Politics in an Election Year

As usual we are seeing the same rhetoric and same lies put forth as the truth as we head towards the 2012 presidential election. It has become quite obvious that politicians have exempted themselves from the truth in advertising law. I know that as this election approaches that there will be an increase in money spent on touting themselves as the best solution, and their opponent as the worst ever. In a previous blog I suggested that one completely ignore those commercials and to study the public records of the ones who are running for public office. Now that I have had the opportunity to actually see some of these ads my resolve is even stronger on that point. In the 2 most recent of the many that I viewed there were nothing but falsehoods, and not one bit of truth in any of them. So if there was no truth and this is how they are portraying themselves would I really want them to lead me?

With the present administration it appears that every week they are caught doing something else illegal, and then they try to disassociate themselves followed by attempts to sweep it under the rug like nothing happened. It makes one wonder what they’re getting away with and not being caught doing. And since they own the media you really never hear anything about it. Listening to their commercials you’d swear that they have saved this country and everything is just perfect and because they worked so hard that they demand, not just deserve, another term, and their commercials reflect that very sentiment. Yet if you actually compare the true reality out there, compare their numbers to the true facts it becomes obvious that there’s nothing there but smoke and mirrors. We have a president who has taken 4 years of vacation, apologized to the world about us, put this country into a deeper debt, and spent more than any and all administrations before him, and one who will not take responsibility for anything that he has done except Obama care for which he very reluctantly agreed that he would. What ever happened to the statement, “The buck stops here.”

Cost of living has gone up, while what a worker’s wages and what he or she brings home has gone down. Inflation is on the rise, and how can that be when we are still in a recession? Yet prices still climb as businesses struggle with the increased bureaucracy and regulations, coupled with the fact that many businesses would love to hire new employees but with the environment that they have to work with (this socialist government), they can’t afford to do so. As we continue down this path that we seem to be heading, eventually you will need a permit just to breathe, and expect it to cost you.

Oh are you aware that under Obama care that they can RFID tag all of us? When you begin to actually see what is in that law (Obama care) it becomes obvious that they can add whatever they want to that law whenever they want and make it become anything that they want it to be, and because of this and other problems, it should have been struck down by the Supreme Court. It has way too many to be determined later clauses, and who will be responsible to add anything at any time, which means anything could be placed into the law – anything at all. Do you know what’s really in this law? Are you ready to be tracked 24-7? Are you ready for the government to know what you do and where you go all the time? Are you ready for 1984? While this video is a bit lengthy it shows the length this government and its laws are willing to go to control you, are you willing to be controlled? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMzl-4jDI3Q And once you’ve watched this are you ready to accept 4 more years of an administration who has stated that they are not finished dismantling this country or in their words “fundamentally transform”?

And let’s look at one more interesting thing about these commercials, and this fact is this – a past president is supporting this administration, but again if we look at this past president we will see failed policies and close to an impeachment from office, and this same past president who touted that Obama was nothing but smoke and mirrors when Hillary was running on the Democratic ticket. Yet does any of this get mentioned let alone admitted? Since this administration cannot stand on any of its own accomplishments for the last 4 years, unless you count the debt, failed job policies, increased spending, the increased size of government, the increase in taxes to all, the continued loss of jobs, the corruption, a president who uses his office to pay off his political debts and as a platform for re-election, and takes continual vacations, who does not accept any responsibility for any of his actions, who has broken the law more often than the lawless, who has paid off his cronies through special perks and your tax dollars, has taken over control of many large companies, who had made sure that the government can take over any business whenever they decide to, to claim that there are no terrorists and the only ones that he knows that exists is middle america, to throwing our military to the wolves, the scandal at the voting booths, and on and on. So the only thing he and his campaign can do is attack the opposition. And we can add one more questionable action besides the attempt to use the government to undercut the second amendment with the selling of weapons to the mexican cartels; and you should be asking why are the government agencies stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition? And when you hear their answer and the type of round they are stockpiling, their answer rings false. When you really look and study his record, he has done nothing, and has nothing positive to offer this country.

