Changes, Part 6

Last week we left all three at a loss of their immediate future and if it will come to fruition as each hope. Jay, once again, knows the least about the situation. Since he has been away trying to resupply, none of what has transpired here at “The Deeps” is known to him. Knowing her condition when he left and what Elsa had told him he really doesn’t know what to think. Even though he knows it will not answer any of the unknowns he does the only thing he can think of and hopes for the best.

Ed, through the monitoring system, watched as Elsa entered into the park and immediately headed for the public restrooms. She has at least entered into the park. He is in the situation where he’s trying to monitor both young people, and finding the task to be difficult. Still he finds that his impatience is pushing him, and it’s something he must keep under control.

Meanwhile Elsa, having taken care of that nature call is using the time inside the privy to think through the previous incident, and at the same time her body is reminding her she needs to eat. For now she tells herself to ignore this need, and begins to wonder about the area she just entered, and especially those double doors. And with this introduction is part 6 (And if this is the first time here, parts 1-3 are in the right side bar under June 2015, parts 4 and 5 being under July 2015):

Jay was at a complete loss. While his journey had an unknown outcome, since neither of them knew if anything was left when he returned to the ruins, and there was some doubt of him returning safe and sound, the last thing he expected was to come back and find their refuge empty. He sat down once again in one of the chairs that ran in rows and tried to think it through. Was there a struggle? No, no sign of that at all. And the two doors he needed to come through were closed. Although, if he wanted to admit it, he suspected that the drafts would have closed at least one of them if they had been left open. But he doubted the draft could close both of them. So that meant she would have closed them.

He suspected if she had gone over the edge that this would be one of the last things she would have done. If one was eager to leave then closing doors would be the last thing on one’s list, unless . . . Unless what? If someone had been chasing her, she could have slammed the door in their face to slow them down. But, once again, he had seen nothing to indicate such a thing. He was running out of ideas, and running out of time. Every moment that passed meant his chances of finding her lessened.

Even though he knew it was useless he did another complete search and once again came up with nothing – nothing to indicate what happened while he had been away. Since he had moved around and was presently in the room with the windows he stared at each one individually to see if there might be something showing up in one of them that might help. Yet once they cycled he found or saw nothing. Sis, where are you? Are you in trouble, in danger? Why are you not here? He received no answers from the windows, and only heard the silence that surrounded him. None of this made any sense. Elsa was safe here, and all she had to do was give it a few days . . . yes a few days and he would come back to her, which he had.

* * *

At least the female had finally entered the park, and from the way she was moving Ed suspected it had to do with nature. At least she was this far. Now whether she remained would be another question. He could probably drop the pins on those doors and keep her in the park, but figured if he did that she might panic. Still she had brought the basket with her, and in truth she was better off in the park anyway. Everything, other than the young male, she needed was here. While he was waiting for her to exit the restroom he watched the male. What did she call him? He was trying to remember. During those few moments after he had arrived, it had been chaotic on his end, and he felt lucky to have gotten her name, if that was what it was. Still, it was a common enough to be her name.

On a third monitor he played back those few chaotic moments and stopped it and replayed it a couple of times. He was still having difficulty with their accent, and speech. The girl had yet to reemerge and the male was sitting down with a worried expression. Ed saw him get up and search the Welcome center once again ending up in the security office and the bank of monitors that was located there. He watched as the male studied each of them. It was obvious he was trying to locate the girl. Maybe he should contact him over the public address system, but immediately thought better of it. He’d only do that if it appeared the male was heading back out in the desert. Looking over once again at the monitor of the park he saw the female had yet to reappear. What’s taking her so long?

He realized that once again his impatience was pushing him. He truthfully knew that all of this would have to happen on its own schedule and he couldn’t influence or push it at all. The female would return to the park when she was ready, the double doors should remain open, and if the young male – again what’s his name – started to return to the desert he’d have to make voice contact at that time, and other than this he’d have to wait. And after the brief period of excitement when it looked like it all would come apart, now everything was quiet and static.

