The All Powerful

Again, this is a fictional short story against the backdrop of any country that uses a system to elect representatives. Even the Communist countries tout the fact that they vote, even though there is no doubt of the outcome.  So have fun with it and enjoy the story through the eyes of this fictitious leader as he savor’s his victory.

It was quiet in his office as he sat behind the huge desk. The only items sitting on the desk was a pen set from a friend, well this person had been a friend, but no longer associated with him – especially since he had taken office through rigged elections in the past. Yet, this past term had been a wonderful time, as he and his cronies, with the press’s support of course, twisted the laws of this country to fit their own ideas of how it should be. In many ways, he was close to the most powerful leader in the whole world and he enjoyed this position tremendously. After all, who could challenge him? As he glanced past the pen set, there was the standard desk calendar, and a pad to make writing easier, and the clean empty desk, he knew that as well as it had gone he hadn’t been sworn in for that second term, yet.

The sunlight was streaming through the windows that were directly behind him, but if someone wanted to remove him, he would be safe here, since the glass was more than bullet proof. So it was easy to swivel his chair around and look out on a pastoral scene which reflected the false peace that the manicured lawns, flower beds, and trees reflected. After all, another election had come and gone, and he was still in power, still free to do as he pleased, free to make his will the law of the land. Not some old musty document that didn’t apply to this world, his world. Of course he had won again by fraud. But there would be none to challenge him. After all he controlled not only the press, but all law enforcement and the military. The highest courts were his to command, and the under-houses, these elected officials were ineffective and couldn’t see their way out of a brown paper sack, let alone challenge his abuses. He laughed quietly.

It had worked perfectly. And the field tests were out in the open for all to see, and so easily explained away. It had been in the past that the weak points in these elections were pointed out to him. And at that point he put the best minds to work, the programmers that were of like mind, and they worked and tested. Then when it came time for this new election, they put the software into the electoral system, and specifically where it would be to his advantage, and ran those field tests – all successful. It was easy to explain away why votes were going to him, no matter who someone voted for. “Oh the machines just need some calibration that’s all.” And it was believed. Then the front end was put into place giving the illusion that the votes were going to the ones the citizens had chosen to vote for. But in the background with the algorithm in place, behind the scenes actually changing the votes to him, it became fun to watch.

He played at campaigning, and even though he had that one slip with that damn open mic before the campaigning, before the elections, the statement of “when” instead of “if” I win the election had been heard by all, but the press said nothing, did nothing, or just ignored his statement. He had told that leader that once he was re-elected, and that was all but guaranteed, that the gloves would come off and he could do as he pleased. He knew that if anybody had chased down that slip they may have been able to stop his plans, to discover the fraud, at that point. So easy, to exploit that weak spot in the system, a system that really had many. He had watched, in the past, as a particular region had done their voting, but the race was close, and the challenger won. When a recount was demanded and given, when the chosen candidate hadn’t win a second term, all of a sudden votes were coming out of the woodwork, from hidden places, votes that supposedly were not counted, and funny thing, all these votes were for the losing candidate until there was enough for her to win back her position. And not one question from the “sheeple”, not one. It made it obvious that such could be done on a national scale and with his control of every aspect of not only the election and press, but the government no one would question the outcome.

But he had to admit that he had a rather large ego, and so he wanted this challenger to feel like he would win, only to be crushed in the end. But I had to be careful then, since the winning margin couldn’t be too great. Then and only then would he tally full satisfaction from the many demeaning, well demeaning in his mind, facts that this one had brought into the open. And as the polls closed across this large country, one by one, the challenger appeared to be winning, building his confidence that all that money, all that hard work, all that campaigning was paying dividends, only to be crushed at the end when it all swung to him, the incumbent, the present leader. And it was with much satisfaction and a salve to his ego when he saw his challenger realize that he had failed. Yes, so satisfying. Still there was much to do, so very much to do to change this country, to make himself the permanent leader, and with so many years ahead of him, in his mind, he once again laughed – for who could stop him?