So where do you stand? Can we stem the flow of increased government control and return it to what is required in the constitution, or is that going to become a laughable document that the government continues to ignore and change as they please? After all it all comes down to you and how you vote. If communism and socialism is your goal then vote for the ones presently in power, because actions speak louder than words, and they’ve continually shown us that this is their goal. We are at a time in our history where this country can either fail, or recover and succeed, and it all comes down to you and how you vote this year. After all divide and conquer has been the way for thousands of years, and he and his administration has been very successful at this very tact. Save America or lose it – it’s all up to you in November. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fZgQhnNRSuw

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The Times They are a Changing

With what transpired last week, and in the same vein, I thought I would continue to compare where we were to where we are. Of course this is something that is quite popular so I cannot claim that I’m the first. And the title, The Times They are a Changing, of course was part of the lyrics to a song from the 60’s. Although the words to that song are not necessarily speaking of what I am writing about, yet I felt that it was appropriate. And while we are on songs and lyrics, who knew how many popular old songs would end up as the music for commercials, certainly not me.

Much of what we, including those of us who lived through the times I will talk about, take for granted and expect in today’s world, is the result of some other era where these were new and untried. Computers, other than the government, military and large colleges did not exist, the internet did not exist, cell phones did not exist, and believe it or not, credit cards other than Bank of Americard, and Diners, did not exist, and loans, for anything, did not have an instant approval. We could continue in this vein and add cd’s, mp3’s, dvd’s, and digital media in any form. And if I began to cover all that has changed I’m afraid that this blog would become unmanageable. So I will only look at a few starting with telephones.

Today the cell phone is becoming king and slowly we are seeing the end of the landline. Yet it wasn’t that long ago that even the landline was not anything close to what we know today. We had operators, and party lines. For you who do not know what a party line is, it’s this: With the limited lines available many households were on the same line and each had to listen for a special ring to let them know that the call was for them. Remembering that all others on the party line could listen to any of the conversations, including of course the operator who operated the switchboard, limiting one’s privacy. Many a comedy out of that era used the party line as the setup. A good example of this would have been “Pillow Talk”. Of course the first part of your phone number was letters, and thusly why there are letters on the dial, and all phones had rotary dials with no buttons available.

Tell me, how quickly can you get a loan approved today? It’s almost instantaneous, but that is so different from the past where applying for a loan and then waiting for an approval or denial could take easily a month. Absolutely everything was handled by hand and by a loan officer. And this was any type of loan – secured, unsecured, automobile, or personal, it didn’t matter, and most were handled by banks with savings and loans handling a minority. There were other loan companies, but if you had to use them you could guarantee that your interest rate would be extremely high. So with this time of instant gratification, do you think that you could wait a month to find out if you qualified for that new car loan?

Again, as stated above, this was the time of no credit cards other than the 2 mentioned. And when the “Master Charge”, arrived on the scene it seemed to be a great innovation. Yet even here the process was slow and not every business accepted the cards. After all the card companies demanded a percentage for the privilege of accepting their cards. The process was much longer then. (Funny how time figures into most of this.) Before they accepted your card they would run it through a credit card imprinter (The reason for the raised numbers on the card.), call a phone number, wait for an approval, which was a number, to come back to them, write it in the box that was provided on the form, get you to sign it, and then give you a copy for your records – whew! So if this had been a busy place of business you could hold up the line of impatient customers who had better things to do than wait for you and your credit card.

Of course coming out of all this is those credit scores that are so important in this world that seems to survive on credit. This was a shortcut to see if a person was credit worthy, and of course to push us into more credit use. Yet, because of the continual rise in the cost of transportation (your automobile), and the rise in housing, it became necessary, or so it seems. And it is one of the reasons, after the accident, which I talked about last week, we were able to find another vehicle for my wife to replace the one she lost. If it had been back in the day, so to speak, we would still be waiting for an approval on that loan. Even though this loan will be short-term since the insurance will pay the majority of the replacement cost, leaving us still owing a small amount once all is settled.

Although I have to admit that there’s still something that I’d like to see from the past. I grew up in a rural area and people trusted each other. The home I grew up in had no locks, keys were commonly left in the vehicles and if a package was too large for your mailbox the mailman would just leave it knowing that it would be safe until the owners of the package picked up their mail. Today the thought of doing any of this would mark one as crazy. Packages left on boxes are lucky if they stay there minutes after the mail has been delivered, all houses have locks, and no one would ever think of leaving their keys in their car let alone leave it unlocked. After all not all changes are good.

While there are many reasons to be nostalgic about our past, there are other parts that we seem to forget. Yes, there was much about the past that is worth remembering, and talking about in a romantic way by leaving out the bad things, and the kind of things that made life tough. Yet all of this is still a part of our personal history, and who knows, as time continues to pass us by, maybe that history changes to reflect how we really would have wanted it to be instead of how it truly was.

