Time of Isolation, Chapter 11, Part 12

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* * *

We are back from being away and once again have to face reality. Time away from work is always nice, but usually much too short. In the next couple of years my wife will join me in the world of the unemployed, in other words she will retire. Of course when I did this – retire – I began my writing career, and as you can see I will be releasing two books this month. Both are stand alone and fall under the general genre of Science Fiction. And with this it’s time to get on with this week’s post:

A few weeks in the past we left Stone and Sorrel standing outside in an area meant for the staff who worked at the Alpha as a place to relax, and from its size this place could hold everybody that worked here. And from what they can determine the area is built in such a way that it is invisible to the rest of the world making it a safe area. It leads Stone to the conclusion that there must be other such places somewhere in this vast facility. He then notices the two sets of double closed doors with a single button between the two with an arrow pointing down, which are similar to the ones they saw when they first left the vast cavern. It leads to some curiosity and he makes a statement for which Sorrel asks a question in reply. And with this we move on to the close of chapter eleven:

At this point he reached out and pressed the button, which immediately lit up, and then both of them felt and heard a slight rumbling which slowly got louder. It stopped suddenly and there was a loud ding, followed briefly by a second one, both unexpected sounds making them jump because of the silence that had surrounded them. Looking up above the closed doors a light showed and suddenly the doors opened which made them jump again. And before them were the same two rooms they had witnessed at the ground floor. Frozen for a moment, Stone then started to enter one of the rooms, and as he did the door began to close on him. Instinctively he reached out to block it and found that as soon as he put pressure on it the door reopened. After a few seconds with him standing partly inside the door attempted to close again and once again it reopened when he pressed on it. “I guess we can say that whatever these things are, you can’t accidentally get crushed by them. And I guess that would make sense by what we have found so far. Hey let’s have you stand here and you can block the door and I’ll check it out.” And while they had been involved with the one side, the other set of double doors had closed.

Shaking her head, she said, “You’re not going to get me to do that. Besides I’m smaller, let me get by you and I’ll check it out.” And without waiting for him to answer or argue she pushed past him and entered the room. First thing she noticed were the handrails, which were located on three of the walls, and then she turned to face Stone and then a panel caught her eye. “What’s this?” With the way that Stone had been blocking the door his back had been to that side and he leaned around to see what she was looking at, lost his balance and fell inside the room with her. The doors immediately closed behind him and both of them were now inside the closed room. For a moment they looked at each other and then fought a little bit of panic and then she said. “Now you’ve done it, we are both inside of this thing, and now what?”

“I don’t know, but at least it’s lit. Well now that we are in here, let’s look at this panel that you were pointing out to me. She reached down and helped him off the floor where he had landed when he fell inside. “Look this has buttons similar to the one we saw outside, and look there are two more one stating doors open, and the other doors closed.” He pressed the one for opening the doors and they miraculously opened. He then followed it by pressing the other and the doors closed. Looking at her he said, “At least we aren’t trapped in here. And I guess we don’t need to panic either.” Breathing heavily out and giving his head a slight shake he continued. “Okay then, let’s see what this thing is all about now that we have, well, fallen into it.”

She laughed and said. “Don’t look at me. I wasn’t the one who fell into it, as you just said. I was just standing here minding my own business when you stumbled in here and the doors closed.” They looked around the inside once again and she continued. “I guess you probably could fit oh around twenty to twenty five people in here at a time. And if I remember right the other side was larger. Now why would you want to do that?”

He studied the panel and noticed that the bottom button stated “Ground Floor”. So he reached out and pressed it. A number of things happened at the same time – first the button lit up, followed by a small clunking sound and then they could feel themselves descending, as the floor seemed to drop. She screamed in surprise as both of them reached out for the rails. For a moment it appeared that they were falling faster then suddenly it slowed down and came to a stop. As it stopped they looked at each other and she had that look that a mother gives her child when he did something he wasn’t supposed to do. Then the doors opened once again and they found themselves in the area where they had first entered. “Wow, it just took us from the top to the bottom and no stairs to climb. Does it work the other way also?” She asked

“It must, as there are only three buttons here, and the one on top just states “View Deck”. But the middle just has a number two. So I wonder if that is where that other door that we passed as we climbed the stairs on the way to the top? Well I guess we aren’t going to find out unless we try it.” He then looked at her and asked. “Would you prefer that we go back to the top, or do you want to see what this other area is like?”

Looking down at the floor for a moment she said. “We do know what the upper area is, and we are here trying to find out all that we can about this place, so I guess we should go there. Not that I haven’t had enough surprises for one day.” She reached across and pushed the middle button. The doors closed once again. They, at first felt nothing, and then they could tell that this room was ascending back up the way they had just come. But this time the ride was much shorter, they heard that chime again and the doors opened into a room similar to the bottom floor. They quickly stepped out and noticed that again, like the bottom or ground floor, the doorway to the stairs was located directly across from the doors that they had just exited. “At least that’s consistent,” he said. Looking to the right all he saw was a solid wall, but looking to the left he saw double doors, and then looking back as Sorrel he asked. “Shall we?” She nodded in agreement and both of them headed for the double doors.

* * *

“This electric room is huge, and I think I’ve confirmed that it uses steam from the steam room to drive these turbines here.” Seve, looking around at the shear size of the room they were in, shook his head. “I bet this is the largest of the modules that they had to bring in. In fact, I’ll bet this consists of at least two of the buildings that they used. Then these generators – all four of them, would have been individually delivered. And that steam has to be geothermal. I know that back in the cities they used more solar and wind than what we are seeing here. But it must be based on what is available in the areas where they set up. In fact, now that I think of it, I can see similarities in the structures in the old section of our city, to what I am seeing here. So most likely, they used some of the modules to initially set up the cities. It would make it quick an’ dirty.”

“That could be true.” Staven replied, “But if they had done just that, then why is it that this place appears to be complete and still working? I would have thought that they would have cannibalized this place to build the initial cities, but here it stands.”

Again looking around at the large space, Seve shook his head. “I don’t know, maybe they used those industrial replicators to produce them. But who knows, maybe it was important that this place continue to operate. After all, it was here that this research team had been placed, so by leaving it here, then if anybody did finally return, they would know that there were survivors, I think.”

“I don’t know about that.” Staven responded. “I mean if I returned here and found it empty then after doing a planetary search I would conclude that the primitives had wiped out everyone.”

“That does pose a dilemma doesn’t it? How would you let any rescuers know that you were still here, when you knew that it would be necessary to abandon this place? As you just stated, leaving it empty and running would not prove anything one way or the other . . . unless . . .”

Looking closely at Seve, Staven asked, “Unless what? What have you come up with here?” He could see now that something was beginning to excite Seve.

“Look, and I think it’s something that we have completely overlooked – if you were going to abandon this place and still at sometime in the future hope for rescue, then you would have put something in place that would allow the rescuers to know that you were still here and alive. And not only that, but you also would have put something into place that would allow you to communicate to them from your cities. So I think that this is something we’ve completely overlooked, which means if I’m right, we can contact the cities from here and warn them. Let’s go and find Saige, I think right now this is more important than finding what’s here. After all, the remaining cities need to be warned, and as quickly as we can do it.”

* * *

As we close out chapter eleven, we find the teams making additional discoveries, and with this it brings up additional questions. This eventually leads Seve to come to a conclusion that, if correct, might allow the team to actually make contact with the cities from here at the Alpha. And with what they have learned, and what they still need to learn we are now ready to move on to chapter twelve. Next week will be my between chapters post. Have a great week and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)


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