Oh yes it had been a great time to watch this unfold, and in private, he rewarded those like-minded programmers that made this happen, and made it happen just as he had envisioned. The software did its work and then removed itself leaving no trace behind. Those camps were built, the brown-shirts were being trained, soon, yes very soon the reality of his grand plan would be known to all, and especially any who had challenged him, any who were against him. After all, like the Romans of the past, he would become the permanent leader, the emperor, and make the government god that the “sheeple” would be required to worship, or pay a hard price. Yes it was all coming together, and there were none, absolutely none who could challenge him. And it really was too bad about those programmers, after all who could have foreseen that accident. And with that thought, he quietly laughed once again.

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Goodbye America, Hello Amerika

The moment came and went, and the results were such that one country died, to become  no more. The death had been slow, as ones inside her slowly chipped away at her freedoms, her beliefs, until the others began to control, bringing this once great nation to her knees, and brainwashing the youth into believing in their ways. After all they were patient and knew that eventually she would fall, without a whimper, without a final gasp of free air, to become no different from the world, to join a fraternity of failures, that had existed in the past, continues today, and will continue in the future. A nation that had been built upon individual freedoms and the right to advance one’s self, to further one’s place in life, died.

It did not matter that the ones who governed did so by fraud. They were in power, and would not relinquish it to any. After all, this is the way of socialism, of communism. The elite at the top, will rule until the system fails, as it always does. But in the time of this government, millions will suffer, millions will disappear to be never heard from again – for it is the way of the system. All one has to do is look at history, look at the present, to see all of this being acted out. Since, the bottom line of these so-called systems is control. And they control with ruthless efficiency. After all, it does not matter what happens to the workers, the ones they control – there are always others to take their place. Keep the fear alive and in place, since it is easier to rule when the populace is fearful. And add to this distrust, keep the divisions alive, for as long as distrust is alive the nation is easier to control.

After all, the ones who control this government are elitists and as such will forcibly remain in control, isolated and outside of the suffering that they cause. After all, it is unimportant. They will lie, they will use deceit, and call it the truth. After all, they control the media, and what is and isn’t said. So they can do as they please, claiming it is in the best interest of the nation, and laugh because it was so easy. And if one believes that what is written here is false, look to the USSR, look to communist China, look to Vietnam, look to North Korea, and all of this that has been stated, has been, is being, and will continue to be acted out. And now we have seen it become a reality here. And if you do not believe it is so, just wait, and it will not be a long wait either, and you will begin to see all of this acted out here, on our own shores. Soon we will be no different from the others – so, goodbye America, and hello Amerika.

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A Thanksgiving to Remember

We in this country are very fortunate that most holidays, including Thanksgiving are celebrated in a safe and secure home, with friends and family around us to enjoy the warmth of friendship. But this isn’t always the way of things, and while other places do not specifically have this holiday, they have similar celebrations. At times what one is living at that moment can make them thankful for just suviving and having a place to go. While fictional in nature, I know much of what is described here from personal experience.

The winds whipped out of the Northeast with a vengeance. Unfortunately it was a very cold wind, and dry. It picked up the ash and blew it around in black clouds covering them in soot and ash. If they could look into a mirror they would have sworn that they were coal miners with faces, and any exposed skin black. Large whirlwinds picked up more of the ash and danced across the barren, burned, and blackened landscape creating ghostly monsters dancing to their own music. The tents that they were living in were laid flat not being able to stand against the furiousness of the winds and their more powerful gusts. Then the pegs ripped out of the ground whipping the ropes into the air, followed by the shredding of the same tents. It really appeared that nature in her fury wanted to destroy anything that still remained, anything manmade. All the family could do was hold on and hope that soon these winds would diminish in intensity and leave them alone.

The only consolation that any of them had was the knowledge that they were not alone – not that they wished their plight on others. When the fires had ripped through the area there had been little warning and almost no time to escape. All they owned presently was what they had been able to get into their cars before fleeing. The rest was abandoned and that was a total loss. The fires had been intense pushed by similar winds which they were facing now, but this fire had been different from others from the past. Oh yes so much different. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for these winds to push wild fires such as these, but this one burned into these winds. Ah, one would think, if that was so, then it should have been easy to control, easy to extinguish, after all that meant that this fire had to fight for every foot. But alas it was not so. It burned with an intensity that defied belief, and with a speed completely unexpected – again into the winds of all things. In the end the ones in the know stated that this was topography and a fuel driven fire. What the winds had provided was the spark, the low humidity’s, a way to spread the fire, at the beginning. Once on the move it became a monster with a mind of its own, going where it pleased, not stopping, or ignoring anything, or anyone.

