I guess on this weekend that leads up to Father’s day one should be speaking about family. While it is mothers who do the heavy lifting, and truly are the center of the family, fathers are important not just because they donated to the cause, but there must be a team at the top that can make the family work, many times with the father as the unofficial leader. It truly takes both parents to make the family work as it should. And how goes the family, is then a reflection of how goes society, and the nation. Now this week’s blog really isn’t just about fathers, but is about family and where we find ourselves in that role throughout our lives.

So when we begin life we are completely dependent on our parents for everything. And as time passes other siblings may become part of your family. It is here where one becomes the worst of friends and the best of enemies with their families. After all we all become quite vulnerable to each other since every other family member knows absolutely everything about you. And while one can choose your friends, you cannot choose your relatives. You have your friends in the neighborhood, and school, but at the end of the day you are with your family. Now it may sound like I’m one against family, but that is untrue. Family is the most important thing out there. Without family you are nothing, you have no real support, and no history. Are families perfect? Of course not, and there are enough failures out there in the news to prove that. But overall they beat whatever would be second on the list.

Anyway we spend the first part of our lives being children and it appears to last a very long time. Then suddenly we find ourselves being the parents, looking back on that time as a child and see it as a very brief time. Then we realize that our parents are grandparents, how did that happen? After all they were only parents, and would always be mom and dad to us, but they are grandma and grandpa to your children, and then you begin to see them with different eyes as they interact with your children. You see your children pulling many of the same stunts that you did, and even though you have to laugh about the incident you still have to go in and lay down the law, before leaving and laughing where they cannot see you. Then just as suddenly your role has changed once again, you become the grandparents and again you wonder where the time went and how did you get here?

At this time your parents may still be around but you can see that time has taken its toll, and they are feeble, frail, and are fighting illnesses all the time. One woman was asked how it felt to be a great-grandmother, and she responded by saying: At first it was great. Until I realized that I was a mother to a grandfather. Yet in the winter of their lives they still are important to us as we try to care for them the best that we can. Then that day comes when you realize that you are now that generation that your parents were. You have replaced them as the leaders of your clan, and you are now those elders who now are facing your last days however many you may be given. And you look back and marvel at the speed that time has passed and put you where you are today. But again once here you realize that it is family that has been the one solid thing that has always been there no matter what the rest of the world was or is doing, and is the most important part of your life.

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