* * *

Elsa was finishing up in the privy when her stomach growled complaining about being hungry. Oh hush, she thought. It was distracting. What was hitting her at this moment, as she stared into the reflecting glass, were those doors she ran through to find the privy or at least a place to get rid of the liquid in her bladder. If she remembered right they didn’t have any handles – kind of like the doors into the privy. Although on the privy doors the inside part did have a handle so one could leave. She needed to go back and check them out because at the moment she had gone through them she had other things on her mind.

Secondly she was trying to determine if she really had heard her brother or whether it was her overactive imagination. She could have sworn it was him, but there was no way for him to be here with her. And when she had returned to the wall she could tell that however it was done nobody could be heard from the other side. She leaned on the basin; got the water running, taking a handful she splashed her face, followed by washing off the tear tracks that were there. This last moon cycle had been rough, and she knew nothing would ever be the same again for her or her brother. And what the future held, well, that was a complete unknown.

* * *

Ed took a few cleansing breaths, shifted in the chair as he continued to monitor the situation. Even though nothing was happening at the moment he could almost guarantee this wouldn’t last and it would become ever more complicated and chaotic as the day moved on. In a sense he was still unhappy that the male had returned when he did, but had to admit such things were unpredictable, and just maybe he should have factored this possibility in when he had drawn the female into the lower levels. Yeah, right! As if I could make those kinds of predictions.

His eyes were drawn to the monitor where the camera was viewing the young male – now if I can only remember his name, I’m sure she said it – who stood up and began to pace the area in front of the bank of monitors. Ed could tell he was agitated.  I guess I would be if things had gone the way it appears to him. He came back from wherever he went expecting the young female to be here and as far as he can see she’s gone. And there’s nothing here to let him know anything. Yes, I’d be at a loss and wondering what to do. In a way his heart went out to him. He figured he had to be thinking the worst. Ed figured he personally would have. Then when one adds into this mix the hostile environment that surrounds the Welcome center the conclusion would be bad. None of it true, of course, but he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know she’s safe and actually quite close by, Ed thought.

It was this moment he noticed Elsa leaving the public restrooms and heading back to the double doors. Is she going to go back inside the tunnels? I hope not, she just got here in the park. At this moment the young male headed back out of the security office and into the main area. Now what? With both of them on the move it made it a little more difficult to follow, and which one to concentrate more on.

* * *

With nature off her mind and her curiosity building she left the privy and with a purposeful stride headed along the pathway, but stopped a moment and looked down at what she was walking on. She realized it was rock solid, but it wasn’t rock. What is this stuff? She crouched down and touched it. It had both a rough and a smooth surface and seemed somewhat cold. It was almost like someone had taken stone and somehow had melted it down, spread it out, let it cool, and produced these pathways. She knew from experience that the major paths and trails in and around the town had crushed rock and pebbles on them to make the surfaces better, but nothing like this.

Again she found herself in awe of the creators of this place. Not that the impossibility of all of this greenery deep underground didn’t bring out the same feelings because it did. Absolutely everything she was discovering shouldn’t exist here but did. Distracted for a moment she remembered what she wanted to investigate, stood up, and headed back to those doors. She noticed on the bottom section of both doors there appeared to be a large flexible metal strip, and behind this a flat piece of the same type of shiny metal. If she remembered right she pushed through the doors to come out here. Like the privies she expected handles so she could pull them open but found none. “What’s this?” She asked herself. “So how is one supposed to go back?” A slight wave of panic hit her as she thought. Maybe you’re not supposed to go back through. Maybe it’s only one way.

