that only full descriptions of their lives were included.”

“I guess we can’t have everything, but that sure would have been nice. Okay, it looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us, so in the morning, normally Seve and Sabryn would have manned the security office, but I am adding both of you, Seirra and Saar back there. There’s room for that many in there. We need to get that information and figure out how to contact the remaining cities, and of course the first one we need to contact would be Keahilani, since it is the pivot city, the one that maintains all communications traffic between the cities. They could get the word out quicker than we could. The rest of us will head out to this place that Stone and Sorrel located, and see if we can find that exit. Truly we are running out of time, and so far we haven’t been able to locate the alliance headquarters. But we do have, or will have shortly, the coordinates of all the cities, so we can narrow the search area down a bit by comparing the times when the cities we know were taken by the primitives, and by looking at the differences, come up with a much smaller area to search. If there isn’t anything else, I for one have to admit that it has been a full day.”

* * *

After many false starts and directions it looks like finally things have turned. And in one day they have discovered the importance of the letters and numbers, and found the location of the suspected herd they believe their ancestors kept. Now if they can take all of this new knowledge and use it to bring an end to the undeclared war with the primitives. But they are only ten. Still and while this is their long term goal, it is something completely out of their reach at this time. Yet, they have to feel good about this day, and with the meeting about to end and at the end of the day everybody can take a break before beginning the assignments given for tomorrow. And with the close of part five we are half way through the final chapter. Have a great week and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)


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