The Harsh Lands, Available in November

theharshlandsWith chapter eight “in the books” so to speak and with chapter nine beginning next week, it’s time to present the “between chapters” post. And here I thought I’d talk about the next novel I’m releasing. The title of this novel is, The Harsh Lands. This novel is actually a trilogy all in one book. The name of the trilogy is Survival and consists of the three books I’ve been listing, and for which these posts have been originating from. In other words this first novel, Time of Isolation, is the novel the chapters I’ve been presenting here are coming from, and is the first in this trilogy. And no there are no plans of presenting the other two novels here at this time.

For this release I’ve gone completely through all three novels. I’ve updated and revised all of them. Originally books one and two were released back in 2012, with the third in 2014. In the past all my releases were exclusively EBooks, but not everyone prefers their reading materials this way, and I can understand that. I prefer hardcopy, (in reality paperback is my preferred choice) myself. Still when one is on vacation where reading may be one of the planned activities E-Readers allow you to pack as many as you like and only require that one small device. So there are advantages to both. And with future releases I’ll be including paperbacks with those EBooks, other than this one as the page count is too high to allow using POD (Print on Demand). And when I have the release date I’ll be posting it here on this blog, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and my webpage,

I’m a self-publisher, so all the costs, all the aspects of producing the final copy falls to me. There are obvious advantages, and disadvantages to doing it this way. First off, by being an indie author I don’t have the sources, or resources to run a full advertising campaign, or even the expertise to be honest. And I must incur all the costs, planning, and releases myself. And with the amount of new material being published every year to even become known is next to impossible. It has been stated that there are over a million new publications added each and every year. That’s a lot. So this means that with this amount of new material out there for someone like me to even be seen or become known is next to impossible (Not that this prevents me from trying).

Yes, there are many (probably too many) sources out on the net, and in the world to assist one in reaching their goals (for a price of course). And one of the things that is finite for most of us, and more so for an indie author, unless he or she has been one of the lucky few who happened to hit the right trend and their works were discovered, is finances. Money is pretty much nonexistent. And what you have you must be so careful as to where and how you spend it. For example my costs at this point for this release, and I’m far from done with these costs, is around $1000. And I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around and spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

This is why I use as many free services as I can, such as this blog on the Wordpress side that costs me nothing. In truth I probably  wouldn’t be here, or on Facebook, or have a Twitter account, other than the fact that these are the only real avenues and sources I have to present to the world what I have available, and is out there. Yes, I maintain a webpage, and this isn’t free. I pay for the use of the server that my  site is on, and like on your home computer must maintain antivirus software which has an additional cost. Still I am responsible for the creation, and maintenance of that webpage. Again I cannot afford to pay a webpage designer to create and maintain my  site. This makes me, as the old phrase goes,” head cook and bottle washer”. It means that I must be, “A jack of all trades”.

As I have said in the past my writing style is, “meanwhile back at the ranch”, and according to the story the novels can be chapter, as this one, timeline, as in The Woman in the Snow, or episodic, as in the yet to be released, Unexpected, Unplanned, and into the Unknown. With, The Harsh Lands, my plan was to have it released by the end of October, but due to some minor technical issues it has been delayed. And for whatever the reason, many of my novels seem to end up being released in November, and with the delays I’ve faced with this one, it will be same.

Okay, enough on this. Since this worked out as I hoped, I’m including the cover image with this post so you will know what to look for. If Time of Isolation has been something you’ve enjoyed so far, then the complete trilogy is for you. Yes, I know, I’m a bit prejudicious since I wrote the trilogy, but I feel the story gets better as you continue through the series. In fact in the second novel you get up close and personal with the primitives. You learn of their world, their beliefs, their society, and actually the reason for their attacking the hidden cities. And yes we continue to follow all of the people from the first novel as they continue to face all those impossible odds, problems, and the truths they’ve learned.

Oh, I guess I should say that the overall length of this novel, the combined Survival Trilogy, is over 1150 pages, if it is a paperback. For whatever the reason an EBook has a smaller page count. Enough to cover a long weekend where one wants to read a good book. And again, personally, I think it is! And I’ll close this out with the back cover blurb. Still if you’ve been reading the story as it has been presented here in this blog, you already know what it states:

Their history spoke of a great war where their ancestors had left their lands, and created their hidden cities, deep inside the desolation. A place where no one could live let alone the tribes or clans. This great war returned the survivors outside the desolation to a primitive state. The primitives to this day continue to fight among themselves, with no apparent knowledge of their true advanced past. And because of the harsh lands where the cities dwell, they felt safe with their advances and their illusions. The cities knew they’d remain untouched, unknown, and undiscovered. Yet, something has changed and cities have gone silent. No warning, no sense of impending doom or disaster. Is it a natural catastrophe? Or is it something more . . .

And with this above stated blurb, this post, the presentation of Time of Isolation, within this blog, and the cover, this is the introduction to this release in the genre of science fiction adventure – the complete Survial trilogy that actually covers over a millennia of time. The Harsh Lands, a story of survival and triumph over overwhelming odds. A story where the unknown past becomes known. And with this revelation it changes all their lives forever. Have a great week, and God Bless! (

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