She stood staring trying to solve the riddle that lay before her, and reached out tentatively pushing on one of the doors. She could feel resistance but at the same time it seemed to give with the pressure. She pushed harder and could feel it move but it took some effort. Now she leaned into the door and it moved inward a little farther. She let it go and it closed but at the same time moved a little past the other door. It seemed to be able to move in both directions. Still she wasn’t sure and tried again and was rewarded with a little more movement inward. Again when she let it go it swung past center before settling into the center position. Weird, really weird. Why would a door or doors swing both ways? What purpose would such doors have?

It made no sense to her. It would mean that two people coming from opposite directions trying to go through the doors at the same time could smack each other. She stared down at the pathway by the doors and on both sides near the edges there were holes. Now what could these be for? Again it was something that made no sense to her. She then looked under the flexible metal sheet on the door and saw something attached there. It appeared to be a cylinder like tube with something inside of it. She crouched down and studied this new thing and found the thing that ran through the cylinder had a pin in it allowing the shaft to turn. And when she turned it the pin dropped into a slot lowering the shaft down until it touched the pathway. It suddenly dawned on her that this system would allow the door to remain open. Wow, so simple, why didn’t any of us think of this? She reset the pin in its up position.

Standing back up she pushed harder and was rewarded with enough movement that she could enter back into the tunnels. But before going back inside she grabbed the basket of food. She’d explore this new area later. Right now she needed to eat and be somewhere she had been before.

* * *

With the worlds of the three individuals coming closer together can it be possible that the final outcome will be positive? Still all of this at this point in the story is speculation. Elsa remains close to what she already knows, and once again is trying to understand this new world and all the impossibilities it is presenting to her. Ed is more in a situation where he must continue to monitor all that is going on, and is still trying to identify the young male. And Jay is attempting to put together the last time Elsa was here and what must have happened to cause her to abandon their shelter. With these thoughts we leave you until next week with part 7. Have a great week. God Bless! (


Changes, Part 5

With all three of our characters nothing has gone as anticipated. Chaos reigns supreme, and all three are attempting to come to the terms with the reality they face. Jay, once he arrives, looks for his sister. After all she has to be here, because, in truth, he returned within the time frame both of them considered reasonable. And Ed is at a loss how to regain what he may have lost. He felt that the young woman was about to come through those double doors only to have it change in an instant. Elsa, the one in the middle, is miserable, and full of trepidation. Her brother is just out of reach – just beyond that wall – but she is blocked. Emotionally she is drained. Eventually she realizes, once again, there is no returning and she finally begins her journey down those tunnels once again and to whatever future this entails. (If this is the first time here parts 1 thru 3 are in the sidebar under June 2015, with part 4 under July 2015.) And for your reading pleasure is Part 5:

Once Jay had come through the door it seemed that nothing had changed. The light was still on, and he figured Elsa had to be in that other room watching those windows that saw into the distance. He went over to the chairs and placed everything he had brought back with him there and quickly entered the other room, vaulted the counter and went around to see his sister, only to find she wasn’t there. This stopped him for a moment. Where are you sis? It was obvious this place was empty, and he knew there was no way to know the last time someone had been in here. Puzzled, he slowly headed back out to the main room.

Once there he noticed that the sleep sack was still on the floor and open. This increased his puzzlement. We always pick this up so we don’t trip over it. Why is it here? Looking around at the too empty room his eyes saw the doors into the privies and thought, bet she’s in there. It seemed to be the only logical place she could be. So he sat down and waited what he figured was a reasonable amount of time. Yet, she never emerged from the privy. Reluctant, he went over to the door for the female side and pushed it open to call her name, but the place was dark telling him no one was in there. She wouldn’t have gone to the male side would she? He didn’t figure she would but opened the door anyway and was rewarded with the same darkness.

Fear was beginning to build inside of him. Did she break and run outside and away? She said she had been close to it. Oh my, I hope not. Now he was at a loss. If she went outside, and with most of the area covered in sand – it was a desert after all – there would be no way for him to track her. She could have run out in any direction and he wouldn’t have a clue. Plus he had no idea how long she would have been gone, if she had started running. He headed back to those chairs and sat down once again. He really needed to think this through. Oh Elsa, I hope you didn’t panic and run away. Please let it not be.