At first this fire was to the North of their location, far away, and while worrisome did not appear, in the beginning, as one that would have any effect on them. After all, the winds would push it away from their location, and all that would be necessary was to monitor it. Yet it hadn’t remained to north of them at all and had traveled south against those winds after being pushed west. Once west of their location it consumed everything in its path burning directly and rapidly into those strong winds. They had remained up late that previous night watching with unbelief as the mountain to the west of where they lived was consumed. With the rising sun all that could be seen in the west was a heavy dark boiling smoke cloud rising into the sky. This smoke cloud, running from the southwest to the northwest, with a sharp defined break between the hot boiling smoke being produced by the fire, and the clear blue skies, leaving none to doubt what was happening beneath that veil. The summer had been long and hot with no moisture, the winter before producing very little rain, leaving them in a heavy drought. The irony being this; the day the wild fires ended it rained.

Yes it had rained a cold rain which lasted a couple of days. Rusting the exposed burned metal left from the fires that had consumed the wood and other materials. The fire had been so hot that a barbeque was consumed leaving a skeleton of what it once was. But at least the rains were light. With nothing to hold the soils it could have resulted in another disaster following on the heels of the one caused by the fires. There easily could have been mudslides and flash flooding, adding to the misery and loss.  So for this small miracle they could be thankful. Yet where did one go from here? Their location had been remote and insurance impossible to get. So yes the question that lay before them was just that; where did they go from here? Yet, right at this moment it was the winds that were once again on their minds. It was Thanksgiving Day, and obviously they would not be celebrating it here. Thankfully other family members lived outside the zone of destruction and they were to head there instead – a small respite, a chance to reflect. With a future dark and unknown, and a past that had made them homeless, made them refugees in their own land, but maybe, just maybe, from this would be lessons of life. For many in this world were as such, and many families in this county, like theirs, had no place to live, no place to stay, and no real answers.

Yet today was a celebration of life, of being thankful for what they had, what they had endured, what they had survived – others hadn’t been as fortunate. So even with all that had transpired, all that had been lost, the hard times that they had faced, and would continue to face, they still had much to be thankful for. Things such as each other, and the support of family, the reaching out of strangers for the needs that existed, and most of all with all this destruction, the loss of personal items, their home, in the end it was just stuff. No one died, not one was injured, and while the future was unknown, and full of unknown problems, at this time, at this very moment, it was enough.

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Secession, is it Right?

This is a blog extra. As any who follow know I normally post on Saturday. But with all that has been transpiring I felt it was necessary to comment. So for a blog that had no political aspirations, I’ve been talking a lot in that area. But desperate times require one to stand with his or her beliefs.

With the talk and petitions that are presently circulating it is a very valid question – but one that I will attempt to answer a little later. But before we go in that direction, literally destroying this nation, we really need to look at other alternatives that are available. First off, there should be a demand by the states for a recount of the election vote. Demanding that the computers be left out of this equation, since it has been proven that fixing the election is very simple and not easily uncovered, and the count be strictly paper ballots, and a confirmation, under supervision that the votes being tabulated are accurate. And with the proof of many precincts showing a higher percentage of voter turnout than the registered base, these should either be discounted or not included in the count since it is very obvious that there is fraud involved. If an area has only the electronic machines with no paper trail then these precincts should be required to have the registered voter base vote again on paper ballots. Plus all military that did not receive their absentee ballots should be allowed to vote.

Secession will destroy this nation, and I cannot say that this isn’t exactly what the great divider wants. After all he has stated on many occasions that he wants a world government, and I have commented with my thoughts and views on this in the past and will not repeat it here. So I ask you, what is the one country that stands in the way of this happening? Add to it that this particular country has been the leader of the world for a number of decades and something that Europe would love to take over in that role. Of course it is us. So it would be in their interest to make sure we fail. Next it would mean that the debts that this country owe would cause a collapse because we couldn’t pay and thusly be taken over by the nation that owns that debt, and that folks would be China, a known communist country. This would bring to these shores communism as the primary government, again, something that many organizations within this country have attempted to do, but failed. If states do secede, then they must immediately form a new federated state system to prevent an action similar to our past civil war. Although it has been pointed out that the term civil war is incorrect, since it was 2 different nations at that time which were fighting.

