What is it about music that can evoke moods, thoughts, and feelings within all of us? Music is pervasive and is used to heighten tension in movies, or to make one feel sad with something disastrous happens to the protagonists. It has been used successfully in cartoons, and is an entertainment medium all in itself. And as there are different people and personalities, there is music to fit them. From the classical to new age, from soft rock to hip hop. And what you heard in your youth comes back to you in later years as a nostalgic reminder of that time. It can bring back images of that time period that are so real that one can almost relive that specific incident. Music colors our world and can bring a smile to our faces, even if that smile may be a sad one. Since none of us can go back to the memories the music brings to us, it can make us sad. Yet like in the song “Memories”, do we chose to simply forget the bad, and only remember the good ones? Who really knows?

I’ve always enjoyed music. Starting out with the classical which my parents played with the old 78’s. Of course the William Tell comes to mind as part of it was used in the old black and white TV program “The Lone Ranger”. Funny thing, but I never really enjoyed my generation’s music when I was in high school. It wasn’t until later when I was in Viet Nam that I found that I enjoyed it. Groups like The Four Seasons, Beatles, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, come immediately to mind. And if one truly wanted to admit it, because of what they did and their overall influence on popular music the Beatles has to be considered the most influential band of all time. And if you hear the first few notes to the opening of Mission Impossible, or The Rockford Files or any of the many themes to TV shows, you knew immediately what was coming. And then once must not forget the jingles and music attached to commercials, and on and on.

But now for me I use it to get myself prepared to write. Again whether any of what I write will ever be published, well only the future will know. While I think about what I need to write to advance my story off and on the previous day, it is the music that helps set the mood for my writing. I use new age, not because I am into the new age movement, far from it really, but because it allows my conscious mind to take a back seat and allow the story to flow from my subconscious. This music allows me to block out the world around me and to completely immerse myself in the world that I am creating. So for me music is very important. Not just from the enhancements to our other entertainments, and strictly as enjoyment, but as a source of inspiration.

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