His anticipated happy return had turned to doubt and fear. Fear for his sister who was nowhere to be found. Maybe she left a note or something – yes, a good thought! Getting up he began searching all the areas and found nothing. Another thought entered his mind and he went to where they had stored the food once he had emptied the pack so he could take it with him. And from what he could determine she had been here until recently. It appeared from what was left that she was here up to at least 2 days ago. Still that was a long time to be gone and too much to be able to track her if she had left. Now what? Yes, now what indeed! After this time back together after the tragedy to have lost her now, and as far as he could tell that’s what happened, would tear him apart.

Elsa, where are you? Did my leaving you alone finally allow those demons you are carrying inside of you win? By me not being here have I allowed you to lose and run off screaming in the desert? Can I not get you back? Help me please, sister. I need you as much as you need me. Again, at loss as to what to do, he stood back up and looked around completely unsure.

* * *

There had to be a way to entice the girl back, but he had to admit he really didn’t know how. And with her leaning against that wall he didn’t know how long she would stay before she would give up and head in the only direction she could go. Ed thought once again. Why now? Why when she was so close to coming into the park? If he had only waited another few hours before he showed up then she would be slowly overcoming her fears and finding what I placed out there for her. He found his pacing wasn’t helping other than keeping him from striking the wall in frustration, which would have hurt him more than the wall. So he went back inside the security office and watched both monitors to see how this was going to play out. To be truthful he didn’t know.

Now the worry was that the male would go running off into the desert to try and find the young female not knowing she was only a short distance from him. Ed’s goal was to simply get the girl to talk to him, and begin to build some kind of trust, followed by enticing the young male to join them. I forgot all about that speaker and the connection between the Welcome center and the final counter into the facility. Not a surprise really since nobody had considered any part of this area in generations. Now by not remembering it had come back to haunt him. He found he couldn’t sit, so he stood and leaned on the table that ran the length of the monitoring station. He had to come up with a solution or this would get more out of hand, but what to do, what to do?

His heart went out for the young female who obviously was in distress, but if she would only come into the park then maybe some of it would go away. It was obvious she was going to remain against that wall for a while. How long he really didn’t know, but a thought began to form in his mind. Maybe . . . He headed out and made a trip to the closest kitchen grabbed some wrapped food and drink, and quickly headed out towards the park. He hoped what he would be trying would work. And he wanted to get this part accomplished before she gave up and headed back down the tunnels. He didn’t want to be seen yet. Maybe he still could get what he had planned accomplished.

* * *

She had cried herself out and felt exhausted, with no energy to move. Her brother was there only a short distance away. So close, yet so far, and there was nothing she could do to see him, to reach out to him, to talk to him. She had no idea how she had heard his voice but there was no doubt it was him. Still could it have been her imagination or had something happened to him? That scared her. Did something happen to him and he was in the beyond? In the beyond and somehow talking with her letting her know it was all right? No, she thought. He said he was back. But did that mean he was back here, or did it mean he was back from the beyond? No, she had to believe he was back from his journey to their destroyed home.

She suddenly woke up and realized she had fallen asleep. Well, no surprise there. She definitely had been on an emotional ride and she knew personally such rides usually exhausted one. Now she had another problem. It had been a while since her last trip to the privy, and if she didn’t find another soon she’d have to figure out where she could take care of nature. She was sure it was the ache that had awakened her. She pushed herself up and slowly retraced her steps back down towards the lower counter looking to see if there was a place to deal with this, but it was simply walls and floor and nothing else. Again as she came around that last turn the light, which had gone out, came back on just like the first time, once again blinding her briefly.

