Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 4

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* * *

Last week we left Stone and Sorrel discovering the location of the herds that the team suspected their ancient ancestors used to maintain contact with the primitives of this planet. This was a major scientific research project that went terribly wrong when for unknown reasons they were isolated on this world. To maintain their isolation and separation from the primitives they established the cities hidden deep in the desolation, and over time lost their true history and identity. This is followed by  the discovery of some of the Cities by the primitives, generations later, who then lay waste to these cities, leading a small scout team escaping into the Sacred Mountains where they then rediscover “the Alpha”,  the base of operations where the scientific teams had worked from. During this time of rediscovery they’ve found the truth about their past, but with no way to communicate to any of the surviving Cities they have no way of knowing if they are the last. Not only the last survivors of the Cities, but possibly of their species.

During this Time of Isolation they have been learning much, but feel there’s a long way to go before they fully understand what is here. Part of what they are attempting to solve, at this moment, is the fact, after discovering they can monitor the planet from somewhere in the sky, is a series of letters and numbers, with the numbers changing, all according to where they are viewing from those “eyes-in-the-skies”. And with Sabryn about to join the team that’s in the security office we move on to part 4:

Smiling as she went out the door Starr heard her whisper, “Thank You”, as she disappeared from sight. Sabryn hurried down the hallway, at the moment she was almost on the opposite side of the compound, and it would take her a little time to get there. As she hurried along her way, a smile came to her as she thought about her sleeping daughter, and wondered what the future would hold for her. One thing for sure it will be different in so many ways. Even if we are able to break up the alliance, we now know that the past, as it has been taught, is completely wrong. I really wonder when it got changed to what we were taught. And where is our home world? There’s absolutely nothing in any of the records even identifying its location. But I guess I can kind of understand it. That means that if something happened to one of the outposts, that the information on its location could not be compromised. Still, I would really like to see it if it still exists, and there is just no way to know, is there? She reached the security entrance and found that other than Starr, who she had left with the children, Stone and Sorrel, everybody was here at the security office. “This is a surprise.” She said, as she saw all of them there. “Are we having a party or something?” This brought a chuckle out of the group. “Would you like me to come in, or just wait out here? It’s getting a little tight in there, and I don’t know if I could fit comfortably with all of you in there.”

“No, we do need you in here. Seirra wants to show you something, and see if it looks familiar to you. Seve thought that you had either seen, or mentioned that you had seen something similar, and that it might hold the key to solving another of the many puzzles we’ve found since this place was discovered. And while it’s a little crowded, it’s really not that crowded since I believe that if we needed to, we probably could put everybody in here. But instead it’s just a few and I know you were just jesting anyway. The rest of the team will head back to the meeting room where they can continue to monitor us.” They began filing out and headed back leaving plenty of room for Sabryn to enter the security room. She watched as they left and stood silently for a moment before entering the security office. She looked around briefly and then at Seirra, who was looking back at her.

“Okay, I’m here. What’s so important that you pulled me away from our search? Not that anything new has been found, but I really did not figure that we would be looking at anything else until we had finished the searching.”

“Seirra showed me something and again, as I said, Seve thought that you had seen something like it, so if you would?” Saige then gestured for her to come forward and look at the screen.

She came forward and looked over Seirra’s shoulder and asked. “What is it that you want me to see?”

Seirra pointed to the bottom of the monitor and said. “It’s these letters and numbers that change when I or any of us change the view.” She then demonstrated. “See what I mean.”

“Yes and no. The letters stay the same; it’s just the numbers that change. Hmmm, let me think.” She was silent for a moment and thought. They are right. I’ve seen something similar to this. But what is it and where? Shaking her head as she continued to think, I’ve been through so much stuff lately just where is it that I saw this? She could feel the pressure mounting as the silence in the room grew, but at the moment she didn’t have a ready answer. “He’s right, I did mention something about letters and numbers, but I’m drawing a blank right this moment. Just let me think about it, okay?”

Saige shrugged and said. “At least it was worth a shot. So you do remember something, but not much more at this moment. Okay keep thinking about it. Tonight I want all of us back together to go over what we have learned, or not, and maybe by that time you will have come up with something.”

Again shaking her head, Sabryn said. “I’m so sorry. It’s just we have been researching so much stuff lately that it just escapes me for now.” She saw that Saige was nodding his head, and signaled her that she could return to what she had been doing.

“At least we may have an answer soon.” Then looking up at the camera he continued. “Remember we all need to be in the meeting room after dinner so that we can compare notes, and has anyone heard anything from either Stone or Sorrel since the midday meal?” All he got was silence. Breathing out heavily, he finished by saying. “Maybe they had better luck, so I guess everyone can go back to doing what they were before this interruption. We will look at what Seve suggested, and hope that Sabryn can remember. I think somehow it is all tied together. See you all later.”

                                * * *

The suns were dropping down behind the horizon by the time Stone and Sorrel reached the buildings once again. They had at one point cut across the meadowland to at least check part of it out. But to do a thorough search would require another day, if not two. The first thing that they noticed was that the pack animals were heading towards the buildings also. “Maybe they spend the nights inside one of the buildings.” Sorrel suggested.

“Yeah probably”, Stone responded. “It probably provides not only protection from the weather, but from the predators also, even though there has been no sign of any. I bet that these doors on the large building close at night also.”

“Really? Why would you think that?” She asked.

“Well think about it. If you remember what the entrance looked like, there was no soil buildup or signs of disuse on the rollers and channels. To me, that speaks of constant use. That way, in the cold of winters it would provide protection for the beasts of burden. And I suspect that once they are here that there are bots that monitor them and probably are also responsible for thinning of the herds so that they do not outgrow their food.”

“And that’s probably where the meat is coming from.” She was silent for a minute before continuing, “I think we need to hurry back. We’ve still got a ways to go, and I’m finding that I am actually hungry – haven’t done this kind of exercise since we’ve been here. And we can truthfully say we found where the beasts are kept. I know, it still doesn’t explain a lot, but it surely is one step closer, don’t you think?”

He had to agree, and he reached out and took her hand, and then hand in hand they retraced their steps from earlier in the day, as they headed back into the facility.

* * *

When Sabryn arrives at the security office most of the team filters out and heads to the meeting room where they can monitor what’s happening in the security office from the feed. At this point she comes over to where Seirra has been monitoring the world and views another of the many mysteries they have yet to solve, and knows that she has seen something similar. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember where. In the meantime Stone and Sorrel are heading back to join the rest of the team after a successful outing learning where the herd is kept. With the day almost over they head hand in hand retracing their steps from earlier in the day. Have a great week and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)


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