Compassion . . . Really?

I was sitting here at home recently when an old favorite song came on the radio by the Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. It got me to thinking that the full truth is that we are all sisters and brothers, even if time has made this a distant fact. Again once space flight had been accomplished and we could see our planet from space that this would have led to a better understanding between all of us. Yet, if one looks at the world, all of this has been for naught. For a world that supposedly has entered the modern age we act more like tribes protecting our territories from each other, demanding that it is our way or the highway. I suspect that honestly, it will be generations before the hate and passion that drive us apart ends, and we as a race, the human race, begin to act sanely and live and work as we should.

For this to happen it may take something outside of this planet to bring out the compassion for each other that we should be showing. Maybe a cosmic event such as a meteor, or comet strike, or at least a major near miss. There has been enough written over the centuries about getting along with each other, and I guess in some ways this is just repeating that plea. And for you out there who advocate a World Government, forget it. That is the last direction that any of us need to go. All one needs to do is look at existing governments and know that if there is one common thread among all of them is that they fail at what they are supposed to be doing. With corruption, control, and people feeling that they are elite and outside of the very laws they create, feeling that they have the right to do as they please – creating more problems, havoc, and oppression. And if individual governments do this, it would be multiplied ten-fold for a single worldwide government who would have vast amounts of power and control. Total power and control, corrupts totally.

In every generation there are radicals, extremists and such. Unfortunately many times they become elected, or through violence overthrow the present government and finally once driven out of office, if they can be removed, it takes untold years to correct the problems they have created. Is the suffering and destruction and loss of life that is happening throughout this world worth the price? We are limited on just about everything but hate. Why is this so? Many of these so-called governments have murdered millions of their own citizens, leaving a void, and a distrust that will probably never be overcome. At the rate that we are going, this direction does not look promising or have a promising future. We are really heading towards extinction, and if we do it to ourselves then we only have ourselves to blame. And in the end what would be our legacy? And would anybody that found our dead world really care? Their archaeologists would do their digs, do their research, and in the end just shake their heads, wondering how a race could be so stupid.

Life is precious, but is tossed away as worthless. We will always have politicians, the flim-flammers, the salesmen, the ones who want to control, the criminals, yet if we really are honest they are in the minority. Still by who really knows how, they, much of the time, are the ones who control the vast majority out there. The majority trying to keep food on the table, shelter over their heads and pass on to their children good family values, and a true compassion for their fellow-man. Still, if one was to look around, much of this is fading, as manipulation is everywhere, and the destruction of the core family is the target. It has been shown, in history, that if one can destroy the family unit, then eventually the empire, or government, or country where this has been successful will fall. So what are we seeing everywhere today? The destruction of the family unit right before our eyes. So if this trend continues it will only be a matter of time. As the family goes, so goes a nation.

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