Once her eyes adjusted she continued onward towards the counter. It was then she noticed a change. If I remember right there was nothing on the counter. Yet there appeared to be something there now. How? She stood there staring, but the distance was too great to be able to determine what this new thing was. Carefully she continued down and to her surprise it looked like a basket – although she had never seen one like this. Basket weaving was something all of them were taught, but this was rectangular, and all of the ones they made were round. How was it done? Plus, on closer inspection it had what looked like 2 lids facing opposite of each other allowing it to be sealed. With a handle in the middle it completed the basket. First off not knowing where it came from she cautiously cracked open one of the lids which simply pivoted. Inside there appeared to be sandwiches wrapped in some type of clear material.

Food was something she needed but now she was crossing her legs as the other need built. It was then she remembered that area beyond the double doors. If she couldn’t find a privy or something similar then it would be better to relieve herself there under one of the trees. So grabbing the basket and with no choice pushed through those double doors on the right and immediately to her right she saw a sign with the symbol that was on the privy doors above pointing to the right. Setting down the basket she whispered, “Thank you”, and literally ran, found, and entered the privy.

* * *

Many times what we want to do is thwarted by other demands, or unexpected outcomes. And many times these things cannot be ignored. Ed has come up with something he hopes will lure the young woman into the park, and Jay is still trying to find Elsa. Elsa, what can we say? So once again nobody really has a handle on their personal future, and the outcome for each is completely unknown. Of the three Jay is the one who knows the least, but his missing sister weighs heavily on him – he must find her. Next week we continue to follow all three as they try to solve their unexpected problems. Have a great week and see you here for part 6. God Bless! (

Changes, Part 4

All of us are guilty of the anticipation of some future event or of our personal plans – normally happy ones. Even though, and usually with some nervousness, we also anticipate those others, such as that up and coming interview for a possible promotion, that trip to the doctor or dentist, or maybe traffic court because we got a ticket. In the former we may be anticipating a great time on a vacation, or that wonderful date you have planned for the weekend, or even a trip to one of the many theme parks that exist. Yet in any of these future events if the results are not what our expectations were, then we can be disappointed, or in some cases because of the severity of the results it can lead to fear and panic. In other words we can run the full gambit of emotions. With Jay, he is presently anticipating his reunion with Elsa, his sister, and the joy that reunion will bring. Will it be as he imagines?

Meanwhile Elsa would love nothing more than to be able to return to where she and Jay have been spending their time. Yet, at this moment it is impossible. And now other issues are beginning to arise to bring this reality to her, not that she doesn’t already know. Still, her situation is beyond her control. And while those double doors appear to lead to another aspect of this hidden world she still isn’t sure if she’s ready to venture into what lies beyond.

And Ed, from the security office inside “The Deeps”, wonders why she is doing absolutely nothing, and why she has remained by the counter. He feels his frustration rising, and realizes he can’t let this and other emotions control him. With this possible meeting in the near future he must be so careful. (And if this is your first time here, parts 1 thru 3 are in the sidebar under June 2015.) And for you reading pleasure is part 4:

Jay was almost back. He had almost missed his markers as he had swung further into the desert than he thought. But now he was on familiar ground and was heading over and around the ravine to head through that large crack. He had come close to running out of water, and had thought he had been followed a couple of times, but in the end it had been his imagination. He hoped that Elsa was watching those windows so she would know he was back. If she wasn’t then his arrival would be a surprise, and he wasn’t sure which he would prefer. Any way he looked at it the trip had been worth it. What he was bringing back should last them a long time giving them the necessary time to figure out what they would do.

With care he pushed through the crack – it was a bit more difficult with all he had this time – avoided the drop-off, and worked his way up to the pool of water. He continued to notice something different, but couldn’t figure it out. But whatever it was wasn’t important at this moment. It seemed the last time he had come to the tank he had sensed a change. Still, he was almost back and he couldn’t wait to see his sister and show her what he found.

