Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 3

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* * *

With the discoveries continuing at the Alpha, there is still too little information to be able to solve the many issues and mysteries that are still before them. They continue to have no contact with the outside world, and are desperate to learn what’s happening. At the same time, with the continued use of the “eyes-in-the-skies”, they are searching the planet for any movement the primitives may make. Still even here there are mysteries that must be solved. Meanwhile the team of Stone and Sorrel are making a significant discovery as they are presently inside a building that appears to be open to the outside world. In the distance they can hear what they believe are herd animals. And now onto part 3:

“I don’t know either; shall we explore this before we go outside? You know it really doesn’t feel like this place stays open all the time. I bet you that when the suns set those large doors close down for the night. I suspect that like the sensors that turned on the lights as we approached, that there is something similar set up to close the doors when night falls or the weather gets really nasty.” Stone stated as he looked around. They slowly walked around the interior of the building and found many stations positioned at different locations, most they had no idea what they were used for. “Well, I am really starting to develop an inferiority complex here. I mean, the ones who built this place were our ancestors, and obviously they knew what all of this was for, and I haven’t a clue.”

Nodding in agreement, she looked down for a moment and said. “Enough of this, let’s go outside and see what other wonders our ancestors left us.” They headed out through a huge opening, stopping briefly; Stone noticed the opening had a huge door, which was on rollers, which would allow it to slide to cover the opening. Studying it closely he could see that that the rails that the rollers tracked in showed signs of usage. He commented. “See, the tracks show signs of usage which means that they probably do close and open.” Looking up, he saw that he was alone and that he had been talking just to himself. Now where did Sorrel run off to? He raised his voice and yelled, “Sorrel? Sorrel where are you?” Looking around the area he presently was in, he noticed that there were at least two more buildings to his left and on the right arose a volcanic wall that he suspected was another cone from one of the extinct volcanoes. Not getting an answer, he headed towards one of the other buildings that were a little distance from where he was. As he walked he could hear his footsteps crunching on the gravel. He looked down and realized that this whole area had been covered in gravel, and it extended around the other buildings as well. With no response he was getting worried that something may have happened, but realized that there was little chance of that actually happening, and got his emotions back in control. He went around to the right of the furthest building and stopped and caught his breath. Before him lay a large meadowland and surrounding it completely, rising to a great height, was the volcanic walls. Again he marveled at the sheer size. And again was thankful he hadn’t been here when these mountains had exploded with volcanic fury.

As he surveyed the beauty before him, off in the distance he could see Sorrel standing and staring at something. He then made his way to where she was standing, and was about to admonish her for getting separated, when he, following the direction she was looking, became distracted himself. Out in the distance was a large herd of what he knew was the herd animals that the primitives used for their milk, their skins, meat, and for transport of materials. He saw that like the two of them, these animals, well at least a number of them were watching them also. “Well”, he said softly, “I guess this answers the question, as to whether our ancestors had their own herd or not.” He was then silent as the quiet beauty of the place settled in on him.

She turned to him with a sad smile on her face and said. “Yes, I guess so.” It’s just so sad to realize that sometime a long time ago our ancestors worked and lived here. Had created all of this, and then because of something we really do not understand, had to abandon it. And then it lay sleeping, awaiting the day when someone would rediscover it. She gave herself a mental shake and continued saying, “Let’s go out there and see what there is to see. One thing for sure, with the natural walls around this place, these animals can’t leave, and it protects them from their natural predators also. There has to be some type of a water source out there, and from looking at how green everything is, I bet that this place has either a high water table, or our ancestors set up some type of irrigation system to keep it this way.”

“You’re probably right, and I’d guess that it’s sub-irrigated. But seeing what we have found so far, it would not surprise me to find that they artificially irrigated this place. And I agree with you, we need to walk this out and explore it. One of the main reasons we need to do this, is because, they had to get these animals in here in the first place, and I guarantee it wasn’t the way we came. So there has to be another outlet where they could take them out of here. Plus, I feel that it needs to be far enough away from the main facility that there is no hint of where the facility is located. And again you are so right; this place is just so beautiful. Who would have guessed that such an area as this existed here?”

Looking at him she said, “Well then, the day’s flying by, let’s do it.” They headed off towards the wall on the right figuring to follow it around, since it would logically be somewhere along one the walls that the exit from this place should be. Looking up at the sky he saw that they really did not have much time. While summer days were longer, they had entered this area late after lunch, so the day had been more than half over when they discovered the meadows. Unconsciously he picked up the pace. She found that he was starting to pull ahead of her slightly and said. “Hey, this isn’t a race.”

Smiling slightly he said. “Sorry Sorrel. Didn’t mean to do that, but we’re running out of daylight, and I guess I just unconsciously picked it up to try and get around this place before darkness fell. I mean, look at this place. It’s huge! I’d guess we are looking at a circumference of oh, I’d guess around ten kilometers, and I suspect that it will be pushing dark thirty by the time we head back to those buildings.”

                                * * *

“Can you watch Sommer for me?” Sabryn asked. “I don’t know if I can help, but it sounded urgent.”

“No problem, after all, there seems to be an excitement in Saige’s voice. I wonder what’s come up. I know that we haven’t found anything that we didn’t expect here where we are in the facility. Maybe one of the other teams found something.”

“You know that could be it. Anyway I just fed her and put her down for a nap and she fell right to sleep, so if you just look in on her a couple of times it would be appreciated.”

“Oh you know I will. We do this all the time for both of our children, and I’m not too far from doing the same with my son – feeding and putting him down for his nap. And I think that like your Sommer, Shayne will be down for at least a couple of hours. That will allow me, and maybe you, if they let you go, to continue to search the records.”

* * *

It’s obvious that Stone and Sorrel have made a significant discovery finding the location where the herd animals are. And what they discover is a safe haven for the animals, as it appears that the herd is located inside the caldron of one of the extinct volcanos. Yet the day is getting away from them and with less time to do a good job of exploring they must head back. Meanwhile the mystery of the letters and numbers remains unsolved. Sabryn is called to assist as she appears to be the another who has seen this combination somewhere during their searches of the archives. And with this we will move on to part 4. Have a great week, and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)


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