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The two letters in the title is used by emergency crews when dealing with vehicle accidents. It simply means Traffic Collision. This refers to any and all types including single, multiple, car verses bicycle, car verses pedestrian, and so on. And why would I be bringing up such a subject? Again, a very good question. This week my wife was involved in a multi-car TC which totaled her car, fortunately, other than bruises and being quite sore she survived the accident, as did all of the others who were involved. This is very good news, and in many ways we can thank the modern design of automobiles for these results. But this has made this a very hectic and unproductive writing week for me as we juggle the many aspects that follow such an incident. Things like recovering personal items from the wrecked vehicle, contacting the DMV within the required time period to avoid loss of driving privileges, dealing with the insurance companies, and of course trying to come up with a replacement for her destroyed vehicle. And most of this should be wrapped up by Saturday night, with a few small loose ends to be tied up next week.

What this has done for me is to remind me of the past when in the late 60’s I worked in emergency services. I was located in the backcountry far from the closest facilities for medical services, and the local law enforcement was the County Sheriff. Close to the station where I worked we had the main East-West road that was part of the national highway system. This was before the time of freeways – another thing we both curse and take for granted. Imagine, for a moment, if there were no freeways and we still had those old roads with one lane heading in opposite directions. If that were indeed the way it would be now, first we might never get home from work and we would really love to have those wonderful freeways. So at this time period, as is stated in this commentary, we only had those 2 lane roads. So head-on crashes were a common occurrence.

Now let’s, for a moment, look at the vehicles that were produced at that time. Powerful, good-looking (for their time), and not safe by any means, when comparing them to the modern automobile. There were many things about these autos that contributed to severe injury and death. It was the era of the big block motors and straight line performance, a time when what it could do in the quarter-mile was king for selling the car. It was the time of muscle cars beginning with the Pontiac GTO known as the Goat, and all other manufactures following suit with their own versions.

So with the automobiles, the roads, the mix of traffic, we had a perfect situation for accidents to happen. Now, with this backdrop, we add that the road for which I worked close to had a section of approximately 5 miles that was straight, with most of that distance appearing to be visible giving  drivers the ability to see ahead. This was a set up for disaster since another factor was what preceded this straight; a section of road many miles long that wound through a small mountain community and a winding twisting road slowing traffic even further, leading some drivers to become impatient, and when this straight-away appeared it could provide the opportunity to get around that tractor-trailer or maybe that very slow driver. Too many wouldn’t adequately insure that when they passed these slower vehicles that there was time to safely pass and so we responded to many traffic accidents. Unfortunately many were fatalities, and others with very serious life threatening injuries.

With very little safety equipment built into the automobiles there was a better chance of death and severe injury than surviving with just minor injuries. Very few even had seat belts so being thrown from a vehicle was an expected occurrence, if not impaled by the steering wheel. Windshields could either completely detach from the vehicle, or when a head on did occur, remain attached with the results being, either ejection of the passenger, or being propelled into the windshield, and many times they would penetrate the windshield and be killed by this.  After all this is considered we need to add in one more contributing factor, and it is one that we take for granted today with the advent of life flight which means they are only a short time away from almost any incident.

Life flight, or many other names that it goes by, is a life saver. When minutes can make the difference between life and death, they have saved countless individuals from certain death. But in the days of the late 60’s and early 70’s such a convenience did not exist. Instead it was a minimum of an hour before an ambulance could arrive on the scene, followed by an hour for it to return. If it was the beginning of a weekend or the end of one, this time could increase tremendously. So DOA’s were very common. To have survived the trauma of the accident did not mean that you would survive your trip to the hospital, EMT’s did not exist.

So all of these thoughts that I’ve posted here have passed through my mind as I think about this accident that my wife had been involved in. So while there is much that I may dislike about this time, I have to admit that these factors that helped her survive are not ones that I can put on that list. From personal experience dealing with those horrific accidents when I worked emergency services to now, I will now take now thank you. So for any of you who have had loved ones involved in accidents, be thankful for what we have. And while all cannot be saved, the number that are is vastly superior to what it was in the past.