* * *

Elsa could hear her tummy rumble. She realized she hadn’t eaten in a while and had no way to return to get anything really. She remained sitting in the one of those chairs that rolled and continued to look through that narrow window. What she saw seemed to be so inviting. She wondered how such a place could exist underground like this. At least she thought she was still underground. After all, when she had come through that open portal the pathway continued in a downward direction, and had only gotten steeper near the end where she was now. Still it could be a canyon or something. Unfortunately from here she couldn’t see in the direction of the sky. This would require going through those doors.

Yeah, those doors. It was the first time she’d ever seen two doors mounted this way. Back in the town if a larger space was needed then a single large door that slid to the side was constructed and used. And to mount glass in the door was a real surprise. Again glass existed but not in the quantity she found here. And the quality seemed to be better also. She could feel the nervousness within herself and it kept her firmly planted right here in this chair. Even with the scene beyond those doors, beyond this narrow window appearing to be nice and inviting, she really had no way of knowing if it was or not. Still, she knew eventually she would have no choice. There was no going back, there was only forward. At least before coming through that opening she had used the privy so this part wasn’t a problem yet – and yet was the key word.

* * *

Ed continued to monitor the girl. Why is she just sitting there? He didn’t understand it at all. Yet all it appeared that she was doing was swinging back and forth in that chair staring out through that narrow window. Nothing else, and no attempt to push through those doors. How long is she going to sit there? He was becoming impatient with this whole thing. Disgusted, he whispered, “There’s nowhere she can go, other than into that park, so why isn’t she moving?” He found he had pushed up out of the chair he had been sitting in, was out of the security office, and found he was heading in the direction of that park, realized what he was doing, stopped and went back inside, returning to the monitors.

He knew it would have been stupid, and could have wrecked any chance of a good encounter. He wasn’t trying to capture her or make her his property, or do anything against her person, but from her perspective it could appear that was the way of it. Let her make the first move, Ed. You’ve waited 68 years to find out you weren’t alone. A little longer and some patience on your part might just make this go smoothly and work out. I really need to get her to trust me, and while I’ve got a rough handle on their language I’ve got to get her to speak slowly so I can understand. Then, and if this goes well, and once I understand what’s really going on, I can probably add the male, with her help of course.

He turned back to the monitors and continued to watch the girl, and every once in a while he would look at the one that gave him views of the Welcome center. He wanted to gain her trust before the male returned. He really had no idea where he had gone, or even why he had left, but Ed was sure he would be returning. And it would be so much easier if he could have the help of this female, and to have an understanding of why they were even here. Then there were the questions of where had all of the people been since no one from The Deeps, or Helms Deep, had ever seen any sign of anything living, let alone others like him.

He saw her suddenly look up towards the ceiling grabbing his attention. What?! He quickly looked back to the Welcome and Processing center and saw the door from the employee entrance opening. He had the volume turned down but as he continued to watch he saw the male entering and saying something. From the body language it was obvious he was excited. Ed went over and turned up the volume and heard the male yell, “Elsa, Elsa, I’m back.” And at the same time he watched the female and she was standing and looking up. “Damn”, Ed exclaimed, “there’s a speaker in there so the lower administration can keep in contact with the Welcome center.” He watched both monitors as Elsa – that had to be her name – got up and headed rapidly back up the tunnel towards the point where she entered.

“Now what?” Ed asked. Not that there was anyone who could answer him. At least the entrance down to the lower level where she had come through was soundproof and she wouldn’t be able to let the young male know where she was – although this complicated things a lot. He had hoped that there would be time before the young male returned to get things worked out, but nooo, Murphy wasn’t going to allow that. He could see the hope in her eyes as she retreated back towards the wall, and looking at the male he, at this point, wasn’t aware she was no longer there. Well, she was here, but not where he could find her. Frustrating – he was sure the young girl, Elsa if he had it right, was close to coming into the park, finding the foods, the water, and restrooms that were there. Now he didn’t know what would happen, or how long it would be before she did give up and come into the park.

