Time of Isolation, Chapter 11, Part 11

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* * *

We left the team last week in the process of doing a complete search of this lost facility hidden deep inside the Sacred Mountains. As a review for those who have come into this story late, what they have found is impossible. The Sacred Mountains are only available to the priests, and the primitives have no capability or understanding to be able to construct such a place as the Alpha. And what they’ve learned here has turned their world upside down.

If the situation wasn’t so desperate they might be able to leisurely rediscover all that is here. But their cities, which are hidden deep inside the desolation, are being located one-by-one and destroyed by a united primitive army. The ten members that are here at the alpha are isolated having no contact with any of the remaining cities – if there are any remaining cities. And presently the teams are researching, and learning all they can about this forgotten facility. And last week we finished the post with Stone and Sorrel about to open a discovered door, and it is here where we begin:

At first nothing happened, and then he realized that he had been pushing on the door, so he then pulled and it opened. Looking through the now open door they could see what looked to be a small lighted room. They entered looking around. On the right wall they found another door and this one had a small glass insert which allowed one to look inside. Peering through, they could see steps heading up and out of sight.

The wall opposite of the door they had entered through was solid. But the left wall had two double doors, which had no handles. Between them was a small panel, which had two buttons on it, the top with an arrow pointing up and the bottom, which just said basement. But that bottom button also required some type of key for access. “I wonder what’s down there, if anything.” Sorrel said, then continued, “Probably not important anyway, but what does this other one do?” As she asked she reached out and pressed it with her finger. Both of them jumped as both sets of the closed doors opened revealing another small room in each. Again both were frozen in position with indecision as to what they should do. In that time of delay both doors closed again. They both looked at each other and Stone asked. “Now what was that all about?” In the cities that they had grown up in, all the buildings were single story, and the ones that had basements used stairs to access those areas. This was something they had yet to encounter. “Tell you what, before we go any further let’s get some food in our bellies, and think about this.”

“Works for me,” Sorrel said. She was no more eager to go into a small room that had no apparent exit than Stone was. And once the doors closed and they were inside could they then get out, or was it a trap of some kind? They turned back to the door they had entered this room through, opened it, and saw that once again it was dark. “I guess that confirms that these lights are at least on a timer. Do you remember where that switch that you hit was located Sorrel?”

She nodded her head and then stepped out into the passage. As soon as she did the lights came back on. “Looks to be motion sensitive. So I guess the switch I accidentally found was a master switch. Still like you, I think there has to be one on the other side somewhere. But maybe it isn’t important now. Shall we go eat something then?”

As they entered the cafeteria they ran into the four who were searching the facility directly. They were well on the way to devouring their meal when Seve looked up as they entered and asked. “How’s your search going so far? We’ve been unsuccessful overall.”

“Let us grab something then we’ll fill you in to what we’ve found so far, and maybe it’s something that will help – don’t know really at this time, but ran into something strange, or at least different.” He paused there and then went and grabbed a plate of food for both himself and Sorrel. She had gone to get them drinks, and then joined the others at one of the larger tables. Once they sat down Stone then continued, “First off let me say that that cavern is really huge. From what I can determine it’s mostly natural. I really wouldn’t have wanted to be here when this volcano let loose. It’s no surprise the primitives fear these mountains. Anything close would have been wiped out, and the amount of smoke and ash this thing had to put into the air would have put the fear of the gods’ anger in such a people. And with no lights, other than a few to keep it from being totally dark, it was difficult just to walk across the floor, let alone see anything. But when we got to the other side” . . . he then went on to explain what they had found and that before continuing they needed to eat.

“Wow, that’s more than any of us has been able to find so far.” Staven said. “Are you planning on going into one of those small rooms, or what?”

“No don’t think so right now. I think instead we’ll just climb those stairs. I suspect like the ladders we used to first enter here, that it is another way in and out of this place. Once we check it out, then tonight like the rest of you we will fill everyone in. Then with more of us we can figure out what those two small rooms are all about.”

* * *

“So what do you think Sorrel? Should we see what those small rooms are all about – you know if one of us stays on the outside and one of going inside, or should we just take the stairs?”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but the stairs are something I know about. This other thing I don’t. So until I know more I think I’ll stick with the stairs, thank you.”

Laughing lightly Stone said. “You know what; I have to agree with you. Maybe later.” He then bowed and swept his arms in the direction of the door that led to the stairs and asked. “Shall we?” Smiling she curtsied and together they entered the stairway. “I think we’ll take it to the top to see where these things end, and then explore the different exits as we come back down. How does that sound to you?”

“Works for me,” Sorrel responded. They looked up and could see that it appeared that the stairs went quite a ways up. So they began the ascent. It appeared that at each level the stairs would switch back and make the rise and that it took one switch back to make what they guessed was a floor. After ten such switchbacks they came to a platform and another closed door. On the way up they had really only passed two others and they guessed that some of the area was no more than the walls of the natural cave. Catching their breath before opening the one at the top they reached and opened the door, stepped out, and then caught their breath once again. Before them was a panorama of both the mountains and views that appeared to just go on forever. Here, the area had been worked and some type of material laid that was impervious to destruction by nature. They saw tables, chairs, and some additional sealed cabinets similar to the ones they had found in the facility. Plus there appeared to be facilities for cooking meals, a small stage, and other items that they did not immediately recognize at the moment. The next thing they noticed was that there was a wall around this area that probably kept anyone, such as the primitives, seeing into this place. “Wow, this is beautiful!” Sorrel exclaimed. “And chilly after the cavern!”

Shaking his head and smiling Stone said. “If you want me to disagree with you it’s not going to happen. And this place is huge. It looks like most of everyone who worked and lived here could be up here at the same time and it’s invisible to the rest of the world. And it would give the support staff some place to go to get outside for a while. I bet now that we’ve found this place that there are others. Some place where the children could run around and play that let them burn off all that excess energy they all seem to have.” They walked around quietly and inspected things as they went. Close to where they had emerged they found a double set of double doors built into the side of the rock face that was similar to the ones with the two rooms at the bottom. And here between them was a single button with an arrow pointing down. With a look of curiosity on his face Stone speaking low said. “I wonder . . .”

Looking up at him she asked. “Wonder what?”

* * *

It’s apparent that Stone and Sorrel are discovering the more interesting things within the facility. Still those two small rooms that they’ve avoided could hold some importance. Yet they decide to stick to what they know and take the stairs instead. And once they finally reach the top, open the door, and enter into this area, they discover a worked area that would allow the residents access to the outdoors, a place to relax, and take a break from the work they would have performed here. With this discovery Stone feels that there must be other such areas with some that would allow the children a place to play and burn off all the excess energy they all seem to have. He then spies another set of double doors and become curious. With this we close out part 11.

There will be a break on the weekly posts with the posts returning to the weekly format on July 8th where we will close out chapter eleven. I will be away from any sources that will allow me access to the net making it impossible to post. And since I’m the only one working this blog there is no one else to cover. This would be a great time to check out the archives as there’s lots of great stuff there! Have a great few weeks and God Bless! (http://www.fdbrant.com/)


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