Secession, is it Right?

This is a blog extra. As any who follow know I normally post on Saturday. But with all that has been transpiring I felt it was necessary to comment. So for a blog that had no political aspirations, I’ve been talking a lot in that area. But desperate times require one to stand with his or her beliefs.

With the talk and petitions that are presently circulating it is a very valid question – but one that I will attempt to answer a little later. But before we go in that direction, literally destroying this nation, we really need to look at other alternatives that are available. First off, there should be a demand by the states for a recount of the election vote. Demanding that the computers be left out of this equation, since it has been proven that fixing the election is very simple and not easily uncovered, and the count be strictly paper ballots, and a confirmation, under supervision that the votes being tabulated are accurate. And with the proof of many precincts showing a higher percentage of voter turnout than the registered base, these should either be discounted or not included in the count since it is very obvious that there is fraud involved. If an area has only the electronic machines with no paper trail then these precincts should be required to have the registered voter base vote again on paper ballots. Plus all military that did not receive their absentee ballots should be allowed to vote.

Secession will destroy this nation, and I cannot say that this isn’t exactly what the great divider wants. After all he has stated on many occasions that he wants a world government, and I have commented with my thoughts and views on this in the past and will not repeat it here. So I ask you, what is the one country that stands in the way of this happening? Add to it that this particular country has been the leader of the world for a number of decades and something that Europe would love to take over in that role. Of course it is us. So it would be in their interest to make sure we fail. Next it would mean that the debts that this country owe would cause a collapse because we couldn’t pay and thusly be taken over by the nation that owns that debt, and that folks would be China, a known communist country. This would bring to these shores communism as the primary government, again, something that many organizations within this country have attempted to do, but failed. If states do secede, then they must immediately form a new federated state system to prevent an action similar to our past civil war. Although it has been pointed out that the term civil war is incorrect, since it was 2 different nations at that time which were fighting.

You must remember that this government has been stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition. Why, would be the obvious question. But you get no believable answers from this administration. If one would look at this and other troubling revelations, it could easily lead one to believe that somewhere they plan to begin an insurrection that would allow them to bring martial law down upon the people, and place any who oppose their socialist policies into those camps that they say doesn’t exist, or have been called FEMA camps. And like in Germany, leading into WWII, we now have the brown shirts. It is a scary time in this country’s history, as we slide ever so close to losing all of our freedoms and become just another socialist or communist state. We truly are that close.

People have begun to feel very helpless as anything that they do, or try to do to stem this tide towards the financial failure, and the roll over to socialism, fails. As it has been said, desperate times lead to desperate measures – thusly why so many states are looking at leaving the union. From the hopelessness that permeates society it seems like a very viable option. Yet, in the end this will leave each and every one of us vulnerable from all directions. The instability that this will cause will lead to much hardship, murder, rape, disaster, and on and on.  With this weakening, the ones on the outside that have wanted a piece of this country would now attack. Feeling, with the weaknesses that would exist, we would be easy pickings. After all, whatever front that the world has presented is not its true nature.

I must admit that even to me the idea of secession sounds good initially, yet there has to be other viable ways to solve this dilemma.  And first I would say that a monitored recount would put the true winner of the election in office. And personally, I do not believe it is the one who supposedly won.

So after thinking it though, secede or not to, have led me initially to the not to side. That’s not to say that if we continue down this road to destruction that I won’t change my mind. And when the latest tally show that 27 states are beginning the petitioning process, which is by far the majority, it makes one believe that this president was not the winner in this race, but won by a rigged election. The Constitution has no provision for secession, so one would have to look to the Declaration of Independence originally used to separate us from England. So here are some facts through links on secession.

Whatever comes out of this will have given the great divider confidence. After all he has successfully divided the races, and now has the beginnings of infighting happening within the states, making “we the people” ineffective and out of this fight. To defeat such, one must first recognize that this is what’s happening and come together. Otherwise it is all a lost cause. And if you think that he will step down after this next 4 year term, I have some swamp land for sale that I’m sure you’ll be very interested in.

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