You must remember that this government has been stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition. Why, would be the obvious question. But you get no believable answers from this administration. If one would look at this and other troubling revelations, it could easily lead one to believe that somewhere they plan to begin an insurrection that would allow them to bring martial law down upon the people, and place any who oppose their socialist policies into those camps that they say doesn’t exist, or have been called FEMA camps. And like in Germany, leading into WWII, we now have the brown shirts. It is a scary time in this country’s history, as we slide ever so close to losing all of our freedoms and become just another socialist or communist state. We truly are that close.

People have begun to feel very helpless as anything that they do, or try to do to stem this tide towards the financial failure, and the roll over to socialism, fails. As it has been said, desperate times lead to desperate measures – thusly why so many states are looking at leaving the union. From the hopelessness that permeates society it seems like a very viable option. Yet, in the end this will leave each and every one of us vulnerable from all directions. The instability that this will cause will lead to much hardship, murder, rape, disaster, and on and on.  With this weakening, the ones on the outside that have wanted a piece of this country would now attack. Feeling, with the weaknesses that would exist, we would be easy pickings. After all, whatever front that the world has presented is not its true nature.

I must admit that even to me the idea of secession sounds good initially, yet there has to be other viable ways to solve this dilemma.  And first I would say that a monitored recount would put the true winner of the election in office. And personally, I do not believe it is the one who supposedly won.

So after thinking it though, secede or not to, have led me initially to the not to side. That’s not to say that if we continue down this road to destruction that I won’t change my mind. And when the latest tally show that 27 states are beginning the petitioning process, which is by far the majority, it makes one believe that this president was not the winner in this race, but won by a rigged election. The Constitution has no provision for secession, so one would have to look to the Declaration of Independence originally used to separate us from England. So here are some facts through links on secession.

Whatever comes out of this will have given the great divider confidence. After all he has successfully divided the races, and now has the beginnings of infighting happening within the states, making “we the people” ineffective and out of this fight. To defeat such, one must first recognize that this is what’s happening and come together. Otherwise it is all a lost cause. And if you think that he will step down after this next 4 year term, I have some swamp land for sale that I’m sure you’ll be very interested in.

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In a world where fair play is a joke I was still raised with the ideals that I should try, as much as I can, to be fair in what I do, how I interact with others, and live my life. And even if it is a naive view, I expect the same from my representatives and especially from my leaders. Below are my thoughts and opinions, and if what I say here touches someone, makes them think, and whether we ever learn the true facts is for the future, then all may not be lost. Remember we all have need to participate and to protect what we have, or it will be gone forever.

If one would look back at the elections, the times leading up to the elections, and even months before, it becomes obvious that the president pointedly stated and acted as if the outcome was already known. And that outcome would make him the winner.  And this seemed to be reinforced by the way he and the vice president played at the campaign, the debates, and even the disasters that preceded the elections, preferring to smooze it with the hollywood celebrities and spend time in Vegas. And why not, since he was virtually guaranteed the win no matter how anybody really voted. I believe the winning percentage was 2%. Add to this that many of the precincts in the swing states shows over 100% voter turn out, which should be impossible, it makes one want to look further and find the truth. Well good luck on that one.

With this post I’ll be providing links that will demonstrate exactly how this voter fraud was perpetuated, making sure that the one who won, won. As the testimony in the linked video states, this fraud through the software is completely undetectable and the only way it can be found is by tearing the program apart at the source code and to find the code that flips the count to the person they want to win. And funny thing, what is stated shows that this software flips it exactly to the percentages that is the outcome of this election, which immediately makes one suspicious, and should lead one to think. In any place where ID’s were required for voting the challenger won. Any place where none were required, the incumbant won, and in these places the vote tallies were well beyond the registered base.