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Ignorance is Bliss

Is it really? There are a number of directions I can go with this title, and maybe, just maybe I will. So this one may be just as my subtitle to my blog states: Miscellaneous ramblings. I have found that the only time that the bliss part applies is when one is ignorant of the situation or knowledge, or what the results will be once the outcome has been realized. Then once what is lacking, or unknown is learned or experienced one has a tendency to look back and ask, why didn’t I know, or if I only had known. So I guess if we were to be truthful, ignorance is NOT bliss, and this original statement or title to this post is only for the lazy or ones who really don’t care.

A good example of ignorance is NOT bliss has to do with the changes in the publishing industry from the time I first was trying to get something published to where it is today. At that earlier time it was simply between the writer and the publisher or editor. There were no agents, no middle people at all, so there was always direct contact between the publisher and the writer. At that time there were less writers and even less successful ones, so there was really no need for agents. But times have changed, and now there are agents who are the experts when dealing with publishers and editors, allowing writers to do what they do best, write. Of course these agents, for their hard work, get part of your pie. It was here during this time that I began to write once again, and because of ignorance I ended doing many things wrong, and when I look back I kick myself for not knowing, believing that things were still the same, and that these changes that I missed would have no effect or outcome towards me and my goals as a writer. Obviously I was quite wrong.

It is the same when new traffic laws and actually other laws take effect, usually, at the first of a new year. You cannot claim ignorance when you break one of these new laws. Well, actually you can, but the outcome is generally the same. Simply stated, from law enforcement’s point of view, ignorance is no excuse. You are required to know, and if you don’t, well shame on you. For me a good example of this happened many years ago when a friend and I were fishing. I had a line that had been used on an earlier fishing trip and the bait that was on the hook needed to be soaked off. So I had it in the water to do just that. At the same time I was using my fishing pole to do the serious fishing. A game warden approached our boat and saw the two lines, and I was ticketed for have two lines in the water, which was illegal in these lakes. And stating ignorance did not prevent me from getting that ticket. So once again ignorance wasn’t bliss.

In the U. S. A. this is the year to elect the leader of this country, and as such ignorance is definitely NOT bliss. If one goes into this election without studying the candidates, and use the commercials instead to make their decisions, then we the people will only get what we deserve. Many years ago a law was passed to deal with truth in advertising, and they, the politicians, exempted themselves from this law. One cannot fall for the rhetoric that is being presented. Each candidate MUST stand on his or her record, which is public knowledge and must be made available. Leave your emotion where it belongs, and the voting booth is not that place. This existing congress and president has done more to create a socialist state than any other attempt that has been made in the past. Again, be aware of the “ism’s”, and get past what they present, be informed, and don’t come back later if you are not and say, “if I only had known.” Because you had the chance to know, and decided that it wasn’t important enough to study, after all ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong! So it is the responsibility of all of us in this country to do our part, and that includes actually voting. If all who could have voted in the last election had, the outcome could have been quite different. Still this is in the past and none of us can go back and undo any part of it. All we can do is learn from the past and move forward. Yet, if one thing has been consistent it’s this; we don’t learn from the past.

Below are links to you-tube videos. Why I’ve included them is because of this present government that we are now under in this country. This government is trying hard to make this country another socialist entity that will eventually fail as all such governments have. Please view them if you are interested, as the information that they provide can make this subject matter understandable. And please be an informed voter, it can make the difference between this country failing and this country surviving and succeeding. After all it truly is up to you, and to claim ignorance is bliss, demonstrates that you are not doing your job as a citizen of this country.




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Desperate to Survive, a Second Excerpt

This is the 2nd excerpt, (obviously since it says this in the title) and I’ve just finished the first edit with 2 more to go that I personally perform, and a final read through by my wife who catches all those things that I miss, which can be a lot. This book is the 2nd in the Survival Series, and concludes this portion of its history. I’m still on schedule for an end of year release. Following this, next year I plan to release a story that is in the Suvival Universe, but happens at a future time in relation to the first two. So please enjoy this short trip in the Survial Universe.