And he knew from what he had observed before that once the male realized she wasn’t there he would panic and try and find her. Now he wondered, should he let him in also? But not at this moment since the young female was almost back to the wall, which meant if he did open it she would rush out, and then neither of them would venture inside where he wanted them to go. Shaking his head he got up and headed out into the hallway and began to pace back and forth. It was getting really complicated.

* * *

When she heard Jay’s voice she first thought he had to be with her. But the voice seemed to be coming from above her and there was no place for anybody to be above. Still she was sure it was Jay. If it was then maybe he could figure out how to open the wall and she could get back to him. Decision made she got out of the chair went around the counter and headed back up the tunnel towards the point where she had first entered these new tunnels. The light that had come on over her head when she reached this last section had remained active leaving the area bright. As she moved out of this section she had to stop and let her eyes adjust to the dimmer sections. It was frustrating. She wanted to be back with her brother, and it needed to be now.

Finally after what seemed too long she could see well enough to continue. She almost ran wanting to get there. But once back nothing had changed, the wall was still a wall. And once here she could no longer hear Jay. Back home with the walls between rooms it was easy to hear someone in another room and she expected it to be the same here. Unfortunately it wasn’t so. She tried hard, even put her ear up against the wall – nothing! Then she began to pound on the wall hoping he could hear her pounding and banging the wall, but whatever it was made of absorbed the sounds she was making and she could barely hear the pounding herself. “Jay, I’m here!” She screamed. She could feel that she was beginning to panic, and she could feel her emotions beginning to overwhelm her once again. She slid down the wall to her knees and continued to beat on the wall and yell to no avail. It was at this point she realized he would never hear her or know where she was. Once again she began to cry – sobbing great body wrenching sobs that shook her. She turned once again and sat on the floor of the tunnel with her back to the wall whispering through the tears, “Jay, I’m here . . . Jay I’m . . .”

* * *

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, but not in the way you expected. And for Ed after all his planning, after all the work in bringing this girl down to the lower levels, it appears it’s for naught. The male has returned unexpectedly, and something Ed hadn’t considered has upset his plans. Meanwhile Jay finds the place empty and is shocked, since he was expecting a happy reunion. After all he had been successful in his quest. But now it means nothing and worry is his predominant thought. And unknown to him Elsa heard his return and all that past trauma, hurt, and separation from her brother has been reinforced, and she tries to let him know, but is defeated by a simple wall. With all three dealing with unexpected situations come back next week to see how this story continues to play out. God Bless! (

4th of July – Just Another Day

Personal thoughts and comments:

Or so it seems. And if any truly want to be honest it is just that – another day. We’ve, in our personal lives seen many of them pass us by, and as long as time has been recorded, as we presently do, there seems to be piles of those past days. Yet, over two hundred years ago an event took place that would change and influence world history. When it happened the odds of success were, well, highly against the ones trying to start what became known as the great experiment.

The “colonies”, as they were known, were weak and divided, and yet they defied one of the most powerful nations on earth at that time. Declaring to the world that the oppression, and the lack of representation would no longer be tolerated. They attempted to come to a peaceful settlement with the King and the Houses of England, but continued to get nothing for all their efforts. Eventually, as all things do, it reached the breaking point, and with some trepidation, they crafted the Declaration of Independence, and broke away from England.

Unless one really studies this time in history, it can appear that from their time to now, the road traveled seemed to be simple and easy. Yet, if this is the view it is far from the truth. At no time during the war was there a guarantee of success. In fact the rag-tag army of America was defeated in almost every battle they fought against the British. The new nation was broke, the government created had no real power, and the army that fought this war had nothing to fight with, and was replaced often with new recruits. Meaning there was no trained army to repel the British, and their hired guns the Prussians.