If you expect main stream media to ask these hard questions, again, good luck. They have been in the pocket of this administration since the very beginning, and it hasn’t changed now. Again this is only conjecture, but there seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence to make one want to dig further and check it out. After all with software running the totals it is the very weak link in this process, and from the testimony before congress this is something, to flip the vote, that is simple to do. So as you watch this video, make up your own mind. Do the research, check it out. It is important that the one who we elected actually takes office and not someone who used deceit to take over or keep an office. If the incumbant honestly won the office, then whether I like it or not, that is what was decided and the office is his. But if it comes out that he used fraud and  modified software to ensure his position, then he needs to be removed, and the person who actually won be placed into office, it really is that simple.

The next link deals with Obama voter fraud and the many links to confirm these facts. Again, search them out, confirm the information and make up your own minds. But it is important that we get this right or we will be facing much the same problems in the future. And if you really think about it, our very future rides on what can be proved or  disproved. So do not take this lightly, or that this is the ravings of a sore loser. This is more important than any one of us, more than it being a personal vendetta. By turning our backs, it says that anything can be made to happen, anything, and it can be the difference between this nation surviving or failing.

It’s important to all of us that no political organization, be it democrat, republican, green party, or any of the many others out there, they work honestly, and within the system that has been set up. None has the right to use outright fraud to control the results of the elections, and the ones who rightfully won these elections should be given the office for the chosen term. If we allow fraud to rule, then we bring anarchy upon ourselves, and again in the end, we can only blame ourselves. If we are not willing to protect our freedoms, then we will certainly lose them, just as the sun rises and sets every day. Let’s get this right.

Again, I have tried to keep away from politics and keep it out of this blog, but this is too important, too critical, leaving me no choice but to make my opinions known.

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A Moment in Time

In a sense this will be an eclectic post as I look at a number of different subjects, each probably short. Most are about writing, so for this I apologize ahead of time, (and I’m really not apologizing for the parts about writing, but the short subjects) since any who follow know that the posts are normally  close to 1000 words and on a single subject.

A moment in time: When history looks back at this moment in time, it will be marked as a time when a nation that had been great, failed the test to remain so, and in a short time period disappeared from the world. A nation that was under God and one that had for its life shown great promise, great growth, a shining light to the rest of the world. A place where people wanted to live, to have their families raised without fear which has permeated so much of the rest of the world. This moment in time marked it final chapter. And even though it did not become obvious for a number of years, with this nation’s rejection of God, God’s grace was removed and the nation eventually died. For the ones in power openly rejected God, and let all know this. Then this nation reinforced this rejection by placing the very same back into power, proclaiming that this is their belief also.

That’s not to say that there are no God-fearing people in this land, because there are many. They do as God has requested. Read his word, pray, and raise Godly families – knowing that all blessings come from the Creator. Yet at the end of this, a God-fearing man was defeated by ones who rejected God. And that, my friends, can very easily become our legacy.

Quotes from historical figures:

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

John Adams, Founding Father and the nation’s second President warned: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

Abraham Lincoln: “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Moving on: As I have been stating, the book, “Desperate to Survive” will be released as an e-book this month. I have a tentative release date as November 20, 2012. This is book 2 in the Survival Series, and while it concludes the story that begins in the book “Time of Isolation, I’m writing another, which easily could become more than a single book, that is inside the Survival Universe. In book 1, Time of Isolation, one learns that the hidden cities deep in the desolation are being destroyed, and a small remanent escapes and finds themselves isolated. In book 2, Desperate to Survive, you get up close and personal with the primitives, learn their way of life and the undeclared war on the cities hidden in the desolation and the outcome of this clash. While book 3, tentatively titled, “A Taste of History Past”, deals within the Survival Universe approximately 1500 years after the events in books 1 and 2. I hope to release this one sometime in the second half of 2013.

As time continues to move past all of us I do plan to continue to edit and rewrite the first 2 books that I have written. They are titled, “The Ones Before”, and “Discovery” – with a 3rd presently partially written, but on hold as there needs to be some serious research, so that what is written within the story will be accurate. This one is titled , “The Beginning or is it the End?” The trilogy is written in what I call the “Discovery Universe”. The story deals with a time in our history many thousands of years after an apocalyptic event. At a time when our present tech level, in the time of the story, is the early 1800’s. And like the 2 from the Survival Universe, the first two are a series, and the third jumps instead of forward in time, actually goes back to the time of the event that changed mankind forever.

