Time of Isolation, Chapter 12, Part 1

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* * *

Two weeks ago we closed out chapter eleven, and now we go into the final chapter for this novel. A lot has transpired, and the team at the Alpha are desperate for answers, including the need to find a way to contact the remaining cities, however many there might be. With this in mind, and the fact they now believe their ancestors maintained herds so they could mingle with the natives of this world, they are searching the whole compound to find those answers. Time is against them, yet each new discovery is giving answers that should allow them to solve the overall puzzle that is before them. And with this we now open chapter twelve:

Eight cities had gone dark. Rumors flew, but there were no hard facts. And while the city of Keahilani was considered the pivot city, the one all communications passed through, the knowledge they presently had wouldn’t fill a thimble. One would have thought that by now something would be known, and they could begin to solve the puzzle that had been presented. And while it was not his place of expertise, Keenan knew that somewhere there had to be a reason for this to be happening. Especially since all of the cities that went dark, did so, in the exact same way, and approximately at the same time of day. These facts alone spoke strongly of a correlation, something in common, but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure it out. There was just too little known. The one thing that he could lay his finger on was the overall nervousness the permeated the air here. He suspected that it was the same for the rest of the cities. Well, his shift was almost over and soon it would be time to return to his residence. As usual, except when the cities disappeared, all the communications traffic was normal, routine, almost boring in fact. Standing at the railing that overlooked the floor he saw his people preparing to leave their shifts and the replacements waiting quietly to replace them. Sighing deeply he thought, Yep, another normal day . . . Not that one cannot see the tension that is flowing through everyone, but, other than that, a very normal day.

                                * * *

Seve and Staven headed back to the security office. At the moment they couldn’t remember which section of the compound that Saige and Shellian were searching. Once there, Seve asked. “Saar, where is Saige right now?”

Looking up from their search he turned around and was silent for a moment. “Has something come up? Have you finished the area you were searching or what?”

Shaking his head no, Seve said, “No. No, but something occurred to us while we were working our area and we need to run it past Saige and Shellian. We feel that it’s important enough that we run it past them right now.”

Turning back to the equipment, he first looked at Seirra and said. “Seirra continue if you would. I’m going to switch this so that I can locate Saige and Shellian. If they are close enough to one of the speakers then I’ll contact them.” Then turning back to Seve and Staven he said. “They are searching the grounds, and that would mean that the meeting area would be closest. So why don’t the two of you head there, and when we get their attention we will, or I will, send them there.” At this point Seve and Staven nodded and headed back out of the security office. “I do hope they find them quickly. And yes I know it can wait, but we really need to be pursuing this, as well as everything else we are doing, and I have a feeling that the place to set such a thing up would be the security office, or the office of the one who had been in charge here. But it just seems like the security office would be the most logical place.” Staven commented, as they reached the meeting room and waited the arrival of their leaders.

                                * * *

“You know Shellian, we’ve been over the grounds a whole number of times and so far we haven’t really found anything new. I mean other than the fact that some of these trees are different, and that small area, where it appears that they used some type of climate control to allow the residents here to cultivate plants that wouldn’t normally grow in this climate. I’m sure there are a few things like that that we have overlooked, but nothing on the scale that we are trying to find.” They continued their search of the grounds and were heading back towards the main building that Saige had first found when he had fallen into the hidden valley. Shellian couldn’t disagree with him. Everything he had said was true, and she was beginning to wonder if what they were trying to locate really existed. It seemed so plausible at the time. After all, it would have been an easy way to make contact and observe, without raising any suspicions on the part of the primitives. Shaking her head slightly she continued her thought process. I would have sworn that our ancestors would have done this. But so far we have no proof at all, other than a brief statement or two saying that it was a viable option.

“Saige, Shellian, this is Saar. Can you report to the meeting room? Seve and Staven want to discuss something with you, and they felt that it was something that needed to be brought to your attention immediately.” Snapped out of her thoughts she asked, “Now what could that be about?” Not realizing she had said it she turned to her brother who just shrugged before answering her. “There’s no way I’m going to know sis.” They picked up the pace since they were heading back in that direction anyway, and in a short time entered the room from the same entrance where he had the first time. Once their eyes adjusted to the dim interior lighting they saw Seve partially sitting on the edge of the table and Staven looking out through the windows. Both turned towards them as they entered the room.

“Okay you two, what’s so important that you needed to see us immediately? By some chance did the two of you find something?” Saige asked.

Seve and Staven looked at each other and the Staven said, “Well Seve, it was your idea, go ahead and tell them.”

With a slight pause Seve got up off the table edge and said, “Yes, and no. No in the sense that so far in our search we have come up empty. But as we searched the two of us were discussing some things and then from that we realized something.”

“Okay, you realized something and what would that something be? I mean we were not privy to your conversation so we really have no idea.”

Smiling, and shaking his head Seve said. “Sorry Saige, it’s just I was trying to set it up so you could see how we came by this. Anyway, we began to ask ourselves that if our ancestors had to abandon this place, like they did, and then set up the cities, like they did, then they had to have put in place a way for any rescuers to contact them. I mean, think about it. If rescuers found this place abandoned, would they just leave, or would there be something in place that would allow them to know what happened, and then have a way to contact our ancestors from here.”

Quiet for a moment as the implications of what Seve just said really sank in, he sat down and put his arms on the table and then leaned forward. “That’s an interesting thought Seve. And it makes total sense. But what would they have done? I mean . . . I’m sure that it is something that was standard, but standard for them not for us. Now all we have to do is figure out what that was.” He laughed bitterly before continuing. “And since we are far removed from that time, and from what we have discovered here, we know that we have adjusted facts and our societies have changed, and with no known information left, I haven’t a clue.” Then turning to the others in the room he asked. “Any of you have an idea what they would have set up?” Once again there was silence and he could see that the rest were just as much in the dark as he was. “So in your thinking Seve, did you have some ideas as to where the rescuers might first go if they found this place empty?”

“Yes, that was the easy part. At least once we found out how this place was laid out and how it worked . . .”

“Let’s keep the explanation short if you would. After all you’ve already convinced both of us, and I have to admit that I can kick myself for not thinking about it.”

“Sorry Saige, I think either the administrator’s office or the security office, and of the two I believe that the security office would be my first choice.”

“Again I have to agree with you. So I guess we need to head there, and I know that all of us can’t fit in there very well, but we can get a feed from there into this meeting room which allows communications in both directions, so Seve, you and I will go, Shell’, you and Staven can monitor from here and give us any ideas and suggestions that need to be addressed.” Saige then signaled Seve to precede him out the door and both of them headed directly to the security office. Once there, Saige said, “Saar can you set up a complete feed to the meeting room? Seve has come up with something critical and we are going to need all of us to figure out the solution. By the way has anybody had contact with Stone and Sorrel?”

* * *

We start this chapter with Keenan feeling frustrated with the lack of progress towards understanding why eight cities have gone dark, gone silent. This is followed by returning to the Alpha and following the teams as they continue to explore and add to their discoveries. Meanwhile Seve and Staven return to the security office wanting to discuss an idea with Saige and Shellian. They meet in the meeting room and convince the leaders who then  want a video conference with the rest of the team. Saige then asks if anybody has had contact with Stone and Sorrel. And with this we close out part one. Have a great week, and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com)


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