With the appeal to France for help (France and Brittain was continually at each other’s throat), there was a good possibility that this would fail, since the French wanted nothing to do with Brittain, but at the same time wanted a piece of the action. England ruled the seas, and their armies kept their many colonies throughout the world under their control. England truly was a world power and dominant. So unless the Americans could provide some guarantees France would stay on the sidelines.

Corruption and graft existed in this world of chaos, and today we see that nothing has changed. The leaders of this brand new nation tried to keep it all under control, but failed miserably. The Continental Congress could considered more of a figurehead than a true government. And the leaders of this rebellion knew that if they failed that only death awaited them. Yet, they persevered.

In truth while July 4, 1776 is the official day, the document actually became available two days earlier, but we must remember that there were not the methods of communication or travel we are familiar with today, and it took time to bring the representatives together, and to edit and approve the document.

The war raged on for many years, and again in 1812 the British attacked this nation, after a declaration of war by America. (It is this second war with the British where America came close to losing again. Even the capital of the new nation was burned to the ground.) And in the end, through all those failures, eventually, and as stated “through providence”, the nation became independent – free do put together a new type of government, and new way of looking at governance, a totally different direction, or the great experiment. The result of this great experiment created the greatest nation this world has ever known.

Yet, those very critical documents known as the Constitution of the United States, the foundation that allowed this nation to become what it is today are in jeopardy, as they are being completely ignored by the very government tasked with upholding them. And as a result of this, this once great nation is heading for a fall. And when this fall does come to pass it will leave a dangerous vacuum in the world.

Whether she wanted it or not, America became the world leader or super power, and has also become the world’s police force. It has bailed out every nation on this planet. Provided needed supplies, and assistance wherever and whenever required. It has fought in foreign wars to free people of dictatorships, and yes, like all of us personally, made mistakes.

So for us who have the privilege of being born here, we must be diligent, and protect what those sacrifices from ancestors provided. If we do not, then, and in the end, we can only blame ourselves. And when the fall does come, it will be a surprise to many. And then it will be proclaimed, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen . . .”

Can our way of life, or this nation be saved at this late date? For that I have no answers, but if we continue along the pathways we are presently following the outcome is guaranteed. It is only “the when” that is left as an unknown. Enjoy, the many celebrations proclaiming the birth and beginnings of this nation. Take to heart the sacrifices made through time that allowed this nation to be strong. And understand that unless we change, go back to our beginnings, that soon, very soon, these celebrations will be hollow, and mean nothing at all. Because we will no longer be here as a nation, as a people.

God and his laws played prominently in the birth of this nation, and our government, the formation of all we see, and is the foundation for the way we have dealt with this world. Yet, everywhere one looks God is rejected and Christians, even here in this country are persecuted. We are no longer one nation under God, but what we are isn’t clear. Still Pride goes before the Fall. And I see very little difference in our politicians versus the royalty that existed in Europe during the dark ages. It has become two different worlds. And individual rights are being wiped away as unimportant – a keystone to the Constitution – with it being replaced with a Socialist doctrine of “Social Justice”.

At one time business owners had the right to refuse a customer. Now customers can come in, and if refused, destroy that business owner simply because he or she refused to serve them. This is not the country or nation I grew up in, but is the reality of today. The right of the individual is gone and has been replaced by this “social justice”, which simply means whatever the whim will be the law. And as this aspect continues to grow, more and more of the Constitution will be swept under the rug, and ignored. Until it becomes a piece of trash to dispose of, since it will have no meaning, no power. Leaving the one place in this world where any could come to seek freedom, to be gone forever.

So, enjoy the fireworks, the picnics, and the time together with friends and family. Celebrate the time when an oppressed people stood up against unjust acts against them. But understand that all they fought and died for can be swept away in an instant, allowing a great nation to die. And if this happens there will be no mercy from the rest of the world as they come in and fight over the corpse to make it their own.

Happy 4th! May it truly have meaning.

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