For the writers out there: You know that publishers are generally looking for works that range from 80,000 to 110,000 words. For me the issue is length. I know, the first thought would be that it cannot be that difficult to write 80,000 words, and with that I agree. And if you were to look at the word counts, mine range from 118,000 for the shortest to 164,000 for the longest. The one I’m releasing this month is 135,000 words in length. Of course, if I compared myself to someone like David Weber, I suspect that mine would appear to be short stories.

Next: For me writing is something that I enjoy. And my wife continues to marvel that I can write something that has that many words. Her comments are; I just don’t understand how someone who is so quiet and says so little can write so much. I don’t know about that, but I know that when I write I can see the characters, the lands, the history all in pictures within my mind, and for me to write successfully, I must have music. By using easy listening music, in my case it’s called New Age, the music, which is played in the background, lets me get past the conscious mind to the creative mind. When it works the words and story flows easily and freely.

For those beginning writers out there: The most difficult part of writing is starting. But just as difficult is doing it constantly. And while I’m not saying anything new here, still it is something that must be said often and reinforced. You must set a realistic writing goal. And what I mean by this is something that will work for you personally. I’ll use myself as an example. When I began this road as a writer my first goal was to write at least 5 pages a day. But found that this seemed to be unreachable for me. So I couldn’t get started. Realizing that this was wrong I changed that goal and now have it set at a 1000 words a day. For the most part I reach that goal. Some days I can write two to three thousand words, other days, less. Generally I write 5 days a week, minus the holidays and family time.

The second part of this is the consistency. It must become a habit. Find out what time of day is most creative and use that time period everyday when you write. And if you do this, when you decide to play hooky for a day, you’ll find the desire to get back at it. Yes there are days when it doesn’t happen, the words won’t come and the story won’t flow – that’s just part of being a writer. Yet, I have found that if I’m truly into the story that I’m writing, yet  when I’m not writing, I thinking about it. And this thinking actually leads to a very productive writing day and the many days that follow.

Finally: I’m an indie writer. So this means that there’s a very good chance that what I write may only become something important to the family. And if that’s so, then so be it. Yet, isn’t what we do, for family in the end? So maybe long after your gone and a great-great grandchild finds your book and reads it, realizing that they have touched not only the past, but someone from their family who actually took the time, and put forth the effort to see it to conclusion, and wrote a book, possibly leaving them in awe that such did happen, that someone within their family could do this. And with that realization, maybe, just maybe, it will be enough to inspire them to try.

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Be Aware

Many will be heading for the polls on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 to vote for a president. representatives, and many local measures. Many have already voted in states where early voting is allowed. In any election we all must be aware of the issues, and the problems, and make intelligent decisions. After all what we decide here will determine our next four years. Will we continue down the road towards socialism, or will we begin a return to our democracy? This is truly the question before us.

Mainstream media has joined the left, the liberals, and have, as one has called him, supported the “anointed one”, no matter what he has done. While at the same time only putting out negative views and responses to any who would challenge their ideas and their chosen representative. So to find the truth one must ignore what is being stated, research, and find the truth. One of the issues that has already been found in at least 3 states is voter fraud within the polling places. These electronic voting machines have been moving votes for any other presidential candidate to President Obama. In other words, if you were to vote for the green party candidate, or the republican candidate, for example, it wouldn’t matter, since it would register as a vote for Obama. And if this has been discovered in 3 states, there’s bound to be others.

The worry here is how deep does this corruption go? Usually the ones who are actually manning the polls are volunteers and are very honest. Yet someone who has control over these voting machines has modified them to reflect the candidate of their choice, the one that they want to win. And if this exists where it has been observed and documented, how can one trust the software that tallies these numbers in the background where no one can see what it’s doing? I feel personally that this is a valid question and one that should be addressed.

So when you go to the polls, and I hope that all voters will, please be aware and alert. Vote as you feel you must, but be sure that your vote is counting as you have cast it. After all, our country’s future and ours is riding on this.

What is a Story?

As I was re-reading “The Lonesome Gods”, by Louis L’amour for at least the 6th time I realized that this is a book, even though it is written for the Western genre, that any should read. I have quoted from this author in the past and part of what he was discussing is this book. I say for any out there, give this book a chance as it deserves it. Still, what is a story anyway? Some say a story is about life with the boring parts cut away leaving the exciting action, something to hold our attention. Others say that it is a way to learn to pass on knowledge. After all there has been story tellers in the tribes and clans for as long as there has been tribes and clans. In stories you see the cultures, the way people think, and yes even the times that they were written. A good example of this is the recent animated movie by Disney, “The Emperor’s New Groove”. The story is full of cultural references, innuendos, and events that make it timely for this period in our own history. But, a century from now will it elicit the same laughs, the same humor, or will there be a complete lack of understanding to what is being viewed? Leaving the audience, in that future time, wondering what made this so popular and funny when it originally was aired for the first time.

We can see much of these cultural and scientific changes with our own favorite authors if they’ve had the opportunity to be around a very long time. In the Science Fiction genre, authors such as Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov are great examples. During their lifetimes much changed and their writings reflect these changes. Reading early books by these or any of the authors who remained active as writers throughout their lives, you can see the changes in society, the advances in science, the changing moral fiber, and the era that it was written – with all of this influencing the writers, and the stories that they produced. And because the writer is tied strongly to who and where they come from, at times even the region where it is written becomes obvious. Remember each and every language has its own way of thinking. Because of its structure, the way it must be spoken, it forces the ones who speak it to think specifically within the bounds of that language and culture. So what is humorous to one culture leaves another scratching their heads trying to see what was so funny.

So again, what is a story anyway? It seems that most deal with ordinary people, but even when you deal with superheroes you find that behind their facade are the same issues, same problems, same conflicts that the ordinary everyday person has to deal with. For example, since he is popular right now, let’s look at Spiderman. Peter Parker has family problems, trying to support his aunt, has to deal with a boss that is overbearing, has no self-esteem when dealing with the opposite sex or life, is always second guessing himself, never has enough money to cover the daily needs, and has secrets, hmm, sound familiar? And if we were to look at another very popular character, Batman, we would find similar, albeit not all since he is rich, problems, secrets, and issues in his background.

That leads one to  see that most stories deal with the human condition and while most writers allow their hero to survive the stories, other do not, and we know these stories as tragedies. Because of the times that these characters live, they are bound by the laws and conditions of the worlds that they are created in, limiting what they can and cannot do – much as it is for us in the real world. Many times these special few are able to see what the future holds, referring to both the writer and the characters in his story. And as such the writer uses the story to convey what he believes. Stories can be for entertainment, for teaching lessons, to put forth one’s views on utopia – a perfect society, and to give either the listeners or readers a view inside of the story teller’s head.

One thing stories do for all of us is to allow us to live lives that we could never live in our own existence. We take a cheap vacation into these fictional, and sometimes factual worlds as seen through the eyes of the author. On the factual side it can bring the past alive, or some recent event that was only briefly covered in the news. Giving one insight into the overall situation and the results of either the successes or failures that moved it into the realm of news worthy. Again an example of this would be those fires that burned us out many years ago, and of course, we were not alone. But for one of those days we had a news crew follow us around, asking questions filming as we tried to recover what little we could. In those many hours of work and filming the news crew cut it down to less than a minute of air time. Giving one a quick view into our lives at a specific moment. Yet, the obvious question would be; did this really show everything? And of course it did not. Had there been a book or a followup, then any who would be interested in such a thing could have then gotten more of the story but obviously, even here, not the full story.

Again the problem with any story is not necessarily the writer, although there are many really bad one out there. But us, the readers, the ones listening to the stories created by the story tellers. While we may have a rich imagination that allows us to see the stories in pictures within our minds, anyway you look at it, this will not be an accurate interpretation, since it will be colored with our own experiences or lack thereof, views, the way we think, and the way we view this world, making our conclusions and pictures different from any other who had enjoyed the same work. And is there anything wrong with this, no not really. So what is a story? It is about life, about overcoming difficulties, it is about learning, it is about us and our species dealing with all that we are, good or bad, and if the story is well written or well spoken then it can touch us, give a sense of pride, and even change us. After all isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t a story something that allows us to look at ourselves, to see things differently than we normally would – of course. So here’s to the story tellers in our lives, the ones who enrich us, fill our lives with wonder and adventure – may they always be there.

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