Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 2

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* * *

Last week we left Keenan not happy with the response from the leadership, and is worried because there are eight cities that have gone dark. And with no explanation as to why, other than the fact that it has happened in almost the exact same way for all eight, he is left frustrated. Meanwhile back at the Alpha Seve and Staven return to the security office looking for Saige and Shellian. They have something of importance to run by them.  And when they do get together in the meeting room Seve relates what had come to his mind convincing the leaders that he is probably right. Then Saige asks a question about another of the teams who is out searching the complex. And with this we now move on to part 2:

“Yes.” Seve replied, “We met them while eating the midday meal. And they may be on to something. Anyway, they had found another way, which they thought would lead out of here, but hadn’t had time to explore it yet. I suspect that we will know much more tonight when they come back. As far as the rest of us, we’ve come up empty.”

“That may be true, but what you’ve come up with here, Seve, may be the most important thing so far. I mean once you presented it, then it was just obvious. Is that feed set up yet Saar? Oh, and add the area where Starr and Sabryn are working, if you please.”

“Yup.” Then pointing to one of the larger monitors he said. “See, there they are.” And as he said that the ones in the meeting room nodded their heads in response. He pointed to another one and they could see the women.

“Okay, can all of you hear us in there?” Saige asked. Again they nodded yes. Smiling for a moment before continuing he said. “Now come on, would one of you please speak so we can adjust the volume in here.”

Laughing, Shellian approached the monitor and said. “No Saige we figured we would pantomime the whole thing and make you figure it out. So how’s this sound?”

At about the same time Starr whispered. “Sommer is asleep, so we are going to remain quiet.”

Nodding he said, “Fine.” Turning back to Saar and Seirra he said, “I’m going to have Seve repeat to you what he told us, and I should have thought about it at the time he presented it to us, and then all of you could have heard. But then again, I had no idea. Seve, if you will?” Then Seve gave a much shortened version of what they had covered in the meeting room.

Seirra then asked. “I wonder if these letters and numbers that keep coming up at the bottom of the screen when we are searching from the sky mean anything.”

Looking over her shoulder Saige asked. “What are you talking about Seirra?” She then pointed at the screen she had been studying and said. “Right here, Saige.”

He then looked closer and saw what she was pointing at and asked. “Do they stay the same?”

“No silly, if they did that I wouldn’t have thought anything about it. If they had never changed, I would have assumed that it was probably some serial number or such that had to do with what we were using, but it changes according to what I am viewing. Now watch and I’ll show you.” He watched as she changed the view and as she had stated the numbers changed but the letters did not. Seve came over to join him and paused a moment. He had the look of concentration on his face as if he was trying to recall something. “I think we need Sabryn to come in here. She commented that she had found both in the computers and in the administrator’s office in hard copy, something similar to this.”

Looking up at the other monitor Saige asked, “Sabryn, can you come here now?”

She nodded and tiptoed out of the room and away from the camera, obviously heading to the security office, leaving Starr to watch Sommer.

                                * * *

“These double doors are really large.” Stone commented. “Hmmm, did you look at that other room that moves and see if it might have been the same size or maybe larger than the one we rode?”

“Why do you think that something like that would be important Stone?”

Gesturing with his hands he said. “Look at the size of these doors. I mean there has to be a reason for them to be this big, and the moving room that we just left isn’t big enough to require doors this size. So I’m wondering if the other one is larger that’s all.”

She turned around and pushed the button on the wall that activated the moving rooms and waited until both the sound of the ding and the panel above the doors lit. She stood in front of the one that was to the right of the button and waited while the doors opened. She then peered inside and said. “Yup, this is at least twice the size of the one we were in, and if I am honest, these doors are larger also. So what do you think it means, Stone?”

“My guess is that it’s a way to move large things, maybe supplies, or whatever, out through those double doors. So, it could be that where this leads, is a storage area and that would explain the size. But until we actually go through them it’s all conjecture – shall we?” He pushed through the doors and found that they were in a small room with a second set of doors similar to the first. But unlike the first set these were not manually operated. Try as they may, the doors would not push open. Looking around Sorrel saw a square silver plate on the wall closest to her. She reached out and pushed it and then the doors swung outward allowing them to pass. Stepping through the doors they found themselves in another tunnel, again, he suspected that originally it had been a steam vent caused by the extinct volcano. Still, he could see that it had been modified to accommodate whatever their ancestors had used this area for. Along the floor and ceiling there was recessed lighting which turned on as they approached, and on one of the walls, an identical panel to the one Sorrel had pushed to open the doors. “Must have some type of motion sensor for these lights – good way to conserve energy, to only have them light when they are needed. And doing it this way means that someone cannot accidentally leave them turned on.”

The tunnel changed in direction bending to the right in a gentle curve and then coming back to the original direction. Up ahead, in the distance, they could see what appeared to be another set of doors. Once there, like the first of the double set, they were able to push through them, only to find once again a set that required pushing a plate. When the doors opened they were hit with a blast of fresh cool air, but from what they could see, they were not yet truly outside. Walking through the doors they found themselves in some type of building. Yet the floor was a mix of dirt and straw, and looking around they could see some the areas had concrete floors. Just past the entrance, and looking up, they saw a pulley system set up that could hoist items and move them around this building. Above they could also see shelving and platforms for storage, and presently most were vacant. There was a musty smell and they could hear the bleating of animals somewhere in the distance. After leaving the warmth of the compound it felt almost cold and both shivered in response to the change in temperature. Both looked at each other and then Sorrel said. “I think this place is probably where they take care of the animals, and obviously they used it for some type of storage. But since this seems to be open to the weather, I don’t know what that might be?”

* * *

With this new knowledge, and then the further lack of knowledge when something that’s being observed makes no sense there is elation in the fact that there may be a way to contact the cities to let them know what’s happening. But those letters and numbers that Seirra pointed out must have some significance and importance also. Seve mentions that someone else had seen something similar and maybe between them they can identify what this means.

Meanwhile Stone and Sorrel are exploring an area that they recently discovered. After going through a number of tunnels and doors they enter into a large structure, with the floors being a mix of concrete in some areas, and dirt with straw in others. In the distance they hear the sounds of herd animals, and both shiver as the cold air hits them making them realize that this building appears to be open to the outdoors and weather. And with this we close out part 2. Have a great week, and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com)


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