(Saige speaking) “As all of you know, we have just returned from emulating our ancestors and the way they did their fieldwork. And I think that while it was a very dangerous thing to do, we needed information, and the ‘eyes-in-the-sky’ couldn’t give it to us. I have to admit that with us now knowing what these things are capable of, have vastly improved our surveillance, and understanding. But to really get what we need meant that we had to actually enter their camps, listen, and converse. And again thanks to our ancestors, they had left us was the very solution to be able to accomplish that. The fears, of course, were, would the primitives remember these travelers, and accept them now after all this time. Apparently, and again thank you ancestors, the answer is yes. Every place that we stopped welcomed us. Although where Staven and I went, the leader wasn’t just going to accept our story. This one, this K’jor is highly intelligent, and while it was never directly mentioned, I suspect that not only is he the leader of that clan, but there’s a good chance that he’s also the leader of alliance. Throughout our time with his clan, he remained highly suspicious of us. Yet, again thanks to our ancestors, we knew how to defeat those suspicions, and while he still never fully accepted us, he allowed the two of us to look in on this female who as they stated it, was close to the spirit world. All of you know that the woman in question is Sara, one from our own city. First off let me say it was a shock to find one of our own. Again as you know, she was very close to death. Whatever the infection was it had almost claimed her. Thanks to Saar and the antibiotics that he sent with us, she is now recovering.”

He could see the smiles on the faces that this news brought to all of them. He let everything that he had spoken to this point soak in before continuing. He took a sip of water, leaned on the table and continued. “Once she has recovered enough, we hope to use the two-way that we planted in the shelter to learn more. I would guess that she will be safe from any additional abuse until sometime in the spring. It’s going to take that long for her to recover, which means that the other two will be safe also. Before you, in the papers that have been handed out, are the translations of the conversations, which were recorded, we had with the primitives that we interacted with. Simply stated, all of us must read this material, and again thanks to these satellites for allowing us to record absolutely everything so that what you have is accurate, from this and what the videos show us we must come up with a strategy, and put it into effect before the end of winter. As you all know, the beginning of spring is a time that the primitives replenish diminished supplies, and until they have, they will not meet back at what we guess is the alliance gathering grounds in that hidden valley. With so few of us we have way too much work ahead of us, but the rest of our people are counting on us to stop this before we are no more than a memory.  We truly do not know what has transpired on our home world, and for all we know, we could easily be the last of our kind. So we must, and I must emphasize that word, we’ve got to end these incursions now. We will be meeting again after the morning meal tomorrow. We won’t be discussing any of this here at this meeting today. So take this, read it, study it, put down notes and ideas, we need anything and everything you can come up with. I know that what I’ve said here this morning places a heavy burden on all of us, but try and have a great day, and let those thoughts and ideas flow. And with that the meeting is done for now. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of each other, discuss this, and in the morning let’s find the answers, thank you.” With that final comment Saige dismissed the assembly and stood and watched as a very silent group left the meeting area. Inwardly he shook his head. He knew what was in those papers, and at this moment he had no answers or solutions to the many unknowns and questions that lay before them. But a solution had to be found.

Everything that was in that paperwork that was disseminated among the people here at the Alpha had also been sent to the surviving cities with hope that someone somewhere would be able to give them at least some suggestions. And once that Sara became well enough to be able to help, albeit quietly and in the background, it would provide more data, and at least some relief to their women, when they learned the reason for not becoming pregnant under the continual assault of the primitives.   Once the meeting area had cleared, he stood and stared out the windows into the small hidden valley where the Alpha lay hidden. Snow lay on the ground and added a white frosting to the evergreens painting a scene of peace, something that was so far from the truth. Sighing and shaking his head, he grabbed the other stacks of paper to disseminate to the ones who were unable to actually attend. Of course they could and did watch it on the monitors that were located in all of the work areas. He felt older than the annuals said, but the weight of leadership even shared seemed to age anyone who took the job seriously. Just what were they going to do? With only eighteen members here at the Alpha they were supposed to bring down the whole alliance. This brought out a laugh, but not of humor as much as disbelief. So few, but their people, all of the remaining cities, were depending on what they did here. Could they, would they come up with a solution in time, or would each city fall one at a time until they were no more?

When their ancestors had originally set up the cities it had never been from the idea of defense and support. The planned defense was the isolation and the hiding of the cities in the desolation where the primitives would not go. After all there was no reason. Again originally they had expected to be rescued in short order, and so the type of defense that they now needed were never considered, and until the discovery of the cities by the primitive, never an issue. Looking through the large databases at the Alpha showed just how much they had lost or forgotten over time. And with little to no travel between the cities, again to reduce the chance of being discovered, this had isolated them even more. In some ways Saige was surprised that the communications circuits had remained, but now was quite thankful that they had. In many ways it was funny how life was. Here in the midst of loss, destruction, and death, life continued to flourish. By not including the eight that they had recently rescued, their small group of ten had increased by three with two more to be added in the near future. Shaking his head all he could say was that life went on